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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I don't do this very often But this morning I've got someone Staring at me while I'm doing this show I don't do that very often I've even had My wife look over my shoulder while I do This show but today there's someone Sitting here I won't say who it's a very Deep Secret All right so let's start off with this Um this German token I guess just tokens This is the name of this company they've Bought uh into poly signs uh Pro they Bought into poly sign which I also own So they're an investor alongside me now Now you know link2 has poly sign on the Platform who is one of my sponsors by The way you also know that that here They tweeted this morning that they just Added Ripple more Ripple Equity because As you know just like I know Um any day now that the lawsuit's going To be over and whether it's positive or Negative there they've said that they're Going to go towards an IPO so I own both Just in full disclosure I own both poly Sun private equity and ripple private Equity on the link to platform who is One of my sponsors and the links in the

Top of the description you can click on That and tell them da I sent you now Here I want to show you this from egrag Crypto xrp affirmative confirmation xrp Is on the verge of a pump flip the blue Line into the support and then we will Have fireworks I would love to have Fireworks so I want to get through that Now we all remember when Tom ember in Congress said this Here's the problem the SEC isn't Interested in clarifying what areas of The crypto industry fall under SEC Jurisdiction we know that because fin Hub that you've referred to the SEC Division focused on Crafting crypto Regulation has essentially dissolved Under Gensler nonetheless while Abandoning good faith attempts and Clarify how to clarify how the Commission's existing Authority applies To digital assets the SEC is hell-bent On expanding the size of its crypto Enforcement Division and using Enforcement to unconstitutionally expand Its jurisdiction under chair Gensler the SEC has become a Power hungry regulator Politicizing enforcement baiting Companies to quote come in and talk to The commission then hitting them with Enforcement actions and discouraging Good faith cooperation understand sir There is a new day coming thank you all Right now you all know that I've been

Giving Tom emmer Anna and the Congress People a hard time over the last week or Two Because he told us a new day is coming And they uh and now they have control And they can they can give us a new day So I've been giving them a hard time and Not that I think Tom emmer is a bad guy I think he's one of the good guys Um and turns out I think that they saw Us doing a lot of tweeting about this New day coming and so I'm starting to See things come out that lead me to Believe they are about to get aggressive He tweeted this out crypto's here to Stay I'll keep advocating policies at Events crypto Innovation adoption in the United States because crypto is more Than a financial investment it's about Restoring Liberty and choiced Individuals then he did this write-up on Coindesk and I wanted to show you what He said about Gensler Thought I had it highlighted down here Let's see I'll tell you what just when you think a Plan is coming together You I have to go and look for it really I had it let's see it said something About him giving them nuggets Here it is yeah but he did give us a few Nuggets I think you're going to see a Lot of bipores partisan work to get to The bottom of why the SEC wasn't doing

His job he says referring to FTX Meltdown what was chair Gensler and the Company really doing he describes Gensler as as very arrogant in speaking From The Mountaintop and then we find Out they're working with a fraudster That built the people out of billions of Dollars Republicans and Democrats are Going to be involved in that as for Legislation we're going to focus Obviously on legislation I think it's Going to be a place uh to place key Guard rails around the industry Market Structure guard rails stable coin Guardrails things like that that's a Great thing folks so they're not Dropping the ball on this and that's Good now something I was made aware of This is the guy who is in charge this Bill hazinga I guess that's how you say His name he's in charge of oversight of Gary Gensler in the SEC and he tweeted This out as Financial committee Oversight chair SEC oversight will be The central of my agenda no longer can Gary Gensler hide behind his Democrat Allies Republicans will hold him Accountable for his expansive regulatory Overreach Um and this is Brit Hume SEC not only Has expanded its regulatory reach Beyond Its legal Authority it has morphed from An Umpire objectively enforcing the rule Of law to to an economic policy maker

Dictating how the economy will operate And then Hester Pierce who has to be Furious at this point she's she's having To be called out in front of all of the People in crypto over this one twerp That's running the show over there that They're trying to Um reign in now and she's been dealing With this guy if you look right here You'll see that where Wheezy says we Need a crypto approach we need to Approach crypto carefully in 2018 1920 21 22 23 she was saying the same thing Every single year now To her credit she's the only one that Seems to be trying to do anything which Is part of the reason she's been Criticized a lot is because it's just Talk you know we want some action then You got the financial services uh Twitter handle here and they're talking About how the sec's assault on the Capital markets threatens up in the American economy and then she she does a Wsj Um op-ed with this guy Phil Graham I'm Not sure who Phil Graham is I'm gonna Have to look him up but she's I mean Literally calling out Um Gary Gensler Eleanor terrett did a Little write-up on it here she says new SEC commissioner Pierce gave the Following speech here's her here's the Let's see the quotes right here SEC

Approach to regulating crypto looks Somewhat like a decidedly unromantic Version of computate from the old TV Shows we tell people to come down to the Office to talk to us about their Projects plug the information they give Us into our proprietary security Identifying algorithms and then send People home the court date after all if We continue with the regulation by Enforcement Approach at our current Pace We would approach 400 years before we Got through all the tokens that are Allegedly securities And she's I mean that completely Illustrates the absurdity I'm not going To play this clip but this is from Linda Jones and she's talking about how Um Gary Gensler had made that comment About how the Phoenix Rises we've been Hearing that terminology for years now Okay I wanted to show you this this guy Is a apparently he's a executive Director compliance regulation at University of Hong Kong and he was Weighing in on the Ripple his prediction For the Ripple case and I'm kind of in Line with this I I still say settlement Until we see those Hinman documents I'm Going to believe settlement I I I I will Kick off um I think that it's the most Unfortunate case and it's hard to really Get into the mindset of the SEC to bring The action there's a lot of commentary

Floating around about uh that that's Positioning the case against uh the Comments that uh William Henman made Back in 2018 Uh about ethereum being sufficiently Decentralized that it's not of interest To the SEC the SEC now seems to be Saying that oh look because there is a Company Ripple that seems to make a Difference when if you look at it from a Functional point of view the fact is That ethereum the developers of ethereum At the ethereum foundation are Effectively still evolving uh ethereum In a similar way my expectation is that This is simply creating uncertainty that It is highlighting the uh the the the Failure of the SEC actually to do better In terms of clarity to an industry that Is already huge and becoming larger uh And I might my prediction on an outcome Is that uh if we get enough Exchanges between the lawyers this will Provide interesting insights but that we Won't get to a court judgment on it I think we'll get to a point where There's a face-saving settlement from Both sides pretty much like telegram Pretty much like uh EOS before it and That's where we will be left which Unfortunately is is kind of like two Steps forward and three steps backwards That's kind of what I think I think it's A face-saving settlements the right

Phrase once once the Ripple Um I don't think we ever see those Hinman documents I think that there's Too much that leads to too many Big Time Powerful people and I don't think it's Going to be allowed I don't think we're Ever going to see them and for that Reason I think the SEC will be forced to Settle now this guy right here is the Minister of digital financial services From Gibraltar and he had some Interesting commentary on how the U.S How the SEC and the U.S has handled this Regulation for me this this event that You're hosting all good this morning is About smart regulation And the United States teaching us Exactly how not to do it Um we still have a piece of legislation From 1946 which determines what a Security is and we're calling that Interpretation and adapting it to a Digital asset you've got to be Bonkers If you think that sort of framework is Going to give any firm and any business Any degree of certainty or security as To how they can manage the businesses And therefore That's why this event is is is focusing On Smart regulation because I believe that the U.S takes the view That when something is big enough then It's going to move in and do things to It which nobody knows where they're

Going to come from why they're going to Come for it and the whole thinking Behind the regulatory action in my view Should be when you're breaching Something Um and I don't see that in the United States and so I think the sooner they Get to grips with actually deciding Who's going to regulate this space how They're going to regulate this space and Why they're going to regulate this space The whole uh blockchain space and the Whole crypto area will dramatically uh Grow as a result of that certainty Because that's what firms are crying out For so when firms come to Gibraltar they Want to know that they're coming here For certainty you've got a legal Framework you know what you have to do You know which Hoops you have to jump Through you know what you have to just Stay on the right side of the law that Is a framework that gives people that This guy's totally right Gary gensel has Made it all a joke but don't forget this Is all about design don't think for two Seconds that Gary Gensler all of his Wall Street buddies are not taking Advantage of the fear that he is Intentionally creating and buying all This stuff whether it's crypto or Whether it's the the private equity and Blockchain companies you better believe They are scooping all of this up left

And right and so is the digital asset Investor I will continue because at some Point you're going to get regulation When you do It's game on it's it's going to be Um Unlike Donkey Kong as I say so that's That's the way that that I think about This stuff I just want to show you this I think Ripple is doing like a major Advertising Um campaign it looks like that's in the Subways I think that's in London because This guy's got his British flag on this Tweet I think that's in the in the London Underground or something mind the Gap I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family to mine the Gap if They're looking at Ripple advertisements In the London Underground [Music] Thank you [Music]


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