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Tonight I'm also making another promise To protect Americans from government Tyranny as your president I will never Allow the creation of a central bank Digital currency you know About I didn't know you know so I'm very Well New Hampshire very smart people Very uh very current you know what They're doing such a currency would give A federal government our federal Government the absolute control over Your money they could take your money Would you wouldn't even know it was done This would be a dangerous threat to Freedom and I will stop it from coming Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the bearable bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you Today as man oh man are things shaping Up exactly how we expected them To ladies and gentlemen Donald Trump 45th president and current leader in the Republican Party said as your president I will never allow the creation of a Cbdc and this is the first time I've Ever heard him speak about this talking Point this right here is an accurate Prediction of us telling you exactly What was going to happen crypto is being Divided up politically right now Democrats cbdcs Universal basic income Social credit scores Republicans self- custody Pro Bitcoin

Anti Cbdcs and things have been aligning in Exactly that way ladies and gentlemen Stay the course and pay attention Because we're about to step into our Power in the xrp community in 2024 we've heard Brad Garling house at Davos state that 2024 will be the year Of Regulation specifically state stable Coin regulation and likely you'll be Seeing people's policy positions similar To Elizabeth Warren's coming out during This election Cycle my friends this is absolutely Amazing 2024 is confirming itself to be The year for crypto and the beginning The true beginning of this bull run and By that I mean that we're going to feel It in our pockets in a positive Way specifically 2024 will be the year For Xrp it's xrp's birth year and at the Same time the full conclusion of this Lawsuit is happening around March April you tell me that's not a catalyst For price because I'm getting the sense That xrp is going to begin moving on its Own similar to the burst it had July 13th when it was declared a Non-security everything is lining up for Xrp right now and I want the xrp Community to understand the money They're about to step Into if you're paying attention and if

You know what's in front of you here we Have status on Twitter talking about When the XLS 3D Amendment passes the xrp Holders will finally have a chance to Generate passive income with automated Market makers and this visual that is Posted on my Twitter page shows a 10-step Tutorial on how exactly to earn passive Income with your xrp on automated market Makers when this amendment passes I 100% Plan to put some of my xrp to Work that's why in my recent YouTube Video that I posted showing my complete Xrp exit strategy I'm still holding Around 50% of my xrp even after xrp Reaches $22 like I do expect could happen this Bull Run I do believe in a $15 to $20 xrp as The range we are going to peek at during The full-fledged moon mission and I've Stated that numerous times in 2023 on my Channel so just imagine putting some of That xrp at those price levels to earn You passive money so you never have to Touch your remaining Holdings but Instead you can continue to earn xrp Passively and live off that not only That my friends but remember all these Airdrops xrp holders got to benefit From everod has been absolutely Exploding up to 70 Cents this is important because a lot of

People forgot that they receive things Like FL flare some people didn't even Start delegating their flare that is a Year 12 passive income drops that you Could have received at around 8 to 10% per month that you're earning in Rewards every month now this bull run I Think Flair is going to absolutely Explode as well F assets will be another Place you'll be able to earn passive Income with your xrp but people are over Here complaining in the comment section About Price they'll say that nothing will Happen they won't be Prepared they'll be the losers as the Xrp Army leaves them Behind and never forget That but sometimes I think that message Goes over a lot of people's Heads sometimes only me telling you Things goes over your head And you take it for Granted here I came across this video on YouTube from Alan Crypto showing that xrp holders are About to get Rich he stated in this video he's been Accumulating xrp since 2017 2018 a lot of us in this community have Been here since 2018 we went through two bare Market Cycles and an underwhelming bull market Cycle and he Echoes the sentiment that

The xrp community has that being we've Been pretty disappointed with its price Action we missed out on a full-fledged Moon Mission where frankly Dogecoin could Have made us way more money than xrp Nfts nonsense could have made us more Money than xrp but guess what my friends Instead of getting Rich from all those nfts and Money we're getting wealthy with Xrp we've learned a mindset and skills Unlike anything any other community Has and I feel like it's very Important that you listen to not just my Messages but people around the world Speaking about Xrp guys I'm well aware xrp has been Disappointing up to this Point that's not our fault Hell that's not even Ripple's fault it Was a test of will because the elites Wanted you Out but they couldn't shake your diamond Hands and Now like I've been saying for Years this man is echoing the same Sentiment I believe is about to Happen welcome back everyone for another YouTube video this is going to be a bit Of a different one um because we're out And about about talking to you uh and Today I want to talk about Xrp and the fact that I believe xrp

Holders will eventually be very right uh And we don't talk about xrp a lot on the Channel um probably because I've got a Bit of a LoveHate Relationship with it you know I've been A a buyer of xrp really since 2017 2018 um and to be quite honest it's been A very disappointing cryptocurrency I Think for Most of the people that have invested in It uh we know of course the story of 2021 and perhaps why it didn't Appreciate as much as a lot of the other Crypto space um due to the lawsuit However I am now of the kind of mindset And thinking that that lawsuit Was somewhat of a distraction somewhat Of an Orchestrated um event in order to keep You guys retail investors out of it um And the really interesting thing about Xrp Is what it's designed to do you know and The world that we're moving towards so I'm sure we're all kind of on the same Page here in regards to the kind of Digital era that we're entering where Everything is going to be tokenized and The interesting thing about xrp if you Look at its white paper and the Original articles that were published on It you know Xrp's use case is really to facilitate The transaction of not just currencies

But assets so this idea that xrp Essentially has been built to not just Facilitate the moving around of Currencies but also assets and Everything is being tokenized from Housing To you name it cars it's all being Tokenized and the reason it's being Tokenized is because it makes things Simply more efficient now Xrp I believe perhaps along with Stella Xrp's perhaps uglier brother um or Sister is going to be the rails that not Only currency has moved around on but Also assets digital assets um and the Reason why certainly when it comes to Currencies and I'm going to interject And Play a clip here because it's a very Interesting clip the reason why Xrp is going to be used to basically be The remittance rails for the world is Because it frees up liquidity if you Want to do a transfer in the banking World as it stands at the moment between One bank and another internationally you Essentially let's say it was you know 200 million in a Japanese Bank to America you have to essentially have 400 Million to facilitate that um and Liquidity has to get locked up in Regards to the FX market so if you had a Token that could do this nearly Instantaneously essentially what that Means is that you can free up a lot of

Liquidity and you have a far more Efficient market and this is why we've Seen as many banks as we have actually Partner with Ripple uh no I would agree because we Haven't yet made the jump where there is Institutional buying uh and I like to Use the example if uh the bank of Mitsubishi in too Tokyo needs to Transfer $100 million worth of Yen to The New York branch and convert it to Dollars you need $100 million worth of Yen in Tokyo and $100 million worth of Dollars in New York you're tying up 200 Million in capital if you can attach That to a coin it simultaneously so the Bank frees up half the capital that's a Big deal but we haven't made that jump Yet yeah but it looks like it's coming Doesn't it I think so okay yeah uh it's Very likely also that Ripple are going To go public which of course has to be Approved by the SEC We know that the SEC lost their lawsuit Against um Ripple Brad and Chris and Thus Ripple by judge Torres was deemed a Non security so you know I'm interested In xrp I've been a long-term holder of Xrp again we don't talk about it Massively on the channel just simply Because I've got a LoveHate relationship For it you know I did far better in the Last bll Market on pretty much Everything else I held you know I did

Okay on xrp but it due to the lawsuit it Was really Now ladies and gentlemen the Reason I played that is to Echo the Sentiment that a lot of people in the Xrp community probably have but also to Give a perspective from someone who's Gone through the ringer gone through the Struggle clearly has been battered and Bruised by xrp but also understands what Really Happened it sucks what happened to the Xrp Community We haven't been wrong in our reporting Of the information of what xrp is going To do how powerful Ripple the company Is but we did not anticipate xrp not Reaching new oldtime highs in 2021 meme coins were going to the Moon Dogecoin went to the moon salana nfts Pet Rocks Bard Apes all the That went to the moon in 2021 I could Not have told you that xrp was not going To reach at least new alltime Highs I would have laughed at you in 2018 if you dared to tell me That but you want to know what it was my Friends every single Exchange in America The listed xrp and we had no Liquidity and even still we went up to $2 despite that lawsuit and despite not Having Access ladies and gentlemen we did not Have retail investors able to

Participate Really how they should have been able to Back in 2021 and that hindered the price Quite a bit I completely underestimated How much that effect will have on xrp Holders but right now in this moment in Time despite all the misery we had to Suffer through and the time wasted due To an illegitimate lawsuit and Corruption by the SEC despite all of this we are right and We are going to get our bank money my Friends The technicals on the xrp chart point to It happening in 2024 I had discussed the very real Possibility of xrp reaching a dollar Right around the new year and despite The fact that we were a little early on That projection that does not make it Wrong as far as where we're going how The charts are going to play out 2024 Points to nothing but a special year and It's getting increasing L more likely That Ripple is preparing to IPO as soon As 2024 but I think definitely by 2025 Ripple has been buying back their Shares their company is showing massive Signs of Strength and to anyone that's riding the Ripple xrp Training your lives are about a Transform Forever it's been an absolute journey to

Help lead all of you through the Volatility through the roller coaster Ride but I promise you 2024 is the year The xrp Army becomes the new One% ladies and gentlemen this is the Barable B Here thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of you you and I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video


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