????If This Is True?????XRP Fund & Ripple CLO On XRP “The Movie”

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and my wife asked Me what I wanted for Christmas the other Day you may not you don't know this I Don't think I've ever brought this up Before for some reason my wife will not Let she does not like foot stol she Doesn't want me to have a foot stol like When you're watching TV like you sit in Your chair and you have a foot stol I Don't know what the thing is but she Asked me what I wanted for Christmas I Said I want a foot stool I'd like to be Able to put my feet up while I watch TV And she's like no no you're not getting A foot stol and I said so the real qu You weren't asking me what I wanted for Christmas you're asking me the the real Question is what do you want for Christmas that I want you to have for Christmas this is how life is probably Not just how life works for me it's Probably how life works for many of you Out There that's what I'm dealing with here Caitlyn long if this is true then this Guy predicted today there's going to be An epic marketing War by all spot Bitcoin ETF issuers and it's going to be Fun watching normies say wait wasn't Bitcoin Dead all ahead of April having An US presidential election now look

Folks update SEC meetings with spot Bitcoin ETF issuers have been voluminous SEC sourced 99% approval and all at once Dotted eyes and cross te's across all Applications grayscale doing all it can To be first conversion based on court Decision and then from we had this today SEC spot Bitcoin ETF potential approval Window is between January 5th and January 10th 2024 but then Chad Stein Grabber comes Out of nowhere with This I'm telling you they are coming Charles Schwab xrp Liquid index Fund and it looks like this is from the Charles Schwab website Ripple xrp liquid Index Fund not sure exactly what that is But nice F Interesting Stuart aldera apparently Thinks that there's going to be a uh a Movie made around I guess Ripple xrp the SEC crypto eth Gate he says when they roll the the Credits to the movie I hope they show This picture this is the general counsel This is a good sign by the way general Counsel or chief legal officer for Grayscale and then on the to the right Of steuart Alara that's the chief Counsel for coinbase you have to wonder If steuart aldera is having a Conversation with the grayscale guy About hey remember that xrp trust you

Had How about them apples then Bill Morgan Makes an interesting comment I think He's an attorney if SE if the versus Ripple case was to settle in the next Few days it would involve Ripple Agreeing to pay a fine of $ 140 to $160 Million I think that number could do it I believe at this point I wouldn't be Surprised if Ripple gave them a thumbs Down and said nope we're not giving you That much money but who knows I don't Know maybe maybe they Would check this out Ripple parter this Is Ripple partner uh novati listen to This guy we are then making it a Multi-chain solution uh and we'll then Shortly thereafter launch on the Ripple Network and then we are negotiating with A couple of other networks uh ethereum Network um we will also go on to there Is a bit of an issue at the moment in What they call gas fees on the ethereum Network um it does bring the advantage Of smart contracts which are sort of Nearly uh innately part of the ethereum Network stellar and ripple are adding Smart contracts to their Network so so We'll uh get to them on their networks But but in the end by making it Multi-chain you're actually just meeting Excuse me meeting future uh demands or Needs of of the Global Payments Community yeah we all right and then

Here's another interesting clip this is From the um U thing that I think steuart Alara for example other systems like Swift is very complicated and expensive I'm not going to explain that diagram Just want to comp the complexity of the Of the process so first point is that ER We ER blockchains like like Ripple and Xrp are making a good job transforming And disrupting this sector and my thesis Here is that the backbone the central Channel of the remittances is already Transformed we know the benefits we are Achieving a speed and cost efficiency we Are also achieving parency and security And you can see that the the biggest Institutional players are already Participating here are already making Some projects operating big volumes here Oh yeah however the challenge remain What I call the last mild process of the Remittance is when the user has to Receive the monies that are sending from The families abroad why is that because In this we have some challenges that Need to be addressed for example Accessibility and financial inclusion Why is this important and why this is Related with defi a stable coins are Going to be the entrance for the Ecosystem defi is going to Open Financial economic opportunities For these people all right now um and Then we had this Ripple I don't know

Where this came from adoption bank Somewhere but somebody said this listen To this you know this guy sells it to That guy that's essentially you know What the stock exchange does so um if You can have a common Ledger um to to be Able to exchange those IUS at then that Certainly makes sense and uh and there's There's examples of uh Korean Banks Partnering with local you know Bitcoin Companies for the settlement you know People like the IMF or or World Bank or Or these kind of people are always Talking about these sort of uh Blockchain settlement systems NASDAQ uh Is involved in in I think doing some Trials to Ripple as well so uh NASDAQ Ripple trials now little reminder folks Because a lot of people don't know This um in 190 07 okay let me see if I can zoom in on This right here JP Morgan in 1907 JP Morgan and other Wall Street Bankers Rescued the banks there was a stock Market collapse panicked in the New York City from and they saved New York City From Financial ruin in 1913 Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act which put the government in charge Of managing future financial crisis all Right so in other words and I think what They learned from this is that from a Panic this is and this is the model you Saw it in the financial crisis too from

A panic they can get things done as I Said I was saying this three five years Ago even Rah emanuel's famous quote Never let a good crisis go to waste Because then you can do things that you Wanted to do before well I think that Evolved by our current government into Never let a crisis that you created go To waste Because because you can then do what you Wanted to do and you created the crisis For the purpose of that's where I think We are in this country and in this World that's what I think digital assets And all this regulatory stuff going on Is all about I've played you this video Right here of Jim Rickards a million Times and I'll play the first part of it Again I was having dinner with a friend Not long ago in New York City we met at A a place called orol which is in Midtown my dinner companion that night Was a senior adviser to Black Rock as You may know Black Rock is now the Largest asset manager on the planet it Directly manages $5 trillion in assets And it oversees another1 trillion Through its Aladdin platform that means One firm controls more money than the Gdps of China Russia and Japan combined Anyway my dinner companion happens to Work directly for Black Rock CEO as we Nursed our white wine in the evening war On she let something slip

If I remember her words she said Something like they want to tell us we Can't sell what was she talking about Who was she talking about I placed a few Calls first in my contacts in Washington Then to a few people on Wall Street soon I was on a plane for a series of Meetings to London to Geneva back to New York then down to South America as I Began connecting the dots a pattern Emerged it revealed a network of more Than 189 individuals positioned inside The world's major financial institutions Some of them hold senior positions Inside the IMF World Bank and every Central Bank in the G20 including our Own Federal Reserve these Elites share One vision and they're about to make it A reality that vision is one world order One world Taxation and one world money They've worked for years but all right So in the member group I'm going to go Further with this and I'm going to show You a video of how they're going to do It um how I believe they're going to do It and and we've we've shown all kinds Of things around this but now now that That I've been kicked off of of X I I I Try to be careful about what I show and Where I show it so at Dip.com is where I show it so what we're Going to talk about is how I think They'll do it we're also I want to show You a scary warning that that a one of

The guys running for president was given Yesterday it's really creepy I'm going To show you that I'm also I believe that we are in a in a an Awakening of sorts and I believe that We're finding out that a lot of what We've been told from our history are not There's things that are not true I'm Going to show you one of them in the Member group I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and family D xrp.com I Think I'm going to show you how they're Going to do it Y


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