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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the barable bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you today as Ripple swell Conference and the DC fintank conference Hosted by the bis have begun and ladies And gentlemen this is going to be one of The most powerful weeks of the year for Xrp News pay attention because the next Couple days are going to show a lot About our favorite digital asset and Remember remember when xrp soared 60,000 In 12 months from .6 to $384 those was with pure Speculation now with smarter Partnerships with a better Infrastructure with xrp being relisted On all exchanges and full regulatory Clarity the potential is staggering and I 100% agree I've long stated I believe in a$ 15 to $20 xrp price Target at the end of this Next Bull Run and I stand by That 2024 is going to be the year of xrp Adoption but right now is the narrative Building the problem reaction solution Scenario is on the table as the US Banking system is being stated to still Be Vulnerable do you see how they plant the Seeds to make you prepared for what's to Come because I most certainly

Do but despite that the solution is Getting a mass marketing campaign this Week remember the other day when Brad Garlinghouse talked about how trillions Are on the side waiting to be adopted in The Space I've always told every single one Of you custodianship is the biggest Limitation preventing a tital wave from The entire crypto Market completely Exploding and this time around there's Going to be Custodians that are Compliant institutional grade trusted And will cause the market to absolutely Explode the the macro environment around Custody digital assets uh is expected to Be close to1 trillion by the year 2030 And it and inevitably uh people are Going to need a place to store those Assets and a safe secure and they need To be able to transfer them as well Having good on and off ramps uh even the A tokenization engine some of the work Ripple is doing around Central Bank Digital currencies or Cbdcs so we think the there's a lot of Pieces that uh come together and we Already had I remember when you and I First spoke um you know I remember being A a call with one of the largest top 10 Banks the world and a a com a bank Ripple was already working with and they Were asking us about could we help them

With their custody this is prior to Medical acquisition and we weren't in a Position to do that and so when we think About that Synergy the ability to say to That existing Ripple customer hey you Know here's a best-in class you know Going head to-head time to time again And winning uh on the custody uh level You know to be able to bring that Product to them I think is a great Opportunity for the two companies Together so now you see ladies and Gentlemen the Ripple and xrp are looking To be the be all end all solution to a Massive institutional Problem Oh Gary you tried your best to stop us Gary but look at us Now crypto Eddie stated she had this Article in her back pocket for more than Four years and the SBI CEO Yoshi Takaa representing the largest sh Shareholder of Ripple was interviewed in 2019 and he stated that he thought xrp Would become the number one crypto asset Among them all and they were moving Towards that Goal with the new found legal Clarity This goal is more possible ever and yes SBI does utilize the digital asset xrp In a variety of ways including asab Bridge currency and they also Embrace Erc20 tokens with their R3 Japan joint Venture

But what stands out for me is SBI Minds Bitcoin so this was a powerful Statement ladies and gentlemen stay the Course and pay Attention here we have Brian Brooks Brian Brooks where are you Brian books We miss you so much from DC fintech week On crypto Adoption crypto is not going to stop and It's only coming faster every single Day and people trying to stop that Adoption need to get over it I I think The the biggest risk is slow adoption I Don't think there's a risk in the Underlying technology platforms what it Feels a lot like to me are um you know The Advent of smartphones or the Advent Of the commercial internet even honestly Like the Advent of the CD player like Who's old enough to remember when you Bought your first CD player for $999 you know and the risk was that you Were the chump that was paying $999 like Did in 1985 for your first CD player and 3 years later you could buy that same CD Player for $29 so there's a bit of like An early adopter issue and and I think What what many of us have been waiting On for five six seven years at this Point is when is crypto going to have Its its breakout moment where this Mass Adoption moment and I think you know Mike and I probably both believe that Housing Finance is as likely a candidate

For that as anything else and why Because it's the largest market of any Financial asset in the world the US Housing Financial Market is the largest Financial Market in the world so it's More likely that people will start doing That um than anything else and that will Break open all of these possibilities I Will just say as an aside you know there Have been a couple of efforts to do this Already so when my friend Chris John Carlo was the was the CEO or the board Chair or whatever he was of common Securitization Solutions Chris is a long Time you know his book is called crypto Dad I mean he was the cftc chairman the CSS chairman but but was a crypto guy Who was very interested in the promise Of public blockchains and there was a Moment when uh you know CSS and the Agencies were really looking at the Possibility of using blockchains um as a Securitization vehicle which you know Didn't quite get off the ground and so It took figure to try and launch this um I think this is a likely early adopter Thing but you know as long as it remains A niche Crypton native activity it will Be expensive it'll be seen as risky you We have to overcome that this is the CD Player okay yes your cassette tapes are Super awesome but just get over It Uh okay I'll take a shift a bit

Um how does the count first yeah now Ladies and gentlemen and cap off this Video for today I have this from 801 xrp As he's been doing a great job pointing Out some of the DC fintech week clips That we all need to pay attention To here is the head of the bank for International settlements Innovation H Sicilia skingsley Discussing how most of their projects Are in the space of improving crossb Payments the exact same Niche xrp is in How Ironic and she thinks it's fair to say There's room for improvements that can Be faster cheaper and more Transparent oh how Interesting all of the language that is Synonymous with our Success ladies and gentlemen this is so Powerful And I absolutely love it and something Else I want to tell all of you is that Over the next couple days a lot of Clips Will be coming out helping secure your Confidence that xrp will be the leader Of the crypto space just like Yoshi taka Catal said four years Ago ladies and gentlemen there should be No fear in your Souls we are putting the puzzle pieces Of confidence Together and I can't wait for every Single one of us to absolutely dominate

This Space ladies and gentlemen this is the Bearable ball Here thanks for tuning In just as a simple reminder yesterday And my only fans I posted my latest Portfolio update the most important Portfolio update I've ever posted Because it will be the cryptos that I'll Be riding in the 2024 Bull Run and I Want every single one of you who hasn't Looked at it to do so Already that's at onlyfans.com thee Bearable Bowl and I hope all of you take Advantage now as always I appreciate Every single one of You now I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video um where do you see uh the Problems in the space and and then where Do you see Solutions and and and the Potential Arrangements well I think it's going to Take time before we have the sort of the Full picture but you're absolutely right More than half of our projects are Within sort of payments uh Infrastructure cbdc space and when you Um think about it it's kind of logical Uh central banks is in in essence the Assigned authorities within our Different societies to be the experts When it comes to providing a good

Version of money and make sure that it Works in our district different Societies and good version of money I Mean the version of money that that Meets the the criteria of being a sort Of stable store of value and efficient Medium exchange and um with it with all The technology going and uh we know that Things can onboard pretty quickly um we Are you know uh we want people to stay In the Fiat money system we think that That is uh the best way for for making Economic Transactions um and we've tried to uh Most of our projects are in are in the Space of improving crossb payments so Crossb payments I think it's fair to say That's there's room for improvements There uh it can be faster cheaper and More transparent if you take uh people Living in the US for example example Wanting to send remittances uh to uh Family and friends and for example Mexico Central America they they can Have to pay uh an extra five or up to 10% in fees and they can take a long Time to for the money arrive and there Is not that many uh compatible um Choices so uh so we we are in that field And and how do we do it well we we try Uh first to improve what already exists Uh but we are also looking into future Issues and and cbdcs are are are an Interesting such future thing but let me

First say a few words about what we try To Um improve in the in the in the in the Current system so in the world there are Currently more than 60 fast payment Systems in major economies uh around Take myself I can as living in Sweden uh Use the swis system to to to send money To my children very quickly or friends To share a restaurant bill and when I Spend my life in Basel in Switzerland I Can use uh the equivalent there twin uh Which is doing the same sort of Operations share a meal or or or sharing Uh a gift uh to a to a colleague uh but I can't send uh money between those Systems uh and the idea here is to uh Connect the fast payment system through Something called the Nexus uh Gateway uh Because if you try to do this in a in a Bilateral way with all the 64 an Increasing number of FAL Payment Systems You would end up with a mace of of more Than 1,700 bilateral uh connection so uh We have a group of bold countries uh Five countries in in Asia Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Singapore and Thailand they've said that they are Prepared to go first but we are sort of Mindful that we want this to St scale Across the world and hopefully um get More countries to to sign in I think the Value of being having a false payment System and and and using that as a

Client would go up considerably but we Are also looking into cbdcs and you can Think about cbdcs in two ways um Wholesale cbdcs would be an an offer Facilitating transactions between Financial institutions in a much better Form than than is offered today or uh And you can take a further step from That and also offer it in a retail form Uh to to the general public namely Households and and and and businesses And why would that be uh interesting Then or or worth the effort well the way I'm thinking about it this is the short Version of a long explanation in a Future Society if and is many countries When cash no longer work on our daily Lives um but we still want to be Ambitious as policy makers and make sure Public policy objectives are being met Around inclusion efficiency resilience And people's public trust in in the Money and protecting the singleness of Money then then retail cbdc should be There as an offer and I say offer uh I I I really think this is important that This is not something that should be uh Pushed upon individuals uh it's it Should be an offer from the society um And uh giving fundamentally people a Choice what sort of way they want to Access money and make their um their Make their daily transactions uh in a Digitalized world so we are here to help

By experimenting researching and then It's up to jurisdictions see what they Want to do with it well you know I here In in the United States you know


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