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SEC chair Gary Gensler comes out and by The way Gary Gensler is Lov by the xrp Folks he's a sweetheart they just love Him they always send him nice love Letters but he comes out and says the Following he says a company in the Agency's approval of Bitcoin ETFs warned That the funds approval shouldn't be Taken as an indication the agency is Backing off crypto enforcement here's His quote today's action does not Approve or endorse crypto trading Platforms or intermediaries which for The most part are non-compliant with the Federal Securities Law and often have Conflict of interest so some may say Well isn't this kind of like if ETF Approves that these 11 applications Isn't this like one step closer for Regulation like that's exactly what Gary Wants no isn't he trying to find out Exactly what's going on with the money There possibly we can talk about that as Well welcome back ladies and gentlemen This is the barable bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you Today as ladies and gentlemen today's Video is going to start off with a Banger as Patrick be David one of my Favorite entrepreneurs in the world Shouts out the xrp community because he Understands that we have been 100% Correct and Injustice has been

Done he had John Deon on his podcast a Couple years ago actually and John Deon Shown a light on all the that Xrp Community had to deal with with the SEC and now we've been proven 100% Correct ripples 3 and0 in court against The SEC and we're about to be 4 and0 in Court because this ruling this final Ruling and the conclusion to this case Is Over in April this is a special time to be alive If you're an xrp Holder and that was a powerful shout out From one of my favorite Entrepreneurs he recently bought a part Of the New York Yankees and guys I'm a massive baseball Fan this is one of those things where I See the writing on the Wall when people in the highest levels Of Success are all beginning to turn Bullish on xrp as Simultaneously retail investors are Tired of holding It this is a leading indicator of the Better times to Come ladies and gentlemen from xrp nurse I can almost smell It we went through the bare Market we Went through the SEC lawsuit we went Through a suppressed price we went Through all the fud all the escro

Nonsense opium nonsense and then after All of that I can bet you there's going To be a mass amount of people that just Call us Lucky they will never know what what We've been through but they're going to Get the pleasure of watching from the Sidelines at our success ladies and Gentlemen xrp is the crypto of 2024 and Gemini who is no friend of Xrp is beginning to Shield the living Hell out of xrp at the top of their Lungs what do you think that Means that means bank money is on our Way you don't believe it it's still True and they're smacking you in the Face with the Truth not only that but at the same time BC backer put out a chart that I think Should calm a lot of your Fears this dip was right on Q Waters above talked about this dip as Well and this is a final cockback of a Moment and the xrp price before the god Candle of Truth Rises to the Forefront whether that happens within a Week or within a month or two is Irrelevant but the fact of the matter is It is Here and all at the same time as xrp Community sentiment has reached Peak Lows and this might be the biggest Bullish indicator yet here we have Yen

Moar stating that having been in the xrp Community for a long time I can honestly Say I've never seen so many in the Community feel so deflated so frustrated And angry and hopelessness has permeated Through many Posts I can 100% agree with this Sentiment it's actually worse now than The time where we were in the midst of Fighting the SEC lawsuit the community Actually came back then had resolv Determination we had a goal that United All of us we circled the wagon around The vision that Ripple Victory meant we Reach the promised Land that vision of a promised land now Gets crushed by the reality of xrp Impotence and by the wave that is Carrying other alts while leaving xrp Slowly Drowning I close by mentioning this Quote there are defining moments in life One faced with the choice of giving up Or carrying on And right now this is when we all need To continue to hold strong Diamond hands Your xrp while you still can accumulate More at these low levels while you still Can this is the dusk Before Dawn this is the final pullback before Moon Mission this is the healthiest xrp has Ever been the price is free to rain and Do its thing thing with no lawsuit in

Check it's been relisted to all Exchanges Brad Garling house has been Flexing Everywhere Ripple Partnerships and xrp Technological advancements have been Prevalent Builders have been Building and all this while we got the Biggest institutional news in Bitcoin History ladies and gentlemen also I Believe there will be a day where Ripple Will be forced to be used Unlike any other crypto in the world Before and in Reality xrp is going to be needed more Than Bitcoin ever will be I think that ETF was actually a trojan Horse meant to limit bitcoin's overall Growth while simultaneously allowing for The platform for xrp to rain Free and while this is speculation for Right Now man oh man does Patrick B Davy give A great take in the rest of this Bitcoin ETF video take a look at some of the Dates here and see what happened on June 16th 2023 Black Rock filed for a spot Bitcoin ETF they called it I shares Bitcoin trust at the time Bitcoin was Trading at $225,500 but quickly shot up Beyond $30,000 Bitcoin has gained Roughly 63% since Black Rock filed its ETF application and black rock names JP Morgan has authorized participating for Spot Bitcoin ETF which means in a way JP

Morgan Chase and black rock is saying Bitcoin is here to stay it's not going Anywhere however this can't all be good Right like you got to sit there and say There's got to be something bad about This doesn't hurt any aspect of Bitcoin Here's what Arthur Hayes had to say he's The co-founder of bitmex he says Black Rock will completely destroy Bitcoin now Why is that based on their direct and Indirect investment it is estimated that Black Rock State Street and Vanguard Collective own one and 2% of all Bitcoin In circulation Hay's argument is that if Black Rock which is in the asset Accumulation gain vacuums up all the Bitcoin there will be no more Bitcoin Transactions and those who secure the Bitcoin Network in return for fees and Newly minted Bitcoin known as miners Would be unable to afford the energy it Cost to secure the network as a result They would shut off their machines Without the miners the network dies and Bitcoin vanishes Now ladies and Gentlemen before you guys say oh no That's farfetched oh no that's Impossible you need to listen and Realize that all it takes to do a Scenario like this is money and when you Have the largest asset manager on the Planet black rock that literally Controls Trillions man they got

Governments answering to them when you Have black rock in the game you have to Realize that these doomsday scenarios Are in fact possible the ETF was 100% a Sell the news event like we called on This channel with Precision and you can see Cay scale is Looking to move yet another $900 Million Worth of bitcoin to coinbase and it Looks like they're getting ready to dub Even more look at how the elites play The game and you'll always be one step Ahead so now why is he saying this What's the big deal with miners like What do you mean if they don't do Anything with it are miners that Important look how much Bitcoin devours Electricity more than many countries out There when you look at this chart at the Top you'll see annual electricity Consumption in comparison China's number One US is 2 Germany's three all the World's data centers is four look what's Next Bitcoin more than Norway more than Bangladesh more than Switzerland more Than Google more than Facebook it's more Than Google and Facebook combined 8 That's a lot of energy so his argument Comes back to how Bitcoin transactions Work to limit inflation Bitcoin Creator Designed Bitcoin to only have 21 million Bitcoins however Bitcoin only exists If It Moves when a Bitcoin transaction is Made miners take the information and

Apply a mathematical formula verifying The transaction and adding it to the Blockchain this process is known as Proof of work it's called that because The process of mining is very hard and Timec consuming requiring large amounts Of processing power and time multiple Confirmations other miners verifying the Blocks are typically needed for a Transaction to be considered secure as a Reward for their services miners are Paid in Bitcoin for each new block they Add to the blockchain Now ladies and Gentlemen the reason I showed you all That is to reiterate the fact that Bitcoin is proof of work technology and We are heading into an ESG and climate agenda Age the elites that run the world are All in on climate Change and Crypto Bitcoin mining Specifically is at the peak of their Agenda to harness and to rain In guys the reason I say this is not to Instill fear on the contrary is to let You know that there is going to be a new Paradigm shift within crypto and the big Paradigm shift I believe starts in March April after this xrp case is 110% Officially Over once the eyes are dotted and the Te's are crossed and we see how much Ripple has to pay and legal

Damages there will be nothing holding Xrp back we are heading into an age Where the best technology in crypto is Going to win and Bitcoin on its own in My opinion will not be the sole factor In determining which cryptos get to Move the entire crypto Market moving on Only bitcoin's price action is Toxic we need a paradigm shift within The crypto space and I believe once xrp Is completely free just how we were an Outlier in 2021 because we did not reach new Alltime highs due to the SEC case I Believe this time around with all the Bullish momentum around all the Partnerships we've been getting about Cbdcs launching world Wide about getting relisted on all Exchanges and maybe even a potential Ripple IPO oh I think we're going to see Ripple And xrp really take charge of the crypto Space remember back in the day when Chris Lon recommended you change the Code in Bitcoin a proof of Stake Chris Lon is blls deep in the Elite class in San Francisco he has been at Ripple since The beginning and when he suggests Something and when he proposes Something genuinely speaking I think It's because there's more than meets the Eye

There ladies and gentlemen stay the Courts and pay Attention I believe the Bitcoin ETF was A trojan horse for Bitcoin and the Idealist Maxis and the crypto Space but it's the best possible thing That could have happened for Institutional op option and Institutional money to give credibility To the crypto space and I think 2024 will be the year of crypto utility And adoption gaining a lot of Momentum don't believe it it's still True and I cap off this video for today I'm going to leave you with brag Arling House at Davos putting the nail in the Coffin just just look at all the people He's in the room With he is speaking directly to the People that move the World and the reason Brad garlinghouse Keeps getting invited to the world Economic forum is Because they need him and they know the Power that Ripple and xrp Has ladies and gentlemen stay the Course the xrp army will be Vindicated ladies and gentlemen this is The beable bll Here thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of You now I'll be back Tomorrow with another

Video uh I'll Echo I think it's a huge Moment uh you know I think if you look At the people's interest in the asset Class it's been very high and I think a Lot of people don't want to set up a Crypto wallet they don't want to you Know incur the extra risk of you know Managing that themselves and so the Bitcoin ETF I think it's a very big deal I think it the institutions that are Participating you know I've been Involved this industry for about 10 Years and you know having Black Rock as One of the ETF uh providers sponsors What have you uh it's a big deal added Credibility to the whole industry Y and Um any more to say on the part of my Question that was just about sort of the Difference between this comeback and all Of the other comebacks we've seen um I Think it's a natural question to wonder For people that might still be a little Bit skeptical is this just the same old Cycle are we going to see it go down Again I mean you know all markets do That of course but I'd be curious to Hear your perspective on that like I Think the remark able thing is that Bitcoin is over $40,000 uh we've had Massive headwinds in 2023 uh a lot of those were Self-inflicted wounds you know uh I was Talking to a couple people before the Panel over the last 18 months you've had

Celsius three arrows FTX binance and yet Here we are you know as Michael Described uh in a really interesting Looking forward position I'm extremely Optimistic about 2024 so I I think uh if Anything I I it's an opport to step back And really focus on some of the first Principles and what I mean by that is Compliance always mattered I think that You know we're now at a time if we want Crypto to flourish and achieve some of The things we want it to in the future I Think we have to make sure we stay true To those first principles we have to Make sure we're focused on something More than speculation utility has always Mattered I think sometimes we lost sight Of that uh in the fervor but again you Know people had as Michael described I Think not it wasn't so many ago the People were like you know bitcoin's it's It's done yeah and uh yet here we are I Thr one quick reaction in your question You said something about you know how is It different and I I I'll say I think The question is wrong like it's not Different kyc know your customer still Matters anti-money laundering still Matters you know in the US you have ofac And other I can't name all the acronyms But I think if we start with the point Of view that it's different it's like I Mean I think the the secretary said Earlier you know if it's the same let's

Regulate it the same like and so I don't Think it's that different the other Thing is is a slightly off topic but I That we uh glanced over one of the Things I think will happen if I were to Predict 2024 and Beyond as big money Institutional money comes in they right Now we have one ETF I think people look At as an asset class and I think you Will see other ETFs come and I by the Way this is an area where the US is Behind you know Europe has had a Bitcoin Effectively a Bitcoin ETF for a few Years and I think you're going to see That uh spread because people often Particularly if you're an endowment or An institution you're you're not buying One stock you're not buying one Bond You're buying a basket and you're Diversifying that risk


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