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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor check this out I can't remember If I've ever heard this term before but It sounded interesting an xrp gaussian Channel In the next 17 hours xrp weekly candle Closes important since it'll be first Weekly candle with full body clothes Inside the gaussian channel closing Within the channel is bullish I don't Know anything about the gaussian channel But it sounds interesting and I hope it Is bullish now this one I kind of Laughed when I saw this sometimes I Wonder if crypto Bowl just um puts a Chart up and says okay chart shows 23.80 By June I hope that he's actually I hope This is actually uh charting that he's Seeing because I would love 2380 by June I think you would too but it made me Laugh because sometimes I think he's Just throwing a number out there but Maybe he's not Um but anyway I'd love it now this you May remember this video this is a video And and the last part of it goes Something has been happening on Twitter With with older videos that have been Posted the sound is cutting out of them I don't know if it's I don't know what The reasoning is but it's been happening

So I'll play the part that has sound Watch I played this for you a little while Back proudly on display in Zimbabwe the Country's new gold coins Named after the iconic Victoria Falls is Intended as a store of value to tame Runaway inflation In June it hit almost 192. All right so I remember showing you this And this is finally a government of the World putting the power back to the People and and having a little sanity so Of course once you see sanity and Monetary policy the IMF is going to show Up and say no we don't you don't you Shouldn't do this IMF says gold coins a Missed chance to build Zimbabwe reserves In other words We don't want you to put the gold in the Hands of the people you're supposed to Build the gold reserves of your central Bank that's we the elites are supposed To hold the wealth not the people Government plans to add similar Denomination coins coins are Um and let me see what it says it says This is from the IMF first it says the Gold coins that have been in circulation In Zimbabwe for almost three months are A missed chance to build the nation's Gold reserves according to the International monetary fund the sale of Gold coins has contributed to

Withdrawing Zimbabwe dollar liquidity From the market in in other words You're taking money out of the Ponzi Scheme Zimbabwe you got to stop this This is not about the people having Wealth this is about us having the Wealth For our reset And then we got this from gold Telegraph Breaking news Indian refiners have begun Paying for most of their Russian oil Purchased in durhams instead of U.S Dollars Financial system continues to Change can you say Petro dollar Because that's what I'm seeing now I Went on to chat gbt the I the AI thing And I typed in this what price was gold Set to in the past this is about a gold Price set price of gold has changed over Time and varied among different Countries under this gold standard the Price of gold was fixed by governments So this is the the price set Conversation anytime you say price set In crypto the crypto police show up oh That does you can't happen because there Are markets and you can't set the price Well guess what it's been done before There are markets in gold too and they Set the price of gold in in the past and I believe they're going to do it again When they reset this economy for example In the United States the price of gold

Was fixed at 20.67 per ounce from 1934 To 1971 in Britain it was fixed to 13.17 Uh whatever that is pounds uh ounce from 1925 to 30 1 then 12 pounds per ounce From 1931 to 1949. these fixed prices Were later abandoned and the price of Gold became subject to the market forces Which have caused it to fluctuate over Time it's important to note that the Gold price has varied significantly in Recent years reaching a historic High Over nineteen hundred dollars per ounce In 2011 fluctuating around fifteen Hundred to two thousand per ounce in Recent years and has been completely Manipulated by different forces like JP Morgan during that time So this all ties together again this is Another video where some of the sound Got clipped out but listen to this Um so it's almost guaranteed that the The current monetary system uh because It's no longer back to gold or anything Intrinsic it will fail as well and it's My thesis of the book that they might to Bring gold back into the system revalue Gold yes All right then the sound goes out now This clip this is lionette Zhang this is One that I've shown you a while and then The second part of this is um is what Where I think enters things like The xrp Ledger Stellar is and that is solving The transportability problem in other

Words they don't want to have to be Flying gold around the world on planes Every to settle up and so I believe that They're going to put not necessarily Only on The xrp Ledger but I believe That they will have Um they will create stable coins that Are backed by gold on these various Ledgers and I think xrp will be a core Part of that now watch this Now it certainly does look like Bitcoin Is going to survive this but at the end Of the day when we get that inflation And they reset the current currency into The new currency do you think they're Going to reset it against Bitcoin or Tesla stock or even real estate No Um they reset it against gold money Because it has the greatest Functionality of any asset it is used Globally in every single area of the Economy And It's finite And it's indestructible so we can Account for pretty much all of the gold That has ever been mined and there's More than 4 800 cases of currency resets And a hundred percent of the time they Do it against gold Now this was a Bloomberg uh this was a Bloomberg video that was put out a Couple years ago and I remember watching

It and going wow they're telling us what They're going to do With Central Bank stimulus weakening the Dollar and gold being only about a Hundred dollars short of its all-time High the question has started to arise Can gold replace the US dollar as the World's Reserve currency the dollar has Enjoyed the status for decades but since It detached itself from the gold Standard in 1971 it's essentially Consistently weakened on a macro level Confidence in the US government and the Political system in the U.S is one of The keys and gold doesn't have that Issue of a loss of confidence but what It does have is a problem with Transportability that's why it's more Likely that currency backed in gold or Even a digital asset backed in physical Gold could potentially replace the Dollar much more easily than the actual Physical bar of gold could Yeah that that's where things start to Make sense now yesterday I had shown you This Um David Schwartz joking around next uh I'm taking xrp private at 4 20. that This was a joke okay and um but he says Funding secured this was a play I want To make sure everybody understood what This was this is Elon Musk tweeting out 420. what David Schwartz was talking About is uh this Elon Musk had won his

Lawsuit Um based on his tweet about uh I'll get Into there's an article I'll show you Thank goodness the wisdom of the people Prevailed I'm deeply appreciative of the Jury's unanimous finding of innocence in The Tesla 420 take private case and Here's the article if you go down here Right here it says Central to the Lawsuit was Mr must tweet on on the 7th Of August 2018 and considering taking Tesla private at 420 funding secured now What's interesting is this tweet by Ann Durzell remember Elon clearly knows About the Ripple case you may think it's Nothing I don't think it's nothing this Is a reply to Brad garlinghouse When Brad garlinghouse says the SEC wants you To think that it cares about disclosure Transparency Clarity don't believe them When the truth eventually comes out the Shamefulness of their behavior here will Shock you and Elon Musk replied to Brad Growinghouse no way Folks Abu Pond for a minute I even put It in a video yesterday there's only two Companies that I've ever heard say have A stated goal of creating a global Reserve currency one is Paypal that Elon Musk founded and the second one is Ripple I have thought for a very long Time that somewhere Behind Ripple is are a lot of these PayPal creators like Peter Thiel Elon

Musk and these guys I've always felt That that's what my research points to And I'm sticking to it I'm the digital Asset investor in fact you know I've Always thought that at the end of all This that there will be a day where I'll Be sitting in a room and some of the Characters that I that people have no Idea who have been involved in this Walk into a room and wear and it's like An aha moment I'm like I knew it and I Believe Elon Musk is one of those guys I Really do I think that the I think that This is this whole thing and this is Just my theory but I think this whole Thing is born of PayPal I just do Maybe I'm wrong it's happened before I'm a digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family that I don't even Remember if I already said my outro but If I did I just did it again it all Comes together sometimes thanks for Foreign

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