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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I want you to listen to This this woman right here she says some Things that are exactly right in terms Of the way I think when I'm investing Listen to this I'm certainty is the Other lesson I want to draw the 1990s resulted in the.com boom and then Bus the come companies that did best Were the companies that kept a close eye On the bottom line and invested Strategically because if you can do well In a downturn you'll do really well in An upturn and yet the tendency in a Recession is just to cut back and that Actually is is is not is not the recipe For enduring a period of downturn you Need to look at these Trends and invest And try to grow well because what is Inevitable is Boo will follow bust and Bus will follow boom and then finally as I say in the long term could we be Facing another golden aid for the longer Term so thank you it literally says my Time is up I'm waiting for the buzzer so I'm going to wrap up and say I hope I've Given you a sense that the short medium And the longer term holds massive Amounts of opportunities but hold on to

Your convictions know what your core Offering is invest strategically watch The bottom line and you will come out Better history says than others who Don't thank you very much that is what I'm doing I've got my my sights still Set on poly sign with link to who is one Of my sponsors the links in the top of The description on that I've also got my Site set on accumulating right now uh Right now I mean I've got my xrp ready To roll accumulating xlm these are the Ones I'm doing xlm algorand let me think If there's any others Um that are on the top of my those are Two are at the top of my list right now Maybe maybe a handful of others maybe Like a hedera we'll see I'm looking at a Few all right representative bill Hazinga as Financial committee oversight Chair I will lead our committee's Response to this administration's Continued assault on capitalism we Cannot let bureaucrats at the cfpb That's I don't even know which Organization that is or the SEC dictate Policies that prevent you from choosing Financial products that are best for Your family I agree but representative Hazinga Uh let's do something let's quit talking About it and tweeting about it I'm ready To see somebody do something same goes For Tom emmer here he is talking about

It The Biden Administration is currently Itching to create a digital Authority Authoritarian styled surveillance style Digital dollar and through an executive Order there pursuing analysis on a Retail cbdc that would not be open Permissionless permissionless or private In fact it would be ridden with Significant risk to Americans privacy Security Financial inclusion and a whole Lot more this kind of digital currency Would give the federal government access To and control over literally every Financial transaction conducted by Americans that's why I along with a Number of my colleagues introduced the Cbdc anti-surveillance state Act I agree with him there we do not want The China model we don't want the model The big fat men from the bis wants we Don't want that model they want to Design their stuff for control not Interested not here Eleanor tarrett new SEC has charged Former FTX employee nashad Singh for Allegedly creating the software code That allowed FTX customer funds to be Funneled to Almeida research elevator Research and for being an active Participant in the scheme to deceive FTX Investors I wonder if he met with Gary Gensler Um and then she says he pleaded guilty

To wire fraud conspiracy to commit fraud Conspiracy to commit money laundering And conspiracy to defraud the U.S by Violating campaign Finance laws well if He violated camp on campaign Finance Laws what about the politicians that Received the funds from FTX are we going To find out about them now I'm Conflicted on the Caroline fan because What I've been hearing is that the cftc Is working with the SEC to do this Crypto Crackdown and yet she's going Around still and having meetings and She's being uh put they're saying that To discuss the future of the digital Asset ecosystem with representative French hill french hill is that his name Yeah Well which is it are they working to do The Crackdown or are they working on a Um the future of the digital asset Ecosystem I'd like to know I've asked Her Now Against the October Gary Gensler catalog Or Caldo calendar is out now I'm gonna I Found two interesting things one this Meeting with Robin Hood by by Coincidence today was the day that Eleanor terrett tweeted out that the SEC Had issued a subpoena to Robin Hood over Its cryptocurrency listings and so I Said new Gensler calendars out looks Like Robin Hood made the mistake of

Coming in to see us right you come in to See them then they use the information Against you to go and sue you anyway so There is no working with them okay I Also found on this account by the way This is Gary gensler's public calendar As it's as it is shown but as we all Know from the Freedom of Information Act Request Gary Gensler will scrub his Calendar the public calendar and delete Things that actually happened on his Calendar like the meeting with George Soros the woman who's married to a press President and crazy lunatic Nancy Pelosi Whack job Nancy Pelosi he deleted those That meeting from his public calendar Scrubbed it so we don't know what is Scrubbed from this calendar we just know What what he hasn't scrubbed apparently He's proud of his Goldman Sachs meeting Even though he has not even acknowledged 75 000 xrp holders okay who's he Protecting I think we know the answer to That this is an interesting tweet I Thought this was interesting I wanted to Show this to you these are this got Screenshots from David Schwartz tweets There have been some questions floating Around about the origins of The xrp Ledger and when xrp was created let me Be clear let me clear those up I worked with Arthur Britto and Jed McCaleb starting in late 2011 we Co-created The xrp Ledger here's my

First code commit from November 2011. Here's Arthur's code that created the 100 billion xrp then called xns on June 2nd 2012. the birth date of xrp That's the birthday June 2nd 2012. Yes this shows a code push but it but Was obviously used GitHub history that Shows how many times we contributed and Executed every day And he says by June 12th The xrp Ledger Was live and transacting we were still Madly squashing bugs as as these were Early days we reset The Ledger sequence Multiple times for binary format changes And transaction history was erased this Does not mean the 100 billion xrp was Recreated each time huzzah whatever that Means the uh xrp Ledger version that we Know and love today begin on December 12th unfortunately the first week's Worth of data ledgers 1 through 32 570 is lost but people like this guy Who's a developer have been researching It Then it goes on today over 50 million Ledgers have been confirmed and xrp has Traded on 130 plus exchanges onwards and Upwards Connecting dots okay those are that's Some interesting history on The xrp Ledger now this is interesting too look At this Bank of England Deputy Governor Says Central Bank issued digital pound Could give consumers a safe place to

Store value okay and what cowboy crypto Who by the way is the official Cowboy of The digital asset investor Channel and That these kind of titles are not just Handed out to just anybody you got to be Doing some Cowboy Duty for quite a long Time and really be doing it well to get A title like that So he's pointing out that that the Digital pound Foundation had added Susan Friedman who is head of public policy at Ripple she's also board a board member At the digital pound Foundation Ripple Joined the foundation as a member in October of 2021. What what would the the what would it be Like If one day it was announced out of Nowhere That the digital pound was going to be Built it was going to be a private Ledger built on The xrp Ledger that'd be Some pretty huge massive news I believe There will be a day when we're hearing All sorts of news that is similar to That Um wouldn't surprise me one bit I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family that not only does The Bank of England say that the digital Pound could give consumers a safe place

To store value but Susan Friedman is Also a board member of the digital pound Foundation How do you like those apples and ripple Joined the foundation as a member in October 2021. It's not just what's the other one the Digital Euro so Ripple is involved in Both thanks for listening [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]


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