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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the bearable bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you today and what'll be an Important reminder and an important Video to continue to give you all the Confidence you need to hold strong for The next couple months into 2024 in this Crypto bull run here this next week what We should be about to experience are the Last pullbacks before the 2024 Bull Run And I believe we are in the early stages Of a healthy Correction that we're going through Right Now no need to Fear we're experiencing higher lows and Higher highs and this is what every Single person should have as Perspective from blockchain backer if You look at Thanksgiving 2022 versus Thanksgiving 2023 It's night and day last year we were Having FTX collapse on us into the new Holiday and this year we're having Bitcoin retracing with the rumors of a Bitcoin ETF on Horizon and trust me when I say with Black rock advertising Bitcoin and Crypto left and right we cannot be Stopped this bull run is Inevitable our profits are priced in and All that's left to do is wait to Continue to accumulate and go through

The rest of this Market Cycle ladies and gentlemen this is from Xrp Drops remember when Larry fin talked About tokenization of Securities and Their role in ETFs Black Rock has been preparing Laying down the Foundation for the Inevitable and I'm EX ated for what's About to happen Next this technology is going to be very Important I am I you know look at it we Have been part of the huge revolution in Investing through ETFs we believe that ETFs will be changing the whole way we Invest many people still use it as a Means while people are investing it for Indexing no they're the majority of People are putting money in an index in ETFs are active investors that are Buying exposure The entire bond market is being Transformed as we talk right now I Believe the Next Generation for markets The Next Generation for Securities will Be will be tokenization of Securities um we will and if we could Have that distributed Ledger that we Know every beneficial owner every Beneficial seller we all have our our Our code of who's buying who's selling Instantaneous Settlement

And think about it changes the whole Ecosystem Now ladies and gentlemen I Don't know about you but time and time And time and time again I show you video Clips of the 1% the people that control Trillions of dollars on the planet Telling you what the future is the Future is tokenization Larry fin Controls most of the money on the planet And you're still asleep at the Wheel xrp is uniquely uniquely equipped To fill this use case and yet again I'm Going to provide you another example of The 1% letting you know that they're Already set up with blockchain and Digital Infrastructure they've admitted it but Have you the average Joe at home gotten Your piece of the Pie have you stacked your pennies next To the Billionaire's Dollars if you Haven't these will be your last moments If if I may ask question um it's still a Pretty wide Gulf and it's sort of like There's a pre you know there's a world That was pre all of the developments With you know the cloud Etc and then There's the postor and the postor is Pretty rapidly adopting these but the You know the rest of the world is not Moving to that very quickly so you know One part of our business model actually Is that we the technology we develop for

Our business we also license to others So we license to other financial Institutions so all sorts of things that We build in our business we will Actually license and offer to other Companies and um it's still really hard It's still really the adoption is still Really slow and it's really hard and I Think it'll pick up I think things will Go more rapidly um and uh you know so You know what one you know whatever 1% Of the world's assets are digital and 99% are still analog so there's still a Lot of work that has to be done to Bridge that Gap but it has been probably Slower than I would have thought if now Guys that is an important point that I Need to Hammer home and I'm always Reminded of a quote stated by Christine Lagard it takes longer than you Originally think but then it happens all At once and that has 110% been the case With xrp and a big reason for that has Been the lawsuit has been the case has Been the regulatory uncertainty in the United States but we need to be reminded About the magnitude of the markets Ripple is trying to conquer xrp will Enter the 1.2 quadrillion dollar Derivatives Market one day remember this Is then Ripple partnership as earlier in August 2023 Ripple announced its membership With the international swaps and

Derivatives Association and this Strategic move came as a pleasant Surprise to every person in the xrp Army As we have always speculated that there Is a big chance that if xrp could ever One day Reach the $10,000 marks that some people Speculated could it would only be Possible if we tapped into derivatives And that was a major step that is a Major stepping stone that is a major Point and we cannot dismiss It if you really want to make money in Blockchain then you should be looking at Derivatives and you should never forget That Ripple is correctly POS Position and it's the only crypto on the Planet that we can honestly say has that Opportunity this if you're interested in Blockchain and you want to make money Forget about sending money back to your Uncle in France this is where you should Be thinking this is the size of the Entire economy of the world right here GDP this is the notional principle of All derivatives okay this these are all Forward futures options and these are All derivatives except interest rate Swaps this right here interest rate Swaps biggest universe that most of you Have never heard of millions of lawyers Millions of Traders millions of accounts All that can be put on the blockchain Okay and all this clearing system and

Settlement system which we took you know Do Frank is like this thick this much of It has to do with clearing and settling Of swaps okay it's it's a nightmare it's A mess and we can take this whole System and simplify it with Ledgers guys I think you're all going to See where I'm going with this as crypto EDI posted this clip of Navin Gupta at The Dubai Summit stating that Ripple is Making payments a smaller part of its Vision originally and the first clip I Just played you they talked about if you Really want to make money in blockchain Don't worry about all these settlements Sending money back and forth from Different countries look at the Derivatives Market we always believed Here in the xrp community that crossb Payments and settlements was the Original use case to get Ripple tapped In to the infrastructure to the Swifts To the imfs to the Bis but then at a certain point they Were going to Pivot to derivatives a lot Of people want to try and paint the Narrative that Jed MB was over here an Enemy of Ripple when he made stellar But I think Stellar is going to take Over that crossb payments Niche that Everyone thinks Ripple is going for with Xrp and I think xrp is going to be Delegated to the derivatives Market here please listen to nav gup to

Tell you that payments are now becoming A smaller part of Ripple's vision and This continues to fuel the narrative That we and the xrp Army have speculated For a long time Time as a ripple we are a Enterprise Crypto Payment Solutions company Payments is now becoming a smaller part Lots of other things are emerging and Becoming bigger and bigger so let's take Simply institution that wants to use Crypto for any purpose either for Tokenization for payments for custody we Would we are building solutions to Essentially provide that we are One-Stop Shop for an institution that wants to Dwell into cryptos right information Almost became zero cost so you can send Millions of millions of email it really Doesn't matter all you pay is $39.99 per year per month for per year Depending upon your subscription fee Exactly the same thing will happen to Money as well my advice would be don't Worry about where digital assets are Going invest in pi and shels so Levis Which produce jeans people who were Producing p and showels you can't go Wrong with that because the industry Will become 50 100 times bigger and the Infrastructure will always win Irrespective of which digital asset wins Ladies and Gent gentlemen infrastructure Will always win Ripple and xrp are in

Infrastructure play we are in the infy Stages of the crypto market and if you Don't get it yet you're going to get Left behind or you're going to regret Not holding this Xrp guys I'm going to cap off this video For today leaving you with Brian Brooks One of my favorite people in the crypto Space stating that when you have a Company that's going to destroy or at Least dis intermediate and incumbent It'll be hard for them to embrace the Change that is exactly what happened With ripple and xrp in the SEC lawsuit That is why we got targeted because the JP Morgans of the world who chose Ethereum for themselves instead Weaponized the SEC and Innovation against Ripple one of their Bigger Competitors Ripple is disrupting the Banking System Ripple is disrupting the big Banks and that's what people don't Understand Ripple is the decentralized Banking software Company and they're going to empower the Smaller and mediumsized Banks more than The big Banks ether was always the big Banker's Coin and that's what people don't Understand is is the US anti- Innovation not Necessarily but the incumbents were just

Scared they were scared of banks going Away they were scared of their banking System being Disrupted but now they have no choice But to adapt and Adopt ladies and gentlemen this is the Beable bull Here thanks for tuning in In to cap off this video for today if You haven't done so already please Subscribe to my only fans at Onlyfans.com thee bearable Bowl as for Those of you that are part of that Community I've just posted an updated Swing trade that I'm making because of How much some of our tokens have Appreciated already and for those of you That haven't signed up yet that updated Post will be a great thing to look at to See if you could still accumulate some Of the Holdings I've been Recommending we've been up big Recently and I think it's only the Beginning as always guys I appreciate Every single one of You now I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video when a technology comes along and Says you know um those things that your Business is built on those those Actually weren't permanent those were Just transient features of a pre- Technological age and we can solve those Problems and we don't need that anymore

Well the incumbents get very worried by That and we have analogies In Our Lifetime where I think we remember this Right so if you think about the original Internet and you think about the fact That the original interet they're too Young well I mean you know the lights Are bright you I thought I saw one Person I I think I I think Jim asberg is Out there he's old enough cuz I knew him Then okay if you think about the Original internet in 1996 the internet Became within one vote in Congress of Being treated like a telephone company Right there was a real debate about Whether the internet should be regulated Like a common carrier and it almost was That way and the reason for that was is That the common carriers were super Worried that long distance phone calling And all kinds of other things that whole Business model was going to be ruined by The internet And it Was to all of our Benefit but incumbents have a very Powerful ear and Regulators respond to Their incumbents so I can tell you like In my seat it makes you feel really Special when Jamie Diamond makes the Shlep down to sit in your office and Talk to you for two hours but that Happened to me every month it was really Amazing like oh my God and the normal

Incentives you have when you're in that Seat are the incumbent Charter holders Of whether there's State Banks like Yelena or National Bank like me or Whatever is I want these guys to be Happy these guys are my customers in Fact in a prior era some Bank Regulators Did refer to Banks as their customers so When you have a technology that is going To destroy or at least disintermediate An incumbent Regulators are going to Have on average I think we were a little Bit different but on average it's going To be hard for them to embrace it so is The US anti- Innovation I mean no one Would say that they're anti- Innovation But they would all be super scared of Banks going away or what whatever their Constituency was incumbency is really Powerful


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