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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I've got my coffee here We're ready to roll One more sip here all right this is Interesting um and it may be nothing you Know how this goes every time we see Something that seems to be very directed As a but it's a everybody says it's a Glitch well this is from the U.S debt Clock dollar to oil ratio now zero Dollars per barrel dollar to Silver Ratio now zero dollars per ounce dollar To gold ratio now zero dollars per ounce Then we've got this from gold Telegraph East Africa is working on a common Currency West Africa is working on a Common currency Argentina and Brazil are Working on a common currency bricks is Working on a common currency central Banks are buying gold at the fastest Rate and a half a century smell the Change then we've got the glint CEO with A really cool new glint hat I would like One of those hats it looks like digital Perspectives says he's going to need one Of those hats that's the CEO of glint uh Jason cousins and um as long as we're Talking about glint let me remind you They're one of my sponsors this is their

Website lent is where you can download The app you can buy a gold in your app You'll have a debit Mastercard and you Can actually spend it You can go and buy margaritas and cheese Dip like I've done with it Um okay And this is all because of what they're Doing our dollar folks that's why we're Even thinking about this the link to That is in the top of the description by The way Egrag crypto xrp wake up line line of Fate I like all these phrases wake up Line line of Faith Falling wedge that's A triple some triple lingo chart lingo All right the falling wedge targets one Dollar one dollar and twenty cents to One hour fifty cents the wake-up line in Line of faith is five dollars and fifty Cents to six dollars and thirty cents So I want the wake up line and the line Of Faith that's what I'm that's what I'm Looking for These targets will be met uh faster than Any any one of us can comprehend Top Line of the falling wedge and line of The faith Apex is around March now That's the second time I've seen one of These chart guys pointing toward to March now Elizabeth Warren is once again On the war path look at her crypto has a Big fraud problem leading to billions in Losses for American consumers

This woman is a fraud folks she is a 1 000 fraud and we can prove it I've shown You her all of her uh the videos of her Getting off Lear Jets while she talks About how all the rest of us need to Drive a little you know small cars or Whatever crypto has a big fraud problem Leading to billions in losses for American consumers we need strong Oversight and consumer protections and The only people who should be afraid of That are Crooks and cheats Well that's actually not accurate Because Gary Gensler her buddy is suing Ripple and they're not accused of Ripple And Brad growinghaus and Chris Larson And they haven't been accused of fraud At all They're not afraid of because they're Cheats or anything like that they're Afraid because you have an SCC in Gary Gensler and Hinman and Jay Clayton who Are going after the legitimate good Actors That's what they're afraid of but Meanwhile Elizabeth your buddy Gary Ensler was cftc chairman during MF Global his buddy his boss former boss John Corzine of Goldman Sachs ran MF Global while Gary was at the cftc That was fraud folk and because that was Before crypto even came along Senator Warren the fraud and then he met With Sam bankman freed multiple times

The CEO of Alameda is the daughter of Gary's boss at MIT is it really a crypto Problem there's also that little issue Of how we're missing Gary's calendar for Now September through December So we don't know if he met with Sam Bankman freed even more times and even If those calendars do come out we know That Gary is willing to scrub his Calendars he scrubbed a meeting with Soros the woman whose husband used to be Present whose name we don't say on this Channel and crazy lunatic cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs Nancy Pelosi he hit a Meeting from his public calendar with Those three people Well then we have this this if you Haven't seen it folks you have to see it To believe it watch this this was um This Jason Chaffetz I think it's his Name Um and the Heritage Foundation found all This out by doing a Freedom of Information Act the same way that it was Found out that Gary genzel was scrubbing His public SEC calendar so that you Didn't see meetings with the people that I just mentioned watch this Let me see if let me hit the refresh all Right Let me get this going you got to see This one come on now internet Oh come on now Let's not do this this morning

All right a bombshell report tonight About how Elizabeth Warren Senator Elizabeth Warren and her office Coordinated testimony with the Security And Exchange Commission ahead of a Senate hearing the Heritage Foundation Oversight project of which I'm Associated through a foia request Obtained emails from Warren's office to The office of chairman Gary ginsler two Days before his Senate testimony back in September of 2021. the email from Warren's Economic Policy advisor Includes a list of questions get this a List of questions that Senator Warren Planned to ask along with suggested Answers for the chairman of the SEC the Advisor also wrote quote let me know if You're okay with the questions as Currently written two days later she Said a follow-up quote let me know if It's looking like the chair has any Issue with the framing of the questions Definitely don't want to put him in a Tough spot end quote and it appears the Chairman didn't have any issue with These questions because Senator Warren Asked almost verbatim from the email Check this out Chair counselor Advocates say crypto Markets are all about financial Inclusion but the people who are most Economically vulnerable are the ones who Are most likely to have to withdraw

Their money the fastest when the market Drops does this sound like the path to Financial inclusion do you Now My one of the first issue is this This woman Senator Warren I don't care Who she's friends with congress's job is To oversee the ass you see and hold them Accountable on behalf of the American People She's giving him the answers to the Tests okay she's literally helping him Cheat this is pure no other word for it This is pure corruption so my next Question is why has not one person in Congress walked to the microphone to Condemn this corruption by Elizabeth Warren and Gary Gensler This is Congress colluding with the SEC Not holding them accountable This this stuff only gets worse now Um I showed you some of John Deaton's Thing the other day where he was on with The Eleanor tarrett and uh Charles Gasparino but I want to show you this Clip this is him discussing the Hinman Emails and how how he thinks that that Will pan out the SEC has asked that the Hinman emails and the 58 drafts of this Speech and the email comments about the Speech from people like the director of Trading and markets or for Valerie s or For anyone else that all of that be Sealed and not released to the public

And of course Ripple objects and the law Is this if the judge is going to rely on Any of those emails for any purpose She's going to order that they be they Could be redacted reasonable redactions But unsealed and made to the public if She decides that she's not relying on Those emails for anything Then it's not a Judicial document and She can seal it so I would say that I Believe that they're going to become Public but because I believe that the Judge is going to rely on them for some Purpose it could be for the fair notice Defense it could be for you know any Kind of Um you know factual issue or whatever And so because of that I lean toward They're going to be produced Do you think we'll see them before we Get a ruling or do you think we'll get a Ruling and then we'll see Uh I'm going to predict that we see them First even though some others disagree With me and and I'm just guessing so Anybody's guess is as good as mine but I Believe that I don't see I don't think We're gonna see a ruling Um you know for for a few months I don't I don't think it's coming you know uh I Said that may didn't he Brad garlic yeah I said at the very latest the end at the Very early is the end of March but I Wouldn't be surprised if it was into

Late April early May you know what I Mean uh I don't think it goes past June But we could be innate and but there's Also you know the judge could decide uh That I'm just going to release it all Together because of the um of the drama That may be releasing the emails is Going to cause so she wants everything Dumped on the public at one point at the Same time maybe she does that but Yo basically what he's saying is he Thinks we'll see the henmann emails and Then um and then we uh we'll get a Judgment And so I'm I'm going to stand by what I Say and of course he's the attorney I'm Not Um Just the way the way that they fought These emails I am sticking to my guns Here I don't think we ever ever see them Now if if if Gary Gensler and the SEC Are able to talk this judge into sealing Them so that we never see them yeah then We're going we're going to get a Judgment Um if if but but if Ripple's able to use That thing as those emails is leveraged And Gary finally realizes that they're Gonna have to be shown unredacted that's When I say we get a settlement that's That's just me talking okay Um Ripple starting the year off on a High note we're excited to share that

Long time rippler and general manager Monica long is now president read more About her appointment and then um she Tweeted this out over half of my Professional careers been with crypto And more importantly at Ripple I'm Incredibly honored and ready to hit the Ground running as president Thank you Brad and Chris uh for the Opportunity of the lifetime and then Both Brad and Chris Wade in there's a Lot I could say about how seniorly Impactful Monica long has been to Ripple's growth for now I'll just leave With you she's brilliant strategic and Has the ability to pick up and learn Skills like no one I've ever seen before Congrats Monica and then Chris Larson Says I've had the pleasure working with Monica for three different companies now And nearly from day one at Ripple so Much of what the company's achieved is Due to her leadership congratulations so Congratulations to Monica long who is Now president of Ripple I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button tell your friends and family That Monica long is now El Presidente of Ripple thanks for listening [Music] Thank you [Music]


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