????SEC Victory / XRP Victory???? Ripple Settlement Incoming? & Spin

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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor in my last video I showed you Where link2 made this comment about how Their the Ripple Equity is drying up Well I was made aware that after they Sell this block the price uh for the Next block is going to go up apparently Because they're They can't get it as easy now but I Guess partially because of the news so They are one of my sponsors links in the Top of the description my other sponsor Glint that Link's in the top of the Description too I want to remind you They're going to have a webinar on the 15th of March where they um introduce Some of their their new their new app And some of the new things you're going To be able to do on their platform That's my sponsor two links in the top Of the description check this out Tim Draper is a hundred percent sure that Bitcoin will hit 250 000 by 2024 Look at this he says he knows an F ETF Approval is imminent well I wouldn't Count that chicken before it hatched Folks I think that even if Grace I Showed you in the last video even if Grayscale wins the SEC does not have to

Approve the ETF they can keep stringing This thing out for the next two years Plus this is not a good indication Either CNBC is doing their job per their Masters and they're going after the Grayscale guy so what the lawsuit argues That if you had reduced your fees and Stopped him and it was to say that that You weren't even allowed that it Violated the trust agreement with FTX And the FTX debtor shares would be worth 90 percent more than the current value If if you hadn't violated the provisions Of the trust our fees have been Consistent throughout time right and so These are these are you know things that Are disclosed to every investor for People who can't get there early whose Money is just sitting there that's why It still trades at a 42 discount to net Asset value that's a one month low it's Down from 47 but that is a shocking Number and the idea that you guys keep Charging fees for that I know you say Your legal fees are hot fees are high And the only reason you've made these Arguments is because the lawyers are so Good you're paying top dollar for them But you got to be kidding me well can You explain that and argue that away Well so I think last time I was here we Talked about fees as well I said it then I'll say it again today I am we are Committed to lowering our fees when gbtc

Converts to an ETF yeah but that's like Waiting for Godot I got some bad news For this guy I've said it for years now The the SEC has no problem with there Being a Bitcoin ETF but when they give One it's going to be to Goldman JP Morgan's one of those type it's going to Be the boys it's not going to be Grayscale there's a reason Gary Gary's Been putting off all of these people for A reason in fact let me show you this Video this is kind of out of order I'm Going to move it over so we can go ahead And hit it because I think that this guy Knocks it out of the park about what's Really going on he hits on a couple of Things here that I think is important One is the fact that he's mentioning Crypto might be the first time I've Heard Powell actually start to bring That up now he also mentioned they don't Want a stifle in Innovation I think that Is a very key Point granted I think it Is a little bit of a wolf in sheep's Clothing kind of scenario because at the End of the piece that we play for you Guys what he really is at is that They're controlling the bank's activity And they want Banks to be able to Securely be able to model into against This which will be a scenario for Regulators to come in and play You know the trump card in the sense of Being able to line the streets with a

Potential opportunity this gets back to My whole theory is that the the fix is In and that traditional Finance is the Onboard route for this to occur and it's Just a matter of them meaning Traditional lawmakers being able to gut The system and be able to get all of the Bad players Out quote bad players this Will move South out some of the Innovators as well and then rebuild kind Of like burn it down first and then Rebuild it that's where I think this is Going and I think the inflationary Scenario this of plays into this but at The same time this is a global market You've heard me say this many times burn It down first what about that now check This out does this look like a company That's worried about losing to you Washington D.C Union Station Ripple Advertising We're building a better future for Finance are you crypto means business Don't teach Innovation waiting Game Changer folks Game Changer now Procoynnews.com who is the official Sponsor of the digital asset investor Fishing and hunting club xrpd coupling Settlement incoming soon All good questions well let me prepare You folks because I've been around for a While you know that's a sinnable woman Quote Al Pacino I've been around you Know

Be prepared when xrp settlement judgment Happens I expect Gary to call it a Victory and his media allies to call it An SEC Victory I believe those of us That know all the ins and outs will see A victory that isn't seen by the general Public at first it will be spun as a Loss in my opinion let's say the joke This is just a hypothetical let's say That the judge which this is kind of What I think is going to happen let's Say that the judge says that certain Sales of xrp back in 2013 were Securities transactions but they ruled The judge rules that xrp itself which is The oranges it can't be a security and The xrp sold in the secondary Market are Not securities See in the in my opinion the CNBC Headline uh when they have they'll have Gear they'll already have Gary queued up To come on CNBC no matter what happens Folks write that down too When Gary when they have Gary on the the Headline by CNBC you'll see it down There under the breaking news uh scroll Bar it'll say xrp neglect declared a Security in court which we know that These people the truth is not really Important to them that will be a version Of the truth so in other words they'll Be saying xrp was declared a security in Court which is technically true passed Sales from 2013 were called a security

But it won't be true in the xrp itself And going forward is not a security and Gary will also at the same time probably In my opinion be holding up a yes we had A record fine and we were right xrp was A security And that's how this thing will go down Let me make another prediction you know Those Taxpayer-funded bull crap fake videos uh That Gary puts on where he's talking About not staking Stake as in s-t-a-k-e Remember those videos I'll bet Dom's the Donuts That's Mike no regrets line that Gary has already produced two or three Versions of one of these fake Taxpayer-funded videos for any outcome In the SEC versus Ripple case to spin it Like a win for him Write it down folks it's gonna happen Okay that is gonna happen now let me Give you a plot twist I'll give you three I'll give you three Plot twists folks Plot twist Ripple what if xrp is all of A sudden the only digital asset with Clarity after this lawsuit okay Everybody else is nothing but a moving Target for a potential SEC lawsuit And that let's say that that means that Xrp and anything built on The xrp Ledger Is free and clear The same way the fake regulatory Clarity

For Bitcoin ethereum have been for the Last three years What if all of a sudden the only asset The only digital asset that Elon Musk Could use on x.com which is everything App that he's been talking about what if The only asset that he could use was xrp Because it's the only one with Clarity In the United States of America Regulatory what if The Amazon nft Digital Marketplace that They're bragging about what if xrp was The only digital asset they could use or Things built on The xrp Ledger was the Only thing they could use in the Amazon Marketplace because xrp is the only Thing that had Clarity what if What if Bitcoin what if I mean we've Seen we we saw them going after mining Equipment as a selling mining equipment As a security and we also saw I saw John Deaton retweeted something about Elizabeth Warren going after the carbon Uh footprint of companies and the sec's Trying to put that in there in their Um regulatory framework or whatever and John Deaton made a comment that this is How they're going to go after Bitcoin What if all Bitcoin ethereum what if all Digital assets were under attack while Only xrp could be used in production in Any kind of company whether it's x.com Previously Twitter or the Amazon Digital Marketplace I showed you in my last

Video that new word that Ripple was Using um Fidgetal nfts I think it was digital Uh physical nfts Same word was used in a lot of the Amazon articles Let me give you another what if Since we're talking about plot twists What if Xrp had the first to ETF oh oh what About that Well here's Elon Musk from uh talking About his everything act app you just Tell me what it sounds like to you So let's close on Twitter before getting To Um another couple companies I've heard That you run the vision You're Building Towards I think you've called it X or The everything app tell us about it and Beyond just improving the advertising And and um you know what will we be able To do on Twitter in your in your Grandest vision Yeah so x x.com is Uh You know so so I think it's possible to Create a very powerful Um Finance experience basically Um Cut like like PayPal is kind of like a Halfway version of what I think could be Done

Um in payments and finance Yeah And so you want to be like let's say Like you want to be able to to send Money easily from one account on Xbox Twitter to another account effortlessly With one click uh You want to be able to I think earn an Interest on the money you want to be Able to Um Have debt so you can check your interest Can go negative I mean basically I think It's possible to become The biggest financial institution in the World so Just by providing people with Convenience uh Payment options Um We don't have the time to go into it in Detail here except uh We if we just make The app more and more useful Uh people will use it more and it'll be Great I mean yeah so you'll see We'll see Coinbase is now trying to position Itself and Brian Armstrong is too as um They're going to be the uh Brave I'll Call them the Brave Hearts of the crypto Industry now they want to fight for us All now he for years Brian Armstrong had Dot eth in his name and they thought

That Bitcoin and ethereum were going to Be the crypto industry because they had Gotten a free pass and so he was Building his whole platform from around Dot eth okay and all the tokens on it Got rid of xrp then when lawsuits Started flying that would indict XR or Ethereum based tokens he did not remove Them from the platform just xrp okay we Also know and so anyway they they're Running this campaign in the Washington Washington Post called it's time to Update the system and then we have Brian Armstrong tweeting this as crypto Holders we need to elect representatives Who will fight for our interests and Help ensure this technology can benefit Humanity crypto owners can be powerful Constituent but only if we get organized In other words we didn't get organized We did not do anything to get behind the Xrp holders in John Deaton while they Were contacting Congress but now that We're in the microscope now we need to All get together and get organized well As I said here and if you look this is An interesting tweet from Brian Armstrong Back in the Day 2015 Ripple Stellar and altcoins are all distraction Bitcoins is Bitcoin is way too far ahead We should focus on bitcoin and side Chains okay so that's who you're dealing With well I told him I said we can talk About you being Braveheart for crypt the

Crypto industry after you re-list xrp And give us our Songbird and Flair until Then sit down put dot eth back in your Name That's the fact Jack I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button and and tell your friends And family that I'm all for all this Kumbaya in the crypto industry but some Of these people who have been against Xrp for all this time they need to make A few things right [Music] Thank you [Music]


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