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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and ripple Labs is doing for Value what the internet did for Information enabling it it's instant and Seamless flow around the world you can Invest in Ripple Labs at link two the Digital asset investor owns Ripple Ave Ripple Labs Um equity on private equity on link two They are one of my sponsors the links in The top of the description of this video I want to show you this this is a tweet From bitboy today I spoke with someone Very connected to the inside of the FTX Scandal and how it relates to the Upcoming hearings all I can tell you is That from conversation is this a sec is Getting held accountable goodbye Gary There is another level to this story That no one knows about publicly I think I can guess some of them look at This watch Gary get replaced with Someone worse definitely a concern but Hard to find someone worse to be honest All right now this is um uh Dr Martin His buck I don't know if I'm saying is His name correctly but he's the head of Research of uphold he's over there in Davos right now and he tweets this out And it says Ripple will lose this battle But win the war now so I guess in his

Opinion they're going to lose the SEC Lawsuit I think that in my opinion I Think that it's going to be a hybrid I Think that it I think that Ripple will Be in a situation where they have to Give the SEC what looks like a win for The SEC but it'll also probably be a win For ripple now the reason I say that is That look folks we're the place here Where Um and I'm not going to go there but if You look at what this um what they've Done in this case and John Deaton's Pointed it out many times the how we Test very simply is does not say that The oranges themselves are a security That one thing by itself The SEC is calling the xrp itself in This case a security And I will tell you this and look at What John says here when the SEC sued Ripple and literally and literally Allege that the xrp was an xrp was an Investment contract the functional Equivalent of saying oranges are I Argued coinbase should not only de-list Xrp but file a motion to intervene or Alternatively ask to be Amicus obviously It was a super aggressive approach and I Acknowledged that 95 percent of Corporate councils would argue that I'm Insane but the complaint claim Essentially Claimed essentially the oranges were

Securities and that is why tens of Thousands of xrp holders agreed with me So folks my point here is look we've Seen corruption left and right not just In the SEC but in this country overall And if this judge comes out and says That xrp hints oranges or securities Then I begin to question The judges themselves and what's going On behind the scenes I mean literally Now I'm not going to go there I'm just Telling you and and that back to his Statement folks The oranges were never Securities if They if the judge decides to go there Then I will go to my grave thinking that This judge was pressured somehow I mean Because it's just not so and that's one Of the things now if you look at this This is um uh just listen to this we Have to remember the SEC gets its power From statutes passed by Congress Congress gives the SEC power the SEC Can't just take power what the what the Power says today for 1933 the Securities Act said that you have to have an Investment contract so in as you'll see In our motion for summary judgment the First step of determining it could xrp Be a security is you have to have an Investment contract and our point is Ripple doesn't have a contract that with Whom is the contract it's not a written Contract not an oral contract it's not

An implicit and that's the other thing Is what Ripple's saying here Ripple didn't have any contract with With anyone uh with retail people out Here to buy xrp and that's just the fact Jack and so again there's no way the Judge can rule on that unless there's Something else in play there's no way The judge can say oh there yeah they did Have an investment contract with the Retail just can't do it it didn't happen So So I guess what I'm saying is I believe That there will be a big fun but I Believe that Um in return for the big fine so that Gary can hold it up and act and act like He did something That they're going to have to give xrp Today or or at least going forward Non-security status Now uh I've been talking about the Bifrost wallet and and how you know this Thing's really it works really well for Putting your flare on there and for uh Wrapping it and then delegating it if You want to and so and and so I'm I want To ask the question before I put too Much on there who is behind bifrost Wallet no this is just a legitimate Thing I wanted to ask so I did ask this Last night can anyone tell me who's Behind bifrost investor CEO Etc so this Guy answers and he says towo Labs so TOA

Labs is are the creators of um bifrost And here's the guys with Togo labs and Then um but here's where here's where I Got my piece of mind I looked up TOA Labs and who the backers were turns out It is a spring from so ripples uh I Don't know if it was called an incubator Or what but Ripple spring funded towo Labs back in the day let's see if it Shows a date no 2019 maybe so anyway so TOA Labs is Funded partially by Ripple okay so that Gives me some peace of mind now I've had A lot of people asking me about the buy Frost wallet and how how do you put the Flare on there how do you wrap it how do You delegate it well the best video I've Seen the video I actually used to to do It myself is by this guy Flair Community He's a this guy's puts together some Great videos you go uh the ultimate Flair delegation God I think he shows You in this video Um both how to do it on The Ledger and On in the bifrost wallet I actually sent This to somebody this morning that was Asking me so I decided I'd show it Um now moving along looks like Fred Rispoli has thrown down the gauntlet and He has filed a class action loss suit Against coinbase for failing to issue Two air drops featuring flare Network's Native token Flair and the associated Songbird my Songbird is on this um some

Of my uh I had some of my stuff on Coinbase at the time I had put it there Just for the snapshot and so I got Um I have not received any of my Songbird on there either and so Might have to join Fred's lawsuit myself Okay now you'll remember this tweet from About a week or two ago and this is kind Of a hard thing to let go because it's Just not true and I respect Charles Gasparino for for all the help that he And Eleanor turret have done in the Ripple case for uh you know they covered This with no traditional media would Cover it but on this one he's just wrong And I can say that without me and him Disliking each other or hating each Other or getting a fight or on social Media or whatever the parts that he's Wrong about is he says here that um the SEC Um he's talking about the SEC and why They focused on that um xrp the answer Based on my reporting comes down to the SEC believing Ripple management was Flouting I think he meant touting Touting that they were selling xrp okay Sec's Authority that that uh to by Continuing to sell xrp after after all Notice which I don't think they really Got notice Um that um seemed to establish xrp's Designation as a security here's the Part where we have a problem

Notice ethereum did possibly one sale And stopped no case so in other words They did the Ico and then they stopped No all they did is they they had the Ico Then they created consensus and the Ethereum foundation so that it didn't Look like it was a part of the same Thing when at the all along it's the Freaking same thing so not picking sides Just reporting why the case was brought So so the whole his whole premise here Is that those only this sale by ethereum The Ico and then they stopped well That's not true we've shown you where Vitalik buterin in fact I dropped it Under his tweet somewhere I think where Metallic buterin it was a video where Vitalik buterin is maybe I dropped it Under this one right there we played you This video where italic buterin's Bragging about how he directed the Ethereum foundation to sell seventy Thousand but that's not it folks I Posted this video now at the beginning I've got Charles gasparino's tweet and Then right here remember remember the Freedom of Information Act request Um where Um where they said that um They showed all the people who'd been in Communication with Bill Hinman leading Up to that speech the ethereum free pass Speech my question is why has nobody in The mainstream Financial media asked

Novograts Mike novograts any questions About his ethereum purchases and his Communications with Bill Hinman Joseph Lubin because Joseph Lubin was on that List of people who had communicated with Bill Hinman and guess who else was Mike Novograts now watch this video from Mike Novograts because just as a refresher Before we show it he gasparino says Notice ethereum did possibly one sale And stopped no case well let me give you Your case right here directly from Mike It wasn't really until I left Fortress and I stumbled into Joe Lumen Who runs consensus's office yeah Joe is A college roommate and a friend and I Look by the way there's nobody who has Touted more than Mike novograts bragged About making lots of money and what he How cheap he got in on things portfolias I got all this stuff bitcoining gone Sideways for a while yeah and I was like And I know Joe had been like coding away For for years on this new project Ethereum so I went to visit his office And it was my first aha moment I was Like these guys were plotting a Revolution they were plotting a Revolution to take down all these Centralized systems and so if it was you Know the cloud uh if it was ride sharing File sharing all the verticals they had Them on their wall the music business Had a very clear sense of where they

Were going they had a very clear sense And he is a complete Now listen to the next part because he Gets very very specific about what he Bought why he bought it Or in this new world and this Decentralized distributed World Distributed trust distributed ownership And I was learning there an hour and I Was like dude I want to buy this Business and we started talking about it And It was more complicated than I thought Because he's such a Believer everything Was decentralized so he said come back In three weeks I'll actually have I'll Know what I can sell you and I was on my Way to India so I at least bought some Ethereum could macro guys know when you Smell something at least put something On so I bought a bunch of ethereum at 96 Cents Which is hard to do and then I went away When I time I came back from traveling In India it was four bucks five bucks The next week and I realized Joe no longer needed my Capital because he owed a lot of Ethereum himself uh but it really just Acknowledges that Joe's using the Ethereum as capital to fund the business And I was like this is more than just Financial this is going to be web 3. I Mean folks come on

Now I just wanted to show you this Because I lived through the financial Crisis and check this out this is scary KB Homes a large home builder just Reported a 68 cancel rate meaning that Over two-thirds of home buyers walked Away from their contracts in the quarter Leaving KB Homes with a massive polyp of Inventory last year the cancel rate was Only 13 percent this type of Cancellation rate is even worse than What happened in the 2008 crash the Financial crisis back then Builders like Dr Horton peaked at 50 percent cancel Rate and we already blew past that in Late 2022. folks in my opinion real Estate is the final shoe to drop in this Economy and maybe at that point is when We roll into this digital system I don't Know I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family That people have stopped buying homes Thanks for

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