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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is a bearable bull here And I got this aggressively average Content for you today As ladies and gentlemen if you're new to Crypto Please don't get caught up in price Predictions specifically with xrp We have been waiting patiently for five Plus years to get positive price action Over two dollars We're still up 40 damn cents You just need to have an exit strategy Formulated to what best fits your Family's needs And I highly recommend you have an xrp Bag that you never want to sell as well Showing charts with random prices on the Screen is one of the things that I've Seen has prevented many people from Taking profits At life-changing values and that's Something I need to warn against as I Start off this video for today Now with that being said Powerful developments keep coming out as Far as this FTX case is concerned and The reason I keep bringing this up is Because it's playing a massive role as Far as the future of crypto regulations Is concerned FTX is calling out politicians telling Them to give back their donations or They will sue

Oh karma is coming FTX gives politicians money now FTX Destroys consumers money destroys retail Investors And in the process as destroying the Corrupt political Elites We have a full list of all these Individuals that received money from FTX And trust me this list is thick You see ladies and gentlemen This is a pay-to-play industry and we've Seen that time and time again That's why Sam bankman freed was able to Get favorable treatment from Gary Gunzler in the SEC But that's also probably part of the Reason why the SEC is not going to be Helping retail investors at all and Wants to do everything they can to Destroy us Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong lets us Know that we're hearing rumors that the SEC would like to get rid of crypto Staking in the United States for retail Entirely He States I hope that it's not the case As I believe it would be a terrible path For the United States Staking as an important innovation in Crypto it allows users to participate Directly in running open crypto Networks Staking brings many positive Improvements to the space including Scalability increase security and reduce

Carbon Footprints not to mention some Healthy crypto Rewards We need to make sure new tech is Encouraged to grow in the United States And not stifled by lack of clear rules Even Brian Armstrong is calling out the SEC with Gary Gensler at the helm When it comes to financial services and What three it's a matter of National Security that these capabilities be Built out in the U.S He lays it out clear Regulation by enforcement does not work And in fact it encourages companies to Operate offshore which is what happened With FTX Hopefully we can work together to Publish rules for the industry and come Up with sensible solutions that protect Customers while preserving Innovation And National Security interests in the U.S But in my personal opinion that's not Going to happen until we get Gary Gensler the hell out For those of you that don't know Kerry Gunzler used to be the head of the cftc And his critics however say he has been A bull in a china shop even back then so When yielding and his push for Derivatives reforms that he has left Confusion and anger amongst U.S Lawmakers overseas regulators and Market Participants does that sound familiar

Mr gunzler's detractors say the rollout Of many of the rules have been messy and At times they went beyond the cftc's Authority particularly on cross-border Swap rules European Regulators were angered over Rules requiring foreign market Participants to follow the U.S rulebook If they traded with a U.S counterparty Which could affect about half of London's derivative Market Even at the cftc Gary Gensler practiced This regulation by enforcement Jurisdictional overreach practice He likes it when the rules are vague so He can try and swoop in and get as much Territory as he can In the process harming Innovation Harming profits and harming everyone He's supposed to serve Gary Gensler is the worst regulator in U.S history Not just at the SEC But even back when he was at the cftc A decade later Gary is up the Fourth Industrial Revolution And if America doesn't want to fall Miles behind They better get him the hell out Now ladies and gentlemen why do I say That Bank of America the other day stated That a us that the full would be Catastrophic a Fed official stated the

Same thing as well and Bank of America Is preparing For a potential debt default While I'm personally here as a massive Believer That they will raise the debt ceiling Yet again The potential always Looms And something I'll tell all of you is The destruction of the United States Dollars the world Reserve currency and As a trusted currency Is waning The Swift system is actively being Replaced as we speak Central Bank digital currency adoption Will lead directly to xrp's Interoperability And xrp's use in the new Financial System to take the US dollar dominance Away from the financial system Once the United States can't leverage Their currency over the entire planet It's game up And we see that London is gearing up With the bank of England mentioning Ripple and a new Central Bank digital Currency consultancy paper This paper is titled the digital pound a New form of money for households and Businesses And right here we see it states on the Bottom cross-border synchronization a Joint project with ripple demonstrating

That synchronized FX transactions into Different simulated real-time gross Settlement systems can be achieved Leading to the incorporation of Synchronization functionality into the Roadmap for renewal This document was released just a couple Days ago And it's showing how the bank of England A known Rebel partner for years and the Digital pound A known Ripple partner for years through The digital pound Foundation They're making Headway to mass adoption Remember the other day London was giving Out universal basic income And the hundreds of pounds And all these different initiatives all At once converging towards one end game Is no coincidence The Ripple and xrpn game is clear And I also don't believe that the fact That the statement London is ready has circulated the xrp Army for years as a coincidence either London is gearing up at an accelerated Rate And I believe the UK is going to be Experiencing that after effects of Brexit very very soon We see here that the UK is planning a 20 000 pound brick coin limit for Individuals holding digital pounds And the more I see regulation and the

Implementation of these cbdc plans the More I know These currencies are at our doorstep The flip of the switch moment for Placing the old system with the new one Is almost here And with the potential ending of this Ripple xrp case less than 45 days away Nobody can dare tell me That all of this is an accident This is the synchronistic rollout of xrp Adoption Xrp adoption and cbdc adoption will be Happening in tandem And that's why you should never waver When it comes to this digital asset Finally guys to cap off this video for Today you should never ever send anyone Your xrp at all which is why I have to Very adamantly tell you that the xrp Buyback committee is You see I'm not here to dissuade people From doing their best to help in the Event of a quote buyback scenario But the moment I heard that the Potential of sending xrp to a third Party was on the table I have to combat this Never send your xrp to anybody The secret committee structure seems a Little ponzi-esque And something I'll tell all of you is You'll never regret it If you maintain your own custody of your

Digital asset Myself and the other most credible Members of the xrp army will never get You to send your crypto to anyone And you should always be wary of people Selling you a pipe dream While also wanting you to send them your Future retirement plan I've seen too many people get screwed in This space And I refuse to let the community suffer Any more Ladies and gentlemen this is the Bearable bull here Thanks for tuning in As always I appreciate every single one Of you Now be back tomorrow With another video why do I hold xrp Because Ripple's the chosen one to lead The new Global digital payment system And they use xrp in 2013 the Federal Reserve began looking for faster Payments options two years later an Action plan was born and a federal Payments task force was created it Included one company focused on crypto Ripple in 2014 the World Bank and better Than cash Alliance which includes the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Clinton Global initiative in the Governments of 32 countries put out a Report called the opportunities of Digitizing payments one year later the

Better than cash Alliance featured one Crypto company on their website Ripple Today better than cash Alliance and all Other un initiatives are focused on a Single agenda the sustainable Development goals for 2030. you can see The sdg's logo on Bill Gates lapel World Leading companies the better than cash Alliance website and on the un's Official exchange exchange what crypto Is exchange officially utilizing for Their carbon credit solution xrp the World will move to a new international Standard for exchanging electronic Messages between financial institutions By 2025 called ISO 20022 who was the First ISO 200 member focused on Distributed Ledger technology Ripple Who's partnered with over 300 financial Institutions including Bank of America American Express PNC Santander SBI HSBC Standard Chartered Bank bank of England India Singapore Scotland Australia and Indonesia the largest banks in Japan Canada Egypt the Middle East United Arab Emiratis Thailand Morocco Bhutan South Korea Brazil and Latin America Ripple Who is a former employee overseeing the Federal Reserve Ripple a former employee Overseeing the world's largest asset Manager blackrock's digital Asset Division Ripple leading Australia cbdc Effort Ripple who hired a former Treasury of the United States Ripple two

Former Federal Reserve attorneys to Their board Ripple two former Clinton And Obama advisors former minister of Defense and economics of Germany former Business director at Swift former Swift Board member former CFO at PayPal former Head of the dtcc former Chief business Officer at Uber former VP of Amazon and Former SEC chair on their legal team Ripple who's a member of the digital Pound Foundation digital dollar project Digital Euro Association Mojo Loop imf's High level Advisory board on fintech Hyperledger blockchain Consortium open Payments Coalition Master payments Council global payment Steering group Cross-border working group International Association for trusted blockchain Applications crypto climate Accord University blockchain initiative Worldwide Web Consortium and a featured Partner of the world economic Forum with Three members of their team directly Listed on the WF website Ripple and It'll just Ripple and excerpt sound like They're going to disappear or do they Sound like they're part of a much bigger Plan you decide

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