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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I wanted to read you a Little part of the link to blog link to Who is one of my sponsors but I wanted To read you a little part of it because They did a little write-up on beating The bear and it's about markets and you Know the psychology of markets is so Typical it's so typical 99 of people in the markets are down They get scared and angry and upset and They go one way But the the smart money thinks like this And I want you to I want you to hear This this is right here Where the 2007-8 to 2008 financial Crisis seemed like an unfortunate Bloodbath to many Warren Buffett saw it As an ideal period for investors in 2009 Buffett wrote a letter to the Shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway Referring to the stock market's worst Downturn of its time in which he said We've put a lot of money to work during The chaos of the last two years it's Been an ideal period for investors a Climate of fear is their best friend if You remember nothing else remember that You know for for those that that have

Not for those that have invested more Than they can afford to lose this Doesn't apply but that's because they Weren't thinking about what they were Doing Um but what I'm what I'm doing right now What I what I have been doing is I've Been buying Um poly Sons what I've been scooping up But they've got they've also got AI like That Samba Nova is an AI I've got some Ripple I've got some uphold Um but there's all kinds of there's Blockchain stuff here there's AI anyway They're one of my sponsors links in the Top of the description click on it tell Them Dai sent you check this out Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX said it is Asking politicians to return what could Be 93 million dollars in political Donations by the end of the month Oh Can you imagine I can only imagine now I Wanted to show you this because the uh Some of these some of these quotes are The these some of these quotes are are The the quotes and the words that have Have always fascinated me about things That were coming out of Ripple and Around Ripple the company Rosie Gensler resigned put this out the train Has left the station Rosie Rios Transparency is our friend Brad garlinghouse internal transparency

Is what Joseph Lubin practices that's a Diff we'll get more to that later on We're here to make a dent in the Universe and having Gupta from Ripple it Is can't be cheap David Schwartz Universal Ledger Intergalactic currency Greg Kidd that Was when I interviewed Greg kid when he Referred to xrp as an Intergalactic Currency now this many of you may not Remember a guy named Hodor Hodor ran a Blog back in the brown 2018-2019 he actually I remember him Saying he had actually spoken to some of The people at Ripple he was a very well Respected blogger and and uh he was on Twitter as well but he was a very smart Guy this is what he said in one of his Blogs that I'll never forget at what xrp Price point will Ripple be worth a Trillion dollars xrp price equals 17 Dollars just so you're mentally and Emotional emotionally prepared for it The price won't stop at Seventeen Dollars it will keep going past this Artificial construct that makes people Uncomfortable well I'm ready to be Uncomfortable and then um this is Another quote from Hodor that was Interesting Ripple is quite cognizant of Possible market capitalization numbers Along with the public relations Challenges that will go with it their Plan is not to just sit on their xrp and

Watch as their valuation skyrockets past The valuation of the East India Company All right you know what this statement Right here says to me I believe you see This part right here they're they're Quite cognizant of their Capital the the Market capitalization numbers that will Happen But this part along with the public Relations challenges that will go with It that right there and what I believe I Believe the last what we've been through For the last two three years all the fud The lawsuits the SEC lawsuit I believe It's all for that very one reason I Believe it's people trying to hold this Company and this digital asset back and I believe that they're going to lose in That in in that attempt but but Ripple Had to fight it out now here's one of The reasons I believe they're going to Lose in that attempt This is a tweet we all saw the Chinese Supposed Chinese Um Spa balloon going over the United States the last few days and then they Blew it up Off the coast of South Carolina I Believe well Stuart alrighty tweeted This out he said just release photo of Sec's misguided case following two years Of Ripple's Relentless defense when I Saw that the first thing that popped in My mind is

Well that a tweet like that from The General Counsel of Ripple that looks Like a tweet of somebody who's seen the Hinman documents and knows that the SEC Is terrified of those actually coming Out I stand by my statement I think this Thing settles till I see those Hinman Documents the only way the SEC would get Out of that settlement is if the judge Came out and said okay you don't have to Show those Hinman documents but if they Do have to show the Hinman documents Unredacted And all of a sudden that's where I think Settlement happens this judge comes up And says you got to show them That's the moment that I think Gary Gensler finally Folds Um then there was this there was an Article here Um and John Deaton tweeted out he said The article says SEC commissioner Hester Pierce also upon that the sec's case is Not as strong as it assumes and that a Judge May rule in favor of Ripple's Defense He says I doubt this is true considering Hester never comments on specific cases Anyone know differently Eleanor terrett Says yes this would be huge news if true We shall see Mr Huber who used to be Stefan Huber Statement of Renee Jones on her tenure

As director of the division of Corporation Finance so apparently Another One Bites the Dust at the SEC Then we have this I've been talking About this the last two videos but I Wanted to make another point with it Um the Riz doc Gensler he says 420 a Joke between Joel Katz and Elon Musk hot What about those Bill Hinman emails Brad Garlinghouse we'll see them okay so what He's talking about here is um so we've Got Brad garlinghouse talking about Those emails and Elon Musk had replied To Brad garlinghouse at one time said no Way and then um David Schwartz was Talking about how this is a joke of Course my point here is that obviously Elon Musk knows these guys and obviously Elon Musk is following what's going on With ripple well I don't think I've Always said I don't think that's an Accident I also don't think this is an Accident remember when we were going Through all the eathgate stuff and we Were finding everything out and we were Tying Andrews and Horowitz to it and how Jay Clayton went over to Andrews and Horwitz and that's what set the Venture Capital working group in motion that's What became the ethereum free pass later We find out about the disguised whales It's all related folks this was while we Were talking about Eastgate all of a Sudden Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey were

Joking around about web3 and when you Hear web 3 You hear ethereum and all the things Built around it Jack Dorsey said it's Somewhere between a and z these guys Were taking a shot at Andrews and Horowitz here okay then Um we we also saw Elon Musk tweet this He says oh what a tangled web we they Weave when they first practice to Deceive well this was a this was a quote That I used a lot back then around Eathgate and how the SEC had been caught In this in these lies the Hinman thing And all this stuff and uh that's I had Made that comment he's watching for he's Watching what's been going on he knows Now Um then there's this what did Jack Dorsey say about web 3 again and here it Is crypto VC firm Andries and Horwitz Has voted against a proposal to deploy Uniswap V3 on binance's BNB chain a16 Z Opposed the deployment because it wants A to leverage layer zero a crypto Project that a16 has invested in in the Crypto Community has subsequently Expressed concern over the voting power That an a16z has in crypto dials a Report from the blockchain analytics Firm chain Alice's found that one Percent of Dow token holders have 90 Percent of the governance power folks we Tried to warn you for over two years

The reason that the ethereum disguised Whales are so important is because what What this entire Eastgate thing was About is it was a it was the whole thing There's a reason that they kept beating You over the head everybody from Hinman To Joseph Lubin decentralized Decentralized decentralized They were beating you over the head with Decentralized while at the site what They were doing it was disguised Centralization And words mean things folks and these Guys aren't stupid they knew that if They beat you over the head with the Word decentralized enough you eventually Would believe it But I have a feeling that if you ever Track chain analysis could easily go Back and track from this ethereum Ico if You ever tracked it back from that Ico You would find out decentralization has Absolutely nothing to do with it But how come nobody wants to go do it That's the question all right now Um David Schwartz has been he's been in A in a back and forth with Craig Wright I've been blocked by Craig Wright so Um I can't see what he says Craig Wright Assures xrp is gone it's gone it's Completely gone Ripple CTO counters Ripple ceto termed this lawsuit Nonsensical while he claims that Craig Wright doesn't require any person to

Write code Um don't know what their whole thing's About here's one reply he will never Make an answer to that to what action he Wants them to take that would be them Acting inside existing law because he Knows there's no answer the only thing They could do that would help him is to Take his side in public debate over what Code nodes should run I don't know what They're talking about Um I think that's it I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button tell your friends and family To go check out link to uh because the Smart money in these recessions they do Certain things and that's a great Article on it [Music] Foreign [Music]


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