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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and there's a lot to cover Today but before I do I want to show you This this is interesting one of the First people out of the first hundred People that subscribe to my channel was A guy named Mike Jansen he was the Announcer for the Indianapolis Colts not Too long ago he was fired fired laid off I don't know what you call it but I Think he was fired from the India Without and the way I understand it from The article I just looked at is that is That it was really not for any good Reason uh from his perspective and so Um what what this is about is he is he Was there when Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl in 2006 and he got a Super Bowl ring well he he turns out he is Auctioning off his ring and by the way Mike Jansen did not tell me to talk About this Mike Jansen um does not even Know I'm talking about this but the Reason I'm doing it is because this guy Supported me from the very beginning he He created my intro and my outro that You see in every one of my videos out of The kindness of his heart and this guy Is a is a stand-up guy and so what I'm Going to do is he's auctioning his ring And um and here's actually a picture of

It this is the this is the actual Super Bowl ring that he's auctioning the Current bids forty two hundred dollars I'm not making any money off of this he Doesn't even know he didn't ask me to do It and I'm anyway I'm just I'm putting The link to this auction in the top of The description of this video if you Want to go bid on this ring Um this guy has been such a good guy to Me from the very beginning and Supportive and um he deserves to uh have This mentioned and so uh go check him Out now I want to show you something That I've never shown on this channel Before you've seen me talk about how I Use a ledger Nano X and The Ledger Stacks is coming out the link to this is Also in the top of the description those Are going to be shipping in May Something I bought yesterday that so You've never seen watch this this is Called the bill photo you know how we All write down our 24 words seed when When we have a ledger Nanos or a Treasure treasure or those things watch This do you own a hardware wallet like a Ledger treasure or keep key if so you Probably recorded your recovery seat on A piece of paper like this as a backup But what would happen if your backup was Hit by a natural disaster like a fire or Flood would your coins be safe that's Why we created the bill funnel to show

You its strength take a look at how it Compares with the paper backup once we Put each of them through a trial by fire And water Okay All right so I ordered my bill foddle Yesterday and I'm going to put a link in The top of the description for the bill Photo if you want to get one uh I got One but I think I'm gonna get another Couple because I have got uh several of These um Ledger Nano s's I think you can Store your 24 words each bill final Holds 24 words is my understanding so That's what's going on there now this is Michael arrington's feed Um for on Twitter he's got a picture of Him and I think that's his girlfriend The one the woman that created Property And then um as you scroll down he's got A picture of him and Brad garlinghouse And so they're apparently at this at a Conference then he's got apparently at The same conference a picture of Charles Hoskinson with him which I find Interesting because Charles hoskinson Said he would never be at a conference Ever again with anybody from Ripple or Having to do with xrp so I'm wondering If if Charles hoskinson saw Brad Garlinghouse there and ran the other way I don't know or ran out of the room Because he's not supposed to be in the Room with anybody from Ripple

Also and but this is interesting in Michael arrington's feed to reach a Hundred million users worldwide it took The telephone 75 years mobile phone 16 Years World Wide Web seven years iTunes Six and a half years Twitter five years Facebook 4.5 years WhatsApp three and a Half years Instagram two and a half Years at Apple App Store two years chat GPT two months that's how fast this chat This AI thing with chat GPT is catching On and we've used we've all been in There typing in what's what do you think The value of xrp should be and all that Stuff well but that's how fast this AI Stuff is catching on it's going to be as Big as crypto is if not bigger and I Wanted to show I've mentioned it Yesterday but linked to who is one of my Sponsors if you if you're looking at Their private Equity here they have a Filter by vertical you can actually Choose artificial intelligence and it Pops up the companies that they Currently have on the platform that are That are involved in artificial Intelligence this is going to be one of The biggest industries that there is the Link to that will be in the top of the Description let's check in with the Official cool guy the digital asset Investor Channel what's up fam happy Friday a little econ 101 Headlines unemployment rate the lowest

Since the 1960s but let me tell you Something when somebody gives up looking For work they're called the discouraged Worker and they're not calculated in That formula So it's a lie it's manipulated this help Wanted signs anywhere nobody's working That's right we live in the age of lies Don't forget that folks if they want you To think that inflation is under control They just take out uh of the of the Calculation things that would involve Being involved in inflation they just Take that out of the calculation if if Eggs are too inflated they'll just take The eggs out of the calculation no big Deal right then they'll say inflation's Not high I mean these people are sick And we live in the age of Lies now this Popped up yesterday afternoon I was Actually on the treadmill when I saw This this is fair Stefan Thomas who is One of the creators of the interledger Protocol my understanding this is Farewell but not goodbye today coil is Sun setting I would like to thank the Team that made coil what it is helped Create the interledger foundation an Ecosystem around it and he has a whole Thread on this well words mean things if You've been watching this channel for Any period of time you know that he said He did not say uh Coyle is going Bankrupt he did not say that we are

Shutting coil our business coil down he Said coil is sun setting so I looked up Sun setting because words mean things And I like this part sun setting Something may be a part of the original Plan and that is what the first thought I had when I saw this now this is Interesting right here This was um this is this Joshua barban Who's apparently cfp professional to the Xrp community he's a cfp cpwa I don't Know what that is in a c-i-m-a I think Those are all Financial uh designations But anyway he did a uh he calls it blue Skies and Open Seas and he did a Um I think he calls it an AFP Conditional probability model on the Ripple lawsuit in other words settlement Judgment you know and he did all kinds Of scenarios but I want to take you down To the most interesting part I want to I Want you to see this chart but before I Do I want to I want to read this part Overall my expected odds that xrp Holders get a good or acceptable outcome Is roughly 90 percent now that's cool Now look at this and I don't understand Exactly how all this works but I do Understand the first two He or where I think I do he is saying That it's a 70 probability that the case Settles and a 30 probability that it Goes to trial I think included in that Would be a a summary judgment okay

Um case settled 70 80 if it does I'm Assuming this means if it does settle There's an 80 chance Um that future U.S sells to qualified Purchasers and a 20 no future U.S sales And then Ripple relocates I think I'm Reading that right the 30 let's say it Goes to trial he's saying that there Would then be a 33 chance Ripple wins on Some summary judgment and a 66 percent That SEC wins on summary judgment and if The SEC wins on summary judgment there Would be an 80 percent chance that Secondary Market sells not a security I think that that's pretty given Personally that's what I believe twenty Percent is deemed an unregistered Security outright and then he says if Secondary market sales are not a Security then there's a 70 percent Chance that Ripple relocates and still Uses xrp 30 chance that they abandon Xrpl dissolves new and create a new Token I guess If the asset is deemed an unregistered Security outright Buy-Back scenario Where sec would be buying back I guess That's what they did in was it telegram I think 70 Free Fall UST ftt Not sure what they're referring to there But Um what's the other one if Ripple wins In summary judgment if it goes to trial And ripple wins in summary judgment

There's a hundred percent chance that Xrp never a security That's what I'm talking about I I agree that there's a 90 chance that This ends favorably for xrp today and Going forward in that it's not a Security I believe that that I believe At a minimum that's what's going to Happen I do believe that they're going To say that certain sales in the past Were securities Um but that's assuming that there's no Settlement but I'm still in this 70 Percent Camp until I see unredacted Hinman documents I will stay in this 70 percent Chance right here that camp right there Uh let's see what else we got now look I'm no Bitcoin fan but this is a little Much well if Bitcoin will become the uh Ultimate type of form of the currency Than adopted by human society I can I Can tell exactly what's going to happen As the worst scenario or the master Scenario we're all gonna die This is not a joke we're all going to Die if real succeeds Um let's see I think I'm going to hold Off on the rest of this video I got so Much more for the next video and I think I'm gonna hold off I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button

Tell your friends and family that we're All gonna die if Bitcoin succeeds now I Don't really believe that but I thought It was kind of a crazy video you know What while we're on that I think I need To I do need to cover one thing and that Is this today Um we're they're talking about there's a Chinese spy balloon caught over the U.S Nuclear facilities And I said almost as if our government Wants you to see it the great thing About propaganda is that now we've Watched it in crypto for so long we know Which agencies promote it so or which News outlets so you know this is lies if They pick up on it CNBC Um so look Until we start seeing some of these U.S Some of our Regulators politicians Etc Going to prison For their corruption I don't believe anything that comes out Of this country anymore I I don't Believe a freaking word folks Until you start seeing people held Accountable there are people that need To go to prison and until you see it It's like we're living in a police state Or something Thanks for listening Thank you

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