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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and there are still people Asleep I can't get I can't go too crazy Here but uh I am going to go ahead and Do this so Um and the reason I'm doing it is Because I'm supposed to go get my eyes Checked this morning and my you know Every few every two or three years I try To get my My prescription on my glass is updated But anyway So this is my favorite tweet of the Morning so far you know yesterday I Covered that um there was a guy that uh He was betting that Bitcoin would hit a Million dollars in 90 days I like this Tweet it makes fundamentally more sense For xrp to hit a hundred dollars in 90 Days then Bitcoin to hit 1 million Dollars in 90 days why lawsuit ending Regulatory Clarity full adoption to save The banking system now check this out Link to interviewed over the weekend I Guess interviewed John Deaton now this Is about nine minutes and you want to Hear every single word it's all great And I want you to hear it watch but I Wouldn't be surprised if it's by the end

Of this week Um and this is what I do I go by what Historically she's done and if you look At previous cases of hers There's been times where she's done the Summary judgment ruling at the same time There was a case where she gave both Rulings simultaneously and that's why When the Garber motion came down I said Assembly judgment could be tonight then There was another case where she did the Daughter rulings and two weeks went by And she gave the decision on selling Judgment and there was a case where she Did the dog ruling and 60 days between So although I'm guessing I can tell you This that I would be very surprised if It's not within the next 30 days if if It's late April comes and we're still Waiting I'll genuinely be surprised and It would be inconsistent with the way She's handled cases in the past when Ripple summary judgment decision was Published I came out and said this is a Brief written for the appellate courts That it was written directly to the Second circuit and the U.S Supreme Court It's already an appeal ready and if you Look Um Brad garlhouse even said that Ripple Was operating as though they had already Lost I don't know if you remember when He said that and he said listen you know We're all it's not going to get any

Worse for us than it is now and Basically if you look at who they hired They hired Michael Kellogg okay Michael Kellogg is the preeminent appellate Attorney in the United States of America Neil Gorsuch who is on the Supreme Court Used to work to write them off okay as a Partner there and uh he used to be a Solicitor general he used to be uh Chief Rehnquist Clerk and so this brief is Written for the appellate courts and I've come out and said that if Ripple uh Goes to the Supreme Court they're gonna Win now that's pretty confident for me To say I said 100 I'm sure and they're Not many things you're sure in 100 Because this Supreme Court it overturned Roe versus Wade no matter what your Position is on it it was 50-year President Servident judges of justices and if you Look at the EPA West Virginia case that Professor JW and I talked about recently That's the case where they slapped down The EPA for extending its jurisdiction Without Congressional authorization does That sound familiar a federal agency and If you look at Michael Kellogg of his Firm he's a specialist in Regulatory and Appellate issues and so if the SEC were To get an outright win which I don't Think will have to but if they did this Is going to appeal for sure the river Will just continue to do business as

They have been and then we're going to Wait and watch for a victory in the Appellate Court the best chances for the SEC is right now when judge Torres at The federal district court for Everything I just told you about uh why Whipple would appeal in a nutshell Ripple wins a case the SEC threats to Appeal and then the SEC uses the appeal To secure a settlement with ripple Labs The SEC ends up looking like a winner While Ripple ends up getting the clarity It needs to finally open up its On-demand liquidity Solutions in the US Corridor the last piece of the puzzle For Ripple's total Global coverage if if Ripple wins is Gary Ginsburg going to be At the SEC several years from now five Years from now if it goes to the Supreme Court of course not so if you know that You're really really likely going to Lose on appeal but can get a political Win right now what do you think Gary Gensler is going to do and what I mean By a political win is the best thing the SEC would have if they lose is the Threat of appeal and so do I think they Will threat to appeal it sure and what Would happen they would use the threat Of an appeal to try to negotiate a Settlement Post-judge torres's decision where they Get to say okay Ripple will get we'll Waive our appeal we'll agree the judge

Towards his decision that secondary Market sales are not Securities and that Uh your ongoing and future sales are not Securities if you agree to pay 25 Million dollars pick a number right and Ripple may very well entertain that and Then Gary Indiana could say yes we we Got a victory we got millions and Millions of dollars but more importantly He gets to go after his other targets And present day that's the issue and so Um Ellie uh Terry said that they are Even beefing up the crypto enforcement At the SEC Now today even though a year ago they Doubled the SEC crypto enforcement and So why would you appeal it take the risk Of a loss you know when you could get That political win what a great question Posed by John why would the SEC be Doubling its labor force specifically in Its crypto assets and cyber unit unless They already know Ripple is going to win I'll tell you one step further because Of that coinbase interview that uh Tony Did of thinking crypto Channel think About this if Ripple wins and judge Torres says SCC you couldn't prove xrp Was sold as a security by the actual Company that owns 50 of the tokens do You think that's going to give coinbase And cracking confidence if you can't Prove it against Ripple and you should As hell can't prove into security when

Coinbase or Kraken or uphold sells it so Despite you know I know that the uh the Chief legal officer at coinbase said Well you know and he's going to say that It's a publicly traded company he's Going to say we have to be careful we Have to do this we got to do that but Just think about common sense if you Lose against Ripple if you can't prove Ripple violated the law you sure as hell Not approving coinbase or anyone else Did so I think it would be great news For retail as well John doesn't stop There he brought up hinman's emails too Something that the SEC has been Unwilling to provide I have to tell you I've already say that publicly uh Eventually those emails are coming out And eventually those drafts because of All the other litigation you know Dragon Chain with sued been an erc20 token That's governed by the Imperium blocked Block blockchain do you think their Attorneys aren't going to say we need Him in that position we need hinman's Emails we needs to drafts and then if There are going to go after exchanges Like I've predicted you don't think that Those exchanges who list ethereum ER 20 Tokens are going to ask for the same Documents it's arguably more relevant With the erc20 token governed by Ethereum blockchain than it is Ripple Right because if Bill Hinman said that

Ethereum sufficiently decentralized in An erc20 token is governed by that Sufficiently decentralized exchange why Would they have rights to see those Documents and since there's already been A decision by a judge that says Delivered a process privilege doesn't Apply returning client privilege doesn't Apply you know I can see many other Judges saying yeah I turned that over to Them too and the more people that get it The more chances it's coming out one way Over and then of course you had Dr Leighton Roslyn Layton who has Intervened and is seeking the unsealing Of those emails as well and so I think Eventually they're coming out but yeah Sure but Ripple could agree to drop it If there's a settlement what an exciting Journey has been for ripple Labs the xrp Community and linkedin's Global Community of investors with the xrp Las Vegas conference quickly approaching in May not only will it be a great time to Network with the John deedon and many Contributors in the space but there's a Good chance that we may be celebrating a Summary of judgment favorable to the Link to portfolio company Ripple Labs no Community in crypto None more Discerning of a celebration of Good news than the xrp community right You got that right well guess what so The most interesting thing out of that

Clip to me was that he said That why would the SEC be beefing up Their staff so much if they thought they Were going to win against Red Bull That's a good point now also about link To they are on March 30th they're going To have this This uh conference online Where they talk about real liquidity From Investments they're about to have a Secondary Market put on linked to which Means that everybody that owns private Equity on that platform will be able to Sell it to other members is the way I Understand it so that's pretty huge uh Link to all of that will be in the top Of the description tell them D.A I sent You U.S federal reserve the fed the Central banks of the United Kingdom Canada Japan European Central Bank and Switzerland announced a coordinated Action to improve liquidity provision Through the standing U.S dollar Liquidity swap lines and here's the uh Notice from the European Central Bank That's where Christine Lagarde is Anthony welfare from Ripple says does This sound positive several major Banks Announce coordinated action to increase U.S dollar liquidity provision in the Global market through swap lines and He's got all the banks there Um or central banks Caitlyn Long's been On it World waking up to the fact that

The bank deposit is is an unsecured loan To leverage counterparty that FDIC Insurance Fund only has 128 billion that Total deposits in U.S commercial Banks 17.6 trillion and here's the big one That money itself is a Confidence Game Always has been the big one that looks Like a thumbnail Scoop from Charles Gasparino he had a couple of Scoops this Weekend First Republic scrambling to Find a buyer and announce deals Sometimes today sources tell Fox Business given the market sentiment that It might not survive in the coming days Buyer and unclear JP Morgan said it's uh It can't because of regulatory Limitations on deposits and then he's Got this one scoop banking Regulators Have been given evidence as many as 25 Mid-sized Banks must be merged or face Elimination because of balance sheet Issues large Banks would be the natural Like JP mortgage would be natural buyers If Government relaxes deposit limits by Contrast 1200 Banks went away during the Thrift crisis now you got to see this Folks Up for I can't tell you how many years I've been like a voice in the wilderness Saying this this Bitcoin thing doesn't Make any sense either the either all These Bitcoin Maxis and when I say mac I Mean the people that that have been like The leaders in the Bitcoin movement

It's not anywhere in between it's one of The two either they know who Satoshi Nakamoto is which makes it the biggest Financial lie in the history of the United of the world probably or they Don't know and they have a willful Ignorance when there's evidence that Would lead them to who created bitcoin It's a willful ignorance that's Extremely dangerous because it could Literally collapse the investment itself Either way I smell a rat now Rao Paul This is this guy's an ex Goldman Sachs Very sophisticated guy This guy I've been watching this guy in Crypto for the last at least three or Four years He has Mike novograts on he has all These same people that are the max he Talks to him all the time For me the idea that this is the first Time I've seen him float What he obviously already thought Why is he just that's my first question Why is he just now mentioning this I've Been mentioning it for years now and Everybody doesn't want to even talk About it won't even address it You're not going to believe what this Guy says and this is further indicated For me that they've always known I think most of them I think that there Are a a handful I would even go a step further than this

Not only are a hand a large handful of The major Bitcoin Maxi players in this Game not only do they know and have Always known who Satoshi is but I Wouldn't be surprised if they've been Working with the government from day one Many of them I'm not saying he has I'm Just saying many of them but what's what Catches my attention in this clip is you Need to pay attention watch Anthony Pompliano Remember the video clip where Anthony Pompliano is is interviewing Brad Garlinghouse and Brad garlinghouse lays Out all the common sense and Anthony Pomply already knows that xrp is far Superior to bitcoin he knows it they do An entire interview Brad growinghaus is Laying out all this you know He's laying out exactly what's so great About xrp and at the very end Anthony Pompliano goes but as if he doesn't Understand well I don't understand why You can't do that with Bitcoin why can't You can't do just do that with Bitcoin Knowing that you can't just do that with Bitcoin because it doesn't work not like Xrp now Brad that's that was the clip where Brad Garlinghouse has the funny face that he Did and it became a meme on online Well this clip is similar in that Rao Paul Lays it out for him and he literally

Acts like he didn't even hear him say it Because Anthony pompliano cannot Acknowledge what he said and that's been My whole point all along should the United States Federal Reserve buy Bitcoin today and put it into those Reserves as a hedge against all of the Chaos all of the uncertainty all the Problems that we talked about or do you Think it is either too early or not Prudent for them to do that right now They don't need to hold Reserve so the World's Reserve currency they just print Dollars the only thing he didn't say There is they don't need to you Build gunships and space Rockets so no They don't need this More contentious question is Who owns all of that um Satoshi Nakamoto Stuff my theory has been from day one That this was a combination of the gchq In the UK and the NSA and the US that Built this no I spoke to the Department Of Defense several times over the years And they don't know where Bitcoin came From but they kind of are open to the Idea that it came as a parallel system That was built as a just in case by State actors themselves Knowing that it's decentralized but it But if they can play a central role in It it's okay so I don't know maybe That's the state that they already own Who knows

It is um One more time because this is where the War for them they don't need to do that Right now um and space Rockets so no They don't need the part where he says The the real question and this is it More contentious question is Who owns all of that um Satoshi Nakamoto Stuff that right there folks that's why It's so dangerous to have these Bitcoin Max who's like Michael Saylor out there Acting like acting a like they don't Know who Satoshi is but B okay you don't Okay let's assume you don't know are you Telling me that you're we can dangle a Video From a Homeland Security agent out in Front of these people's face And that says that they met with the Four satoshi's and they don't think it's Important Michael Saylor who's investing In Bitcoin on Baptist Sheryl he doesn't Think it's important to give Homeland Security call and say what in the hell Is this Before he invests any more money I don't Buy it I don't buy it for a minute It makes me think they have to know and If they know you got a bigger you got a Bigger Scandal then I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button tell your friends and family

It was never a Bitcoin At most it was a freaking prototype toy [Music] [Music]


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