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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and this clip which is an older Clip was going around this morning and I Wanted you to see it this uh this is Brian uh Brooks who's one of the smarter People in crypto and listen to him teach This Congressman a lesson Um the American dollar is backed by the Full faith and credit of the And States of America that's a fair Statement I think Cryptocurrencies seem to be backed by The people who hold cryptocurrency Uh is that a fair statement I I don't think so actually I think I Probably disagree with both of those Statements Explain please okay so short so what's Backed by the full faith and credit of The United States is U.S debt okay a Dollar bill was not U.S debt a dollar Bill is just a unit of exchange you use To buy things with Um if you look at what's happened in Monetary policy over the last 12 months The US has increased the M2 money supply By 40 percent which inherently devalues The amount of the the purchasing power Of the dollar you saw that in the Inflation reports that were in this Morning's newspapers so that's an

Example of the dollar not being backed By the full faith and credit is backed By American monetary policy at any given Moment so there's that now Right so so cryptocurrency um again put Bitcoin aside just for a moment what Cryptocurrency is about is the belief That a particular network will gain Adoption so it's you know when you buy An ethereum token an eth token that's Like saying I believe this network which Is a smart contract protocol for Building Financial applications Basically apps like on your cell phone Is going to have value so if you think Google stock has value because you think Internet traffic is going to go up and Google is a tracking stock for the Internet buying eth tokens is like Believing that the ethereum protocol Will become the default protocol for Financial applications that that's what It's backed by is adoption rates of that Protocol boy that guy's short now I'm Really hoping that this video does not Have copyright stuff I may talk a little Bit over it just in case because I want You to see it this is about the bricks The brics currency will be intended to Become a rival for the Euro pound and Especially the US dollar and would be Adapted collectively by all of the brics Nations which collect account for 40 Percent of the world's population this

Would almost immediately make brics Bucks the most used currency on the Planet meaning the US dollar would be Used less and become even weaker and This is where the final nail of the US Dollar's coffin gets hammered in because Brix is planning to use gold to make its Future currency For the past few years almost all the Brics nations have been stockpiling gold How concerned are you about the collapse Of the U.S dollar sir It's the end of the dollar system So the end is near for the US dollar and My concern is Going to wipe out stock spawns mutual Funds ETFs just for my generation the Boomer generation we're in serious Trouble because the only reason our Stock spouse mutual funds are up is Because the fed and the treasury just Kept printing more and more money I mean Coffee makes it S process of digitalization and Automatization it legitimizes the Deployment of mass surveillance and it Makes surveillance go under your skin This is Richard Werner the top academic Scholar in the world on Central Banking All right I wanted you to see the part About the Bricks now let's move along I Want to show you this this is uh from Gold Telegraph CEO Bank of America of America for a real possibility of a

Default oh we have to be prepared for That not only in this country but in Every other countries around the world But we just hope it doesn't happen but You can't hope it's not a strategy so You prepare for it you get ready to make Sure you have the liquidity you have the Setup you know we have a lot of Consumers who get paid by the government We have to make sure that that's all set Up for them and the waivers on their Payments and fees and things like that That's that's what we do is we do it a Natural disaster or something else and So I think you know hopefully you've Heard both sides say that the idea is Not to shut down the government the idea Is to have a strong discussion about the Question of how how high the debt should Be we had to put on a lot of debt the Last couple years to overcome the Pandemic Dragon economy and Administrations from both sides I also Speak did that and now it's at some Point we've got to start to figure out How that works in the future but right Now we've got to get past the issues of Just getting through the technical Structure sounds to me like you are Though and so look this is what they do Every single time just so you know every Time we come close to the debt ceiling It's like they're all playing a game oh No it's a big political game then they

Eventually raise the debt ceiling but The the main point is is that it's all a Giant Ponzi scheme and at some point the Game's gonna be up and so those of us That are looking at it that way we're Sitting here going well what do I do for My family if the game's almost up Because that's how that's how we have to Think These uh people have put us in that Position but they always talk about the Debt but you know what nobody ever talks About you know what nobody ever does Nobody ever runs the math on how the United States would go about paying off This debt so I went to chat gbt and I Said or chat GPT I said can you show how the U.S can pay Off their debt using math okay chat GPT Can answer questions like this now they Use an assumption here of that we've got 20 trillion I think it's more like 30 Trillion or more than that even but We'll go with it let's assume the National debts 20 children trillion and The government wants to pay it off in 30 Years to do this they need to come up With a plan to pay down the debt by 666 Billion more or less per year 20 Trillion divided by 30 years assume the Government has a balanced budget and not Adding to the debt which is not going on The only way to pay down the debt is This is so you if you assume that the

The budget is balanced in in every one Of 30 years okay way to pay down the Debt by 660 666 which interesting that They come up with that number 666 Billion per year is to either one Increased government revenue by this per Year through increased Taxation and Other means two reduce government Spending well we know they're not going To do that we know that this is the way That they want to do it is is taxing us Okay so the American people would get Hit in reality it's unlikely that the Debt will be paid off solely through the 1 of these methods and combination of Both will likely be necessary I haven't Seen them being willing to spend less Money additionally there may be other Factors that come into place such as Inflation economic growth or The creation of crypto When is the last time the U.S paid down The national debt that's my next Question to chat GPT when was the last Time the U.S paid down the national debt By 660 billion or more in one year it's Difficult to determine exactly the last Time so chat GPT is kind of bsing me Here uh however it's worth noting that The U.S has run a budget surplus meaning The government took in more Revenue than It spent in only a few years since the End of World War II the largest budget Surplus in other words they're saying

There's a surplus they're not saying They paid down any debt they're just Saying it was a surplus In recent years what was 2000 Um so so my follow-up question was in What years has the U.S run a budget Surplus the U.S ran has run a budget Surplus in the following years this is Since World War I think it's in history Folks 1998 1999 2000. These were the only years the US has run A budget surplus in the past few decades In other words they've never paid down The debt and they've only had a surplus For three freaking years So If you're like me You're buying xrp in Gold so that's why Glint's one of my sponsors I I keep Talking about it because I buy physical Gold and I buy gold in my Glen account Because it comes with a MasterCard debit Card and I can spend it That's never I've never even heard of a Company where you that has a product Where you can do that before until I Found Glenn they became a sponsor so Links in the top of the description to That But this is the point here folks Not only is your money worthless but They have to come up with a plan to roll Us into a new system and I believe that

Is that's that new system involves gold And xrp as well as a few other of these Digital Assets Now speaking of chat GB GPT listen to what the CEO of chat GPT Says you know first it's going to come For the blue collar jobs working in the Factories truck drivers whatever then it Will come for the kind of like the Lowest skill White Collar jobs than the Very high skill like really high IQ uh White Collar jobs like a programmer or Whatever and then very last of all and Maybe never it's gonna take the creative Jobs now Think about what he what he just said Last and maybe never at all it'll take The creative jobs you know what that Reminds me of Einstein has a quote where He says imagination is more important Than knowledge imagination the the this Is the thing that humans have that no That no other animal has is this ability To change our circumstances to make Decisions and alter our uh path forward This is it folks imagination is the key To everything creativity being a Creator Not a follower so take that lesson you Young people out there that are seeing All of this transition right now Never forget folks I've listened to Things over my life several things from People that think like that there are Many people That literally some people call it

Different things they might call it Meditation or just thinking or whatever But I encourage everybody out there you Young people that are that are setting Out Start start every day take 30 minutes With a piece of paper and a pencil and Just think because that your imagination Is everything And you can have everything But you got to use your imagination Don't just follow the follower or follow Of the leader become the leader create Your own reality you can do it but this Stuff right here is kind of spooky and I Talked to my sons about this kind of Stuff all the time Um X I like this dark Defender he's Talking about the 420 where David Schwartz was joking around about taking Xrp private at 420 but he says something Interesting here xrp will rest on 256 Dollars this is what Fibonacci tells us Now he's a chart guy so I thought that Was interesting I don't know why he Thinks it will rest at 256 but I'll be Down with it I like it I also like this Tweet from Jack the rippler Top five cryptocurrencies for 2023. one Xrp two xrp 3 xrp4 xrp 5xrp and I agree Just happen to agree with that Um uh crypto exchange binance is Temporarily suspending US Dollar Bank Transfers starting on February 8th per

Coin desk That's interesting and so is this I Don't think I played this in the last Video but if I did oh well Mike novograts wants to punch Barry Silbert and Sam bankman freed in the Nose but there's still there's some beef Brewing among the crypto Titans Bloomberg's journali basic is joining us Now with more on that channel you wrote A great profile of Mike novograts of Galaxy digital last week and the quote Is essentially that he would like to Punch both Sam bankman freed and Barry Silbert in the jaw that is certainly What happened the rest of the quote was Along the lines of how his daughter Wouldn't approve Of some masculinity violent person at All you know it's the wrestling Vibe you Get from Mike Nova grads he said he's Gearing up to fight again Oh me and this made me laugh today xrp Uh Productions who who does do parody I hope xrp come becomes the world Reserve currency so that the doctors and My family will finally let me out of This institution I know how x-star xrp Productions feels I I know that that People get uh they get scared and and Upset when the markets are down but I've Been in remember I've been in this since 2013 I know I feel your pain but I look at it from I look at it I choose

Optimism folks I always look at at the Glass half full myself I focus on Opportunities try to make sure I've Protected myself I have plenty of cash And um and and then buy those dips is What I do but I'm not a financial Advisor I'm a digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family The standard Productions is ready to get Out of his Institution Thank you

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