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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and Today is prob could entually be the Biggest day for me and my family In the last 10 Years this could be it but I can't talk About it I can't even talk about it in My member group although when I do talk About it probably in the next couple of Days it will be in my member Group and it's uh for us it's great I Mean it's it could be it could be a Massive day today massive day um now I Showed you this yesterday potential IPOs Of 2024 um and it had circle on here and I Was making the point that Ripple's not On on here but um Circle I wanted to Mention because Circle link to had Tweeted out yesterday that they had just Added Circle they had run out of circle And they had add added it back onto the Platform and as we know they recently Announced anounced a partnership with SBI Holdings and um so now they've got Circle and I think I heard that they ran Out of Ripple yesterday So I think they have at least one of Them on the platform so anyway okay Moving along this is I like this tweet From Jungle Inc because Ironically what's interesting about this

Tweet is is he could be a th% right as Bad as Gary Gensler has been as much as As much vitriol has been thrown at Great Gary Gensler deservingly so as awful as He has been for crypto what jungle Inc Is saying here could happen in a second People are people in crypto I'll bet you Are extremely forgiving when those Prices go crazy Green Gary Gensler can still be a hero For crypto one get a Bitcoin ETF across The spish line two do sweeping Settlements with coinbase crack and Ripple we would be set up beautifully For the coming crypto Bull Run or he can Run out the clock on his tenure and face De defeat and be probably the most hated Regulator in the history of the United States which you know he may hate Himself enough to be to be comfortable With that to do the things he's done and Act the way he's acted and to be okay With doing that even if it is because You just have Masters that have nothing To do with protecting Investors you must be a pretty awful Person I got to believe you got to be a Pretty dark soul inside to do the things He's Done dark Defender for xrp we expected Wave 1 to hit 66 sits November 24th Wave 1 6426 then Wave 1 642 6 November and we Expect retrace after wave 1 all of the

Above happened exactly as we discussed The next is the third wave which we are Now we are in now based on the actual Structure 64 C xrp is expected to Target The following 75 83 shortterm Target A15 revised to A13 #f free d on the Chart I don't forget my my Friends dark Defender has a permanent Spot on this channel to for me to show His charts when you're putting a hash Freedi those are the people you find out Who your friends are on rainy days Folks now here's a great this is a Commercial about the Ripple URI project And it's I think steuart alera is one Talking most technology takes 25 or 30 Years to reach its full potential we Need the individuals to get through College to University to become Engineers to become great minds to say What can we do with this technology Needs to start with Education Ripple's ubri program has Become the largest blockchain industry Academic Network producing some of the Most robust research thought leadership And viable new tech startups in the World U involves bringing the ventures Regulators and academics together to Figure out who has already solved which Part of the problem so that we can Really focus on the parts that no one Has saw I think this is a great example

That Academia leads with new ideas new Technology that industry actually can Take it and make it Real the advantage of students Professors and Industry coming to Y is That once you put lots of smart people Together unexpecting things Happen I feel supported by the ubri community For me it's an opportunity to connect to Other researchers that are working in The same field as me but also learning About other Projects blockchain and fintech is a Fast evolving environment having Researchers and academics in the same Room connecting with the industry is the Best way of fostering Innovation we really need to beef up the Pipeline education is where we get to do That we need to excite the students get The students to innovate to hack to Build to break and that will determine How the industry will Evolve very cool now check this out you Can this this is um the uh one of the Guys from uh Medico Mat one day I'm going to learn how to Say that Medico is what I'm going to say From now on Medico Medico I think that's the best Way to say it all right they're talking About stable coins now all the banks are Going to have their own stable coins I

Think all banks are looking at this Space I'm I'm based in Dubai right now Every Bank wants to know basically how To launch their own stable coin or it's A topic they're looking at very much Because there's a lot of efficiencies Just the simple 247 365 um netting on all the time is a huge Uplift from Banks which aren't even Mostly open the majority of the day Basically right so the settlement period I think there's a lot of easy go to Market in that one compared to launching Equity for example on on chain which is Still a long way down the road all right And then uh this guy right here is the Co-founder of chain link every bank will End up having its own chain and even Multiple chains and their own stable Coin and so all of the banks are now Looking at making stable coins and Making their own chains because it's a Very basic uh transactional kind of Primitive that that everyone will need To transact around their uh specific Banks activity and that they will need To purchase assets from other Places okay Um and then we've got this is the CEO of Medico acceleration towards this Reconcentration of assets under custody In banking we believe and I think it's It's materializing right now that um This wide distribution that we have seen

Historically of digital assets being Allocated across thousands and thousands Of companies and millions of individuals Uh will end up being statistically a lot Allocated with a few large banking Institutions I think what he just said Is right now a lot of the digital assets Are owned by a bunch of retail people But the endgame is going to be a lot of Banks holding a lot of digital assets And maybe some of that'll be four people But I think the banks are going to have It too and Jamie Diamond after 10 or 15 Years of the government printing money Left and right while he and his banking Friends sat on the sidelines and said Nothing and let it happen and made tons Of money off of it probably billions if Not Trillions just in Jamie Diamond has says The US is addicted to debt it's bad we Can't do this it's created a dangerous Sugar high in the economy he points to The enormous surge of new debt taken on During the pandemic in other let me Translate all this Folks now that me and my friends have All made money off of the pr the money Printer and all this stuff now that We've made money for over a decade on This and now that we know that that the Probably the controlled demolition is in Motion and we're about to collapse this Thing into this new digital system now I

Want to provide a little cover for Myself and say I so I can say I called It how about That now I think this is important right Here folks Mark Cuban um he's he's uh He's leaving Shark Tank after one more Season he's also selling a majority Stake in uh for 3.5 billion in in the Dallas Mavericks they say he might be running For President but I think it it might it Could be that but it Also could be that Mark Cuban knows that This whole system is about to Shift into the digital asset world he May be if if I were Mark Cuban you know What I would be doing I would be um Preserving my cash and also making sure I had a ton of hard assets for what's Coming and had plenty of cash for the Coming tokenization of real world assets Because I think he knows now he may be Running for president that could also be A thing but I can tell you this rich People they go to cash when they know a Disaster's coming Warren Buffett has Always been the master Of going to cash and somehow he he Figures out what's happening long before In in his early days I think that it was His instincts and and being smart uh in His later days I think that he's now Warmed up to the government so he knows

What's going to happen before it happens Which I've always had a problem with by The way but by coincidence yesterday his Partner who was very anti Bitcoin Charlie Munger died and so I think it's A good good a good for especially for You young people out there listening to Me it's a good uh moment for me to give You just a brief not a long but a brief Explanation of where I think Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger were really Coming from in their anti- Bitcoin thing First of all you can't discount the fact That these guys look if Homeland Security met with the four Satoshi which We have on video you better write it Down that these guys have been briefed On what exactly that was and what that Meant and so these guys aren't talking Out of the side of their mouth these Guys are talking with knowledge that you And I don't have that's part of the Reason they stay wealthy that's part of The game but there are there are C there Are certain valid points that these guys Have about it doesn't matter if it's Crypto or any technology and and I want To show you the bigger point because Warren Buffett made the he made the Bigger point for those of you that Weren't around during the dot boom he he Was not saying that some of the dot Stocks and dotc companies would not rise Up and be and be big what and and and

Make people a lot of money what he was Really saying now they may be saying That about Bitcoin but what what what he Was really saying is that that he didn't Invest in like new technology stocks and The reason he didn't and I remember a Speech he did where he he was making the Point he said when cars c first came Along there were like thousands of of New car companies and in the end there Was only three or four and he was Basically just saying that we do value Investing here we're we're we're Investing in companies that are already Making money and we can see how we can We can be paid a dividend and they're They're being traded at less than what They're worth that's how Warren Buffett Invested um and here's a clip of Warren Buffett back during the dotcom they were Were doing he caught all kinds of Hell Folks this is why I want to show it for You young people's sake he caught maybe Even more hell for not investing in the Dot uh companies before the boom and Bust than he did than he has over crypto But he was making that point now I don't Know that he's making the same point With Bitcoin what I do know is what I've Told you about Bitcoin is I've always Had a concern that these guys are going To run this thing up and then pull the Plug on it because it can't be anything Other than a store of value they might

Not maybe they've decided to let it Live And Let It live in ETFs but I think that It's probably the ETFs are probably more About controlling Bitcoin than anything But the overall point for you is This he's right he and Charlie Munger Are right that with any new Technology picking the winners and Losers is is a much tougher bet picking Who's going to win is a much tougher bet Than than picking value stocks that are Already making money and already big Companies and and are undervalued for Whatever the reasons are at the time That they focus on but that focus is Primarily for people who are already Wealthy to do that in my opinion the People who that are trying to get Wealthy have to take the higher risks That's what I'm doing I And this isn't like a question mark you Have to take bigger risks to get really Wealthy I mean look at all the look at Any just about any billionaire there is Look at Richard Branson this guy took Massive risks any of them I don't care Who the the major wealthy people are They took massive risks that that a lot Of people aren't willing to take and the Risks is what made them the fortune now Once they made the fortune they probably Started being a lot more conservative And doing more value investing and and Preservation of wealth type things

Buying bonds that pay an income those or Municipal bonds that are taxfree yeah Then but this is Warren Buffett 15 years Ago describing why he didn't kind of Talk them they're talking about this Discussion well his record has been so Good um in uh in general uh in its uh Entirety that um you you don't see the Mistakes that he made best off most of Those I would say are X of omission as Opposed to act of Commission head Apple computer one Omission is tech stocks absolutely hates Tech stocks if you look back at the tech Bubble uh of the late 1990s early 2000s Uh he basically stayed out of that Completely a lot of people actually Criticized him and said he missed a Tremendous amount of opportunities to to Find Value in certain companies it's Just not his thing Buffett doesn't even Use a computer at the Office it's no utility I mean all I'm Trying to do is buy a piece of a Business at an attractive price and the Computer doesn't tell me how to do that Not even Bill Gates has managed to win Him over completely he spent nine hours Explaining Microsoft to me couldn't have Been a better teacher couldn't have had A dumber student but I still understood A fair amount of what he was saying cuz He is a good teacher and I I bought 100 Shares but I got all through at uh at

Just shows you how many dumb things you Can do in this World when the bubble burst Warren Buffett didn't lose his shirt and Birkshire hathway continues to make Money for Warren Buffett his Shareholders and Uncle Sam Warren Buffett has paid his share of taxes Since he was 13 okay so you get the gist The gist of it um I just wanted to show You that because a lot of young People and and even old people didn't Really understand exactly where they Were coming from with some of this stuff My dad taught me how to um invest Warren Buffett style when I was a young man in Fact I need to work on that with my 17-year-old he's going to be going off To college in the next year or so and And I need to sit down and and give him Some investing lessons because I know he Doesn't sit down and listen to my Channel um okay so I'm going to go into The member group and let me tell you What Folks first of all at the end of it when In the member group there is a what I Consider to be a stunning potential Video and picture that I'm going to show You uh I'm also going to show you what My biggest fear is that these bad guys Are going to do to all of us from an Investing standpoint it's my it is my Number one

Fear um and and I don't put anything Past these people uh I'm going to talk About the planned media barage that has I'm already seeing star I'm I'm going to Talk about the the um you know who the The evil plans these people are sick um And and also we've got the I'm going to Repost the we've started a telegram Group inside of my group because that's A much easier way to kind of get in There and communicate I even taught Myself how to record my voice like Record me saying something and and then Put it in there yesterday so I'm going To start doing more of that kind of Thing in there but it's at D xrp.com is Where we're doing all this so here we Go


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