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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I can't remember last time I told you but procoynenews.com they are The um official sponsor of the digital Asset investor of hunting and fishing Club and they um I also do a free Newsletter the free newsletter the link To it is pinned I'll put I'll put it in The top of the description this video But it's also pinned on my Twitter and It's free you can join it uh there as I Actually did an interview with these Guys that you can only see through the Email newsletter so you can you can uh It's just give them your email address And then sign up but everyone I forget To mention that sometimes all right Moving along uh coindesk listen to this That I that question look look at this Noise And the probabilities for the next Meeting let's worry about Wednesday Wednesday it looks like there's Virtually you know 98.4 probability Priced into the market yeah but 25 basis So so that's that's that's I think What's going to happen Wednesday and They'll continue on this track but to Answer your question there could be a Sharp pivot and the and the sharp pivot Could come from a liquidity crunch if we

Have a liquidity crunch which we've had Before by the way when the markets Really bound up uh remember the famous Repo Fiasco we had a few years back the FED pivoted almost within 24 hours So if you want to look for a fast pivot The leading indicator will be the the Markets going into some kind of Liquidity crunch I don't know if the Fed's going to Pivot or not but I can Tell you this Just about every time that I've ever Seen the the entire Market thinking one Way whether it's crypto or stocks or Anything else Something the exact opposite happens and Right now everybody's thinking negative About everything in crypto check this Out Russian and Iran are combining their Banking systems to get around uh being This was about getting around being uh Getting sanctions through Swift and then We had this right here Egyptian Parliament has approved the agreement to Join the brics new development Bank Now folks I've told you many times on this channel I was told that xrp was created to Prevent World War III World War Three Has already begun here's the case this Is Jim Rickards okay world war three has Not I mean technically I guess you could Say this but There's this is all about the money

Folks make no mistake this is about the World Reserve currency this is about the I believe this is also about corruption All over the world and I I believe that There's no telling what's What is being hidden from what truths Are being hidden in this world right now I think there's a lot of them I think a lot of you know what I'm Talking about but here we just talk About crypto Prepare to be shocked Judge rule identifies the two remember The two parties who uh supposedly put The 250 million dollar Bond up for Sam Bankman freed Well those two parties it says here that They're going to be Uh the judge rules that they they have To be identified Now a lot can happen between the time That they identify these people and and Now let us hope that this actually Happens Then we've got this Elon Lots going on Folks Elon Musk submits license Applications so Twitter could become a Payment processor I would love to see PayPal go bankrupt his word's not mine But uh Twitter is obviously I've shown you the videos folks PayPal's Original Vision was to create a global Reserve currency That was their original vision and they

Were called x.com and I've shown you all The ties between Elon Musk and uh Xlm xrp I've shown you all of the Different things that in my opinion Put him pretty close to both of them not Dog coin or whatever Now yesterday evening John Deaton had Put out that he was going to talk about The um what had gone on behind the scene Or at the library hearing okay first Word from the S is from Jeremy Hogan First word from the SEC versus Library Hearing the SEC admitted on the record That the token itself is not a security Good job Mr Deaton well and and John had Said he just finished it up well I got The clip that I thought Was better than anything I heard and We're going to play it right here but I Want to point out what I heard out of This Before you listen to it is to is not Just what Jeremy Hogan just said but I Also heard that the judge was saying Look a token in the secondary Market is Not a security which would make Xrp on coinbase not a security and why Not re-list it You tell me if you hear the same thing But that's what I heard Here it is And never once was there a case that Said the underlying asset is a security Right beavers or beavers but they were

Used in an unregistered Securities Offering Bitcoin has been used in an Unregistered security software Chinchillas have been used condos have Been used orange grows and oranges have Been used that does not mean the Underlying asset is the security so That's basically what we're saying and And explaining to the judge that his Decision I I said to him look that Article says that your decision reads Like it you could be saying that LBC is A security in and of itself the token Itself and judge if you don't mean that Then we need to clarify think about this What would have happened if John Deaton Had not been at the hearing The SEC would have gotten everything They wanted this issue wouldn't have Even been brought up this man is owed a Lot not just from the xrp community or Whatever but from crypto and they Haven't given it I can promise you that Something so when the judge and I are Going back and forth the judge then Explain to me that he's not inclined to Give an injunction and so that's out the Window there's a great Victory there It's not going to be an injunction that Can be applied to users like like Naomi Or anyone else but then I said to him Judge great you're not going to give an Injunction but Still please have to address this

Secondary Market issue And I pointed out to him that there's so Much confusion about it and then he did Something great he basically looks over At the SEC and says you agree right with Him that you know imagine that I want Everybody to imagine that a judge Looking over at the SEC attorney said You agree with Deaton right But they then said well you know what if It is a particular agent of the person And then it could be and the judge said You got to make a commitment and the Judge did something great he said let's Use an example and he said Libraries did you just hear my wife ask My son if he was hungry that's the one Defect in this video Or to an investment Club who took the LBC and put it in Cold Storage a direct Sell the judge said I found that to be An unrest Securities offering and you Agree with me right SEC and they go yes Then the judge here's the important part Said but if Flipside sells it to someone Else in the secondary Market independent A library you got to agree that that's Not my order doesn't apply to that Scenario and that's the victory that we Got the SEC had Folks What that last part there Unless I'm crazy that that is the Secondary Market that is coinbase

Selling xrp on their platform and all These exchanges so why not re-list xrp That is my question here now maybe You've got to wait for this judge to Actually put this on paper but this is a Judge's decision right here and if they Do what he just said that is saying that All these exchanges selling Digi not Just xrp but digital assets on their Platforms in the secondary Market is not A freaking security And and this is this will be the only Clarity that we've seen since I got into This space from from a any kind of or Pro crypto clarity You can see that on the record in real Time so Call that what you want but that was Great and granted that could be another Decision could overturn that but in the Meantime why not relist xrp coinbase now I want to drive the other point home Which is uh Eleanor tarrett had tweeted This she said the SEC lawyers in the Library case conceded OTR that secondary On the record that secondary market Sales of Library uh coin tokens do not Constitute a security no one fights Harder for the crypto Community than John Dean imagine how easy the SEC would Have had it if it weren't for him a Thousand percent right look Why and this is my question why aren't Organizations like the digital Chamber

Of Commerce that's Perry and boring and The blockchain association Um Christine Kristen Jill no that's the Senator I can't remember her name but I'll I'll make sure and call her out too Why aren't they inviting John Deaton to Speak at their conferences they have all These industry participants but they Don't invite John Deaton and there's a Reason for it and the question I have is Are they on the sec's same team because If if If they are not then why not have John Deaton this guy's doing he's done more In the legal realm for for crypto than Any of these people with all their talk BS conferences and they're behind the Scenes deal making with Congress people I would propose that they are the Problem they're not the John Deaton's The solution and maybe that's why they Don't want them at the conferences Because let's let's remember what the Problem has been for this entire time We've been doing this back during the Ethereum free pass the problem was People colluding behind the scenes with Politicians with the SEC the problem was The same with FTX the problem with all These people they don't seem to want John Deaton around the one guy who's Actually fighting the SEC all of them Seem you have to ask are they behind the Scenes working with these same people

Are they behind the scenes working with People to try to Corral the industry for Their particular token or Bitcoin or Ethereum or the because they don't want John Deaton around from what I can tell You see where this is going folks The good guys are the John deatons the Good guys are not these people who are Trying to behind the scenes act like They're working for the industry when They're really working for a couple of Tokens that they like that they decided On or they're invested in or whatever Now how can you not love these Library Guys and if your kids are in the room Put something over their ears because They're about to cuss but this is uh Pretty much a cherry on top sorry Now these pit that might sound bad to a Lot of people out there but guess what These people and if you and you can Watch it right here the sec's shameful Attack on Library I put the link down Here I copied all the congressmen on it And I said Congress this is what Gary Gensler has turned the SEC into a Company destroying government agency Promoting Capital formation my butt That's what they're supposed to be for But remember and you can go watch the Video this Jeremy Kaufman he said Basically look we sat down with the SEC And said we said look we'll do Everything we'll give you all the money

In our bank account all we want you to Do is tell us how we can go forward as a Business how do we do it tell us how and He said they wouldn't tell us and he Goes instead they just turn around we Tried to work with them they just turned Around and sued us and this is the Problem Folks these people don't want to help Businesses go forward they want to help Stop business And hold them over a barrel like Tony Soprano the way Greg kids said I'm a Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that the library Guys and the Jeremy Kaufman the CEO the Guy makes me laugh he's pretty darn Funny Thank you

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