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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and this chat GPT this AI thing Has really caught the World by storm Says here's how chat gbt is really Impacting the future of work via Whatever Inside chat gpt's breakout moment and The race to put AI to work now I told You I think it was this morning or yesterday The link to had added motive which is uh An AI company to their platform but I Mentioned to you that they had other Ones linked to it's also one of my Sponsors they had this uh Samba Nova and Cerebris are both AI companies so if You're interested in getting exposure to AI companies linked to has three of them On the platform right now Um and the link uh to this is in the Very top of the description of this Video Mac attack says if Ripple wins Versus the SEC the xrp price could more Than double Um now here's what I think after I saw What John Deaton said from that hearing Basically the gist of it was the the Judge in that hearing got the SEC to Admit that the judge as well as the SEC Agreed with John Deaton that that Digital Assets in the secondary Market

Are not Securities I think at in a worst Case scenario we're going to get that We're going to get because and I think He said that that in the in the Ripple Case they will actually uh issue a Judgment on that issue or it will come Out of the Ripple case whereas this Judge was just putting it on the record That he thought that in getting the SEC To agree that that's the case as well That's huge in itself because that's More clarity than we've had in the United States for digital assets Since it began really Um having it on the record by the SEC in Court from a judge that's about as good As we've gotten now this article is Written based on this uh Bill Morgan uh Tweet shows what could happen to xrp if The case has a good outcome I don't hold any but uh but uh but I do Like seeing this this is a library had Reacted by going up like 100 percent Following those comments by the judge Well the way I think think this thing Unfolds I think we're going to get a Scramble of I think we're probably going To get in the Ripple case we're going to Get some combination of if it doesn't Settle that is and then that still comes Down to the Hinman documents for me I think we're gonna if it's a judgment We're gonna get some combination and it Could be like 24 25 combinations based

On what Jeremy Huggins said Where you get well this this and this That Ripple or Brad garlinghouse or Chris Larson did back then was a Security those transactions but xrp Itself and the um and secondary market Sales are not Securities I think at a Minimum you're gonna get that in which Case in a short-term scenario you'll get Like something similar to the library But in the in the mid to long term You're going to get Institutions that can now come in you're Going to get people that wouldn't invest Before that would now and all of a Sudden the game will change and the game Will change all of a sudden xrp will Have the faults or it'll be real in Xrp's case but remember Bitcoin and Ethereum have had this faults sense of Of clarity for the last three years Without that that their prices don't do What they've done and that's the fact Jack now moving along Eleanor tarrett Ranking member Senator Tim Scott of the Senate Banking Committee has released His legislative oversight agenda which Includes developing a framework for Crypto and reining in the Biden admins Use of federal agencies to advance a Progressive agenda Now I was looking around and I found Some recent clips from January of our Our old buddy Joseph lube and these

Clips you got to watch any of you who Followed heathgate as we as we broke it Know that back then in 2018 after Joseph Lubin thought he got an ethereum free Pass or he did from Bill Hinman Um he was a lot cockier than he is in This clip listen to the difference in Joseph Lubin I didn't put him you've Seen enough videos of him when he was All cocky and and he remember he was Saying that um his friends at the SEC They're just doing their jobs well Listen to what he's saying now Um let's talk regulation just for a Moment a lot of news recently on the Regulatory front I think some of which Uh had people pretty alarmed you know The SEC gets the Lion's Share of the Attention and the headlines but Um it's no longer just the SEC I mean The cftc going after members of a dow And what does that mean for governance Tokens uh you know the SEC identifying Basically we think almost everything Other than Bitcoin looks like a security What do you make of the current Environment and you know should it be Concerning to everyone in crypto or is There a reason for optimism Um so it's concerning in that there Continues to be uncertainty Um it's concerning in that the SEC Has chosen has basically come to the Conclusion that it's too early to write

Crisp rules and instead of doing that They will Um They will Enforce or Regulate by enforcement actions to sort Of punishing Of Bad actors who who colored very Significantly outside uh Lines that may not be so clear Um it uh I don't think it's really harmed Innovation in the United States right Now I think the previous regime in the SEC and Gary gensler's regime They've brought down a bunch of projects That uh that were fraudulent Um and you know they've they have Punished uh some actors that were Clearly selling things that looked like Uh like unregistered Securities to Americans And I think we would appreciate clearer Rules but I actually don't think America Has been a bad place to uh to be an Innovative crypto blockchain company There's one thing there I'd push back on And just and if they make clear rules Look out because Um the excitement of the energy the the Money equipment by the way that's the Reason Gary gentzler and all these Government hacks have been holding this Industry back make no mistake about it

They've been holding back the money so That their Wall Street buddies can get In and they can give it to them because They know how much money is coming to This system yeah well there's one thing I would push back on you know you say Um there's no clear rules there's no Clarity when I'm hearing some people say Recently is you know a different way of Looking at it is there is Clarity it's Just that we don't like the rules and The clarity is at least in the sec's Case they're using the Howie test it's From 1946 and those are the bronze Yeah that is Gary's uh Um recent emphasis it appears Yeah and So the Howie test if rigorously applied Um I Well let's say the highway test can Still be subjective if uh if Gary and Crew uh wants to cast a massive net and Uh and interpret the how we test uh Really broadly then that could be Problematic for more projects at all Including yours and then we've got a Whistleblower alert remember Gary Getzler went after block fi after next So for and threatened coinbase lend for Interest and lending products okay well Here's get here is um Joseph Lubin Talking about his plans we'll aggregate Different protocols enable people to Just

Um I pay lend Um steak Etc you can't do that have higher level Stuff you can't do that that's a Security Joseph that is a security Because Gary told us it was He not suing ethereum and I don't want Him to sue ethereum by the way that's Not the point my point is is you can't Pick winners and losers that's not that Is not what Gary's job is now Um Alex machinski from Celsius see folks This F remember the FTX thing didn't Just happen Um my my what I truly believe is that FTA I don't think it's a coincidence That FTX was working with the government I don't think it's a coincidence that They were offshore I don't think it's a Coincidence that now we're finding out That if you follow the money FTX was Behind collapsing or this is what some Of these guys are inferring collapsing Luna and some of these other things Which Just by coincidence would fall right Into the hands of regulators so they Could say see the these are this stuff's Dangerous we need to regulate it So Let me put this together for you The same guy Sam bankman freed who these Guys are now saying if you follow the Money was

Behind making some of these things Collapse same guys meeting with Gary Gensler and all these guys that are Wanting to crack down on crypto What a coincidence right He says Alex shinsky from Celsius says Follow the money and you'll find who Started cat the cascading runs on the Crypto Banks destroyed several crypto Projects and them themselves it was all Driven by the need to win but also have Others fail in the process this is a Coinbase exact belief Sam bankman freed Was behind the the eth d-pag that led to The implosion of Celsius 3ac Um then you've got this remember this From Gary According to your calendar you met with Now former CEO FDX Sam bankman freed on March 29th of this year aside from that Had you met with him any other times and What was your impression of him when you Met with him again I I'm not going to Speak to anyone matters Um my I might as my predecessors did as Well my calendar public and no it's not Completely public it ends in August so We're missing September October November And December well now January too that's Five months and don't forget this we've Got that you scrubbed evidence of your Meeting with that person who used to be Married who is married to a previous President Soros and lunatic whack job

Very crazy Nancy Pelosi meeting he Scrubbed that from his public calendar And then now it's added back you know What this all reminds me of Is those two parties who backed Sam Bankman freed anonymously and the judge Is now saying they're going to release The names and David Schwartz says Prepare to be shot you know who else Told us to that that we would be shocked Folks you know do you remember does Anybody remember who else said that We'll be shocked Brad garlinghouse said That we will be shocked when we see the Hinman emails That's what that reminds me of for some Reason Um and then here's the the FTX U.S President this guy talks like somebody Who really wasn't involved no problems Around internal communication around Structuring the company for providing Better governance especially as we were Growing larger around hiring enough you Know developers and other senior staff That we needed to be able to accomplish Many of the goals that we were seeking To accomplish and when I would try to Bring up these kinds of you know Criticisms internally at the company They were never met well and at some Point you know we truly weren't really Speaking much to each other over the Course of the last you know part of the

Time that I was there now you had Mentioned these disputes were not just With Sam bigman freed you had mentioned These disputes were with other members Of his staff his deputies who else did You find those disputes with yeah you Know they were primarily with Sam but You know I think many of the people Around Sam really agree with him on most Of the internal decisions especially Around trying to kind of grow and Separate the staff There was very much sort of a separation Between the group of people who are the Executives in the Bahamas sort of around Them living together who are making Those kinds of decisions versus the People on the U.S side who are you know I guess I said were systematically left Out of many of those decisions He's throwing them overboard I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family Or ask your friends and family is David Schwartz sending us a message here about Being shocked so we know that the SEC This is what's going through my mind we Know the SEC was meeting with him then Two Anonymous parties are bailing him Out it wouldn't be anybody connected to The SEC that would be that would be

Doing the bail would it because Brad Garlinghouse used this same I'm going to Go back and look but I'm pretty sure he Used that same terminology when he said That when people find out about the Henman emails they'll be shocked at the Sec's behavior Is this David Schwartz pointing to that Like

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