????XRP The Rightful King???? & Ripple Case Conclusion/IPO/NDA Expirations

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lifp [Music] Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and even though Mr B does Not like it I am checking my volumes Just to make sure everything is all Right now folks ever since I got in this Uh when I first started this channel I Said this xrp thing is the one that Makes sense to me and so I started a Channel around it ever since that time I I never could have imagined all of The the negativity and things that would Be thrown at this one digital Asset MO a lot of it was was planned A Lot of it was premeditated a lot of it Was people that were paid a lot of it Was people was uh Bad actors that were Trying to manipulate markets we've seen It for years now we'll you will continue To see it because xrp is the greatest Digital asset ever created and that's The fact Jack so just go ahead and get Used to it especially when the market Goes down that's just the way it is and Some some of the people are are are good People that are some of the people that That that they even if they they they They at least think they have good Intentions and and so it's not that There's all bad people any time somebody Says something bad about xrp it's not That but I can promise you this there

Are more Bad actors than there are good Actors here let me show you some of them This right here I'm and altcoin daily I'm not saying is a bad actor they Innocently put up a chart saying that Bitcoin is King but I had to correct Them Bitcoin is not the king xrp is the Rightful King look at the chart this is uh the Performance from 2015 to 2022 you might have noticed a pattern The the markets the world started waking Up to the fact that not Bitcoin not Ethereum but xrp was the king the Markets began to wake up to this fact Because the markets saw the same thing You and I see that this thing actually Works that it's faster it's less Expensive everything about it makes Sense but what happens about the time That the markets start to really figure This out was 2017 2018 so what happens Well just by coincidence that's the same Point at which Bill Henman steps forward And gives his spee and gives Bitcoin and Ethereum a free pass June 2018 up until then what had happened This had happened Ripple's 30,000 per Surge briefly overtakes ethereum as the Second most valuable Cryptocurrency that is what had happened 2017 Anthony Pompano August 2017 when He's watching Xrp outperforming all of

It he tweets this if you think think Bitcoin went on a tear once CNBC and Institutional investors learned about it Just wait until they discover Ripple xrp They all knew folks then what Happens xrp which up until this point Surges more than any of them all of a Sudden Bitcoin and ethereum are given This faux regulatory Clarity from Bill Henman and remember Bill henman's the Same guy that made sure that the Ripple Lawsuit was dropped he was actually he He actually had already quit the SEC 5 Days later I think it was 5 days later He comes back to make sure the lawsuit's Filed so Bitcoin and ethereum get the Benefit of this fake regulatory Clarity From this point all the way through here All the way till now actually then in 2020 they dropped the lawsuit on xrp so The idea that Bitcoin or ethereum for That matter are some somehow the top Dogs and the king and all is baloney It's a lie it's been a lie now uh as Long as we're talking about that this Came across my desk today and it's an Older video it's from May 31st 2023 and I want you to listen to Linda Jones this clip is worth hearing again She was on with Brad comms listen to This all right so let's do a back of the Envelope calculation for ripple stock as You listen to this you will realize Why the powers that be and why the why

All these people had an incentive to Slow Ripple down to slow xrp down Because remember their bags were Bitcoin And Ethereum so according to link2 at $35 a Share which is approximately it's it's Slightly under that at 34 today on the On the link to website that is a $5.7 Billion valuation for ripple stock now We all know that shares have been bought Bought back at $15 billion in the past So to be at 5.7 billion is quite a bit Lower than where it's Been we also know that that Ripple has 42 billion xrp in escrow I Googled that And found that current number at 50 Cents that makes the xrp worth $21 Billion which is crazy because that's Four times what Ripple is valued at Right now so this is very out of whack And you can see that Ripple's value Valuation is too low now let's look at Coinbase which was another IPO that was Done that was very successful and we Heard that link 2 made a 10x on the Value of coinbase that went public it Had an 86 billion valuation it opened at $250 a share went up to $429 a share and Closed at $328 a share on its IPO so if Ripple were to be valued at The same value that coinbase was 86 Billion and it has 21 billion in xrp That would put the total together at 107 Billion which is about 20

Times what Ripple is selling for right Now so whatever shares you have worth of Ripple you can easily make a case that It's worth 20 times the current value That you have right now which is Astounding but there's More so let's Say that the lawsuit is over soon and Let's say that xrp goes back to Approximately its old high around 359 that puts its escrow at 15 Billion Valuation now you can't have xrp worth 150 billion and ripple stock worth less That doesn't make any Sense and there's so many companies Today that have high valuations we have Nvidia which just crossed one trillion We have apple at three trillion we have Amazon at two trillion we have Worldclass companies which I think Ripple fits in with some of those Worldclass companies now it's not as old As those companies and we have to look At what is their revenue stream because That's ultimately how you value a Companies based on its revenue and I Don't have current Revenue numbers for Ripple but if we could get that Information that would be really Helpful but I could see where we could Have a new record for a company at its IPO valuation and that Ripple could be That company that makes that new record

And if they had 150 billion worth of Xrp what would the stock have to be Worth what if the stock was worth right Around 350 billion or three times what That escrow is that would put it at a Half a trillion dollar valuation which To me doesn't seem that far-fetched at All for where it could Be so I don't know I would just playing Around with some back of the envelope Type okay you get the picture and there Is RIS triple equity which I do own on My sponsor's website which is linked to Now um there there's a lot of there was A lot of controversy going on oh it's The end of the world for The xrp Ledger A bunch of bull from my angle but every Once in a while we have this kind of uh You have these uprisings when the Market's down and it Go and it's down For any period of time you this is very Common I've seen it thousand Times you see the mar you you see people Start coming out of the woodwork U with Um getting trying to it's almost like Everybody's trying to freak each other Out well not this Guy anyway this Shawn MC brde guy is a Is a um he's an ex rippler in fact he Said in a Twitter thread last night a Few things one he said he's under ndas So he can't say much two he said he had Been laid off from Ripple so it wasn't Like he was just some guy that's coming

On and saying only good things about Ripple he was saying that he was in um I Think he said he was in the um ah what's It called human uh ah one of my friends Does this uh in the hiring uh but anyway He said he was he was laid off he and Some others were laid off from uh from Ripple but then he said this which he Later deleted I'm assuming because he's Under ndas he said listen one thing I do Know is Ripple and xrp are not going Anywhere in other words he was saying This thing's going to be here folks so All the negativity that you've been Hearing and look I'm not saying that Some some of those people that are Saying things are not coming from a bad Place some of them actually believe some Of this Stuff I Don't I've I've been I've been in this For a long time Folks I'll never forget when when dilip Ralph said retail is the noise I'm Comfortable being the noise I'm fine With being the Noise the institutions are not the Noise all right Um John Deon is going to do a live today He's going to what's next for xrp Holders SEC versus Ripple update Deon Amicus brief and more he's going to do That today at 3 p.m. eastern Time check this out from Greg manarino I

Think I said his name right this is a Message being sent to the bricks Nations Don't threaten the petrol dollar or You're all going to die we're all going To die they will sacrifice half of the World's population At least maybe three4 of the world Population just to keep the petrol Dollar supported to keep the US dollar As the world reserve the US and his Coalition Partners again not one a Bricks Nation you think that's just by Coincidence too I know you don't believe In coincidences none of those people you And I sincerely have nailed this to the Wall watch what's going to happen here On you're going to hear more uh of this Being flashed across every single Mainstream media Outlet US troops killed US troops killed US troops kills they're Going to try to get the American People's blood to boil then they're Going to start showing you photographs Of oh we hate America America must die They may even show you some video of People's heads being cut off kill America and then they're going to get Everyone to back it again and then there Is their their green light to light up The Middle East is what they're looking To do here quite obviously hey Exactly I'm not even going to waste my Time playing this okay the uh Bitcoin ad ETF

Advertising is beginning on Google Google released um uh yesterday I Believe uh the ability to advertise Bitcoin ETFs now Ashley Prosper has got All kinds of good things coming out She's Thinking so we're one month into 2024 Here's some stuff to watch crypto Regulations fomc meeting fed meeting Presidential election Ripple case Conclusion coinbase case dismissal Binance case partial dismissal the first Crypto case filed in scotus war cyber Pandemic AI Danger amm on xrpl clawbacks Xrpl evm side chain xrpl hooks on xrpl IPO craves X payments new SEC chairman Yeah basil 3 ingame final steps to Fedwire Ashley prosper thank you for a List of about 20 potential thumbnails For me then she says if Ripple is going IPO soon their ndas must also expire Soon this means we see a whole new whole String of partnership announcements in 2025 Apple Google and apple Amazon or Amazon Google and apple I'm Sorry then she says tomorrow January 30th which is today is the last day for Sec to file its sir reply explaining why It shouldn't be sanctioned for lying to The court we should know the Court's Decisions before the end of February they've been lying to court at Will check this out here's xrp Las Vegas A new video it's coming 94 days

Left the world's largest xrp conference Is only 94 days away Heir from the Influential voices in the industry Including Christopher Gian Carlos Digital dollar project haran boring Digital Chamber of Commerce Simon mlin Uphold Kevin Maloney UST Capital eler Terret Fox Business and many More we're trying to fractionalize it to Where anybody can have access to Generational wealth by buying these Fractional shares of property so um We're trying to restore that kind of uh Access to it so building Generation Well For anybody early bird tickets ending Soon on the future of digital assets Benefit dinner book your room now with The MGM Grand get your tickets now to Xrp Las Vegas 2024 folks um I believe this is going to Be the biggest year yet for xrp I'm Optimistic about everything that is Ripple and xrp now I'm going to talk a Little bit more about xrp Las Vegas in My group at Dp.com Here's what else we're going to talk About there are people that are Literally risking their lives to save The United States of blackmail and Bribery okay because the bad guys can't Afford for them to uncover these things I'm going to show you something that's That's one is about to H happen right

Now in Dip.com I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is For entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family here we go Dp.com [Music] [Music]


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