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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the bearable bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you Today as ladies and gentlemen the third Episode of the aggressively average Podcast is out on Rumble please if you haven't done so Already take a look at that as it gives Great context to the moment in time we Are officially In now we have blockchain backer Reporting that the CPI has been released For September and right now actual inflation Is at 3.7% we know in reality that CPI is not The inflation that we as average Citizens Feel but what you all need to understand Is that there is another indicator that Is a leading indicator for recessions And that is strip club Operations ladies and gentlemen RCI Hospitality is down 9% in the week so Far and there was initially a stripper Back in the day back in May 2022 that stated she knew a recession Was coming because men were not going to The club as much as they were back in 2021 apparently when there's excess Capital we know where people Go but ladies and gentlemen the reason I'm bringing all of this up is because

We are beginning to witness the full Systemic dismantling of the old Financial system to bring on the new one Crypt T posted that over a million People in Japan have apparently had Their bank accounts Frozen since Yesterday 11 of the largest banks in Japan are not working including Including JP Morgan Chase and this is Extremely Important we are slowly but surely going To be witnessing the cracks in the System bank failures Bank runs Bailin Etc what's going to happen when Everything collapses and you have your Money stuck in bank accounts you can't Access you're going to look back and Realize that the best thing you could Have done was put your money in xrp on Your offline Hardware Wallets I've been warning you to get Your crypto off exchanges and offline in Your wallets for a long time now and There's going to be a beautiful moment Where you realize that that was always The safest Place now I'm going to give you one of The best Clips I've heard for a long Time from Danielle de Martino booth and I highly recommend commend you give her Follow as she is a former Federal Reserve Insider and Economist she's dropping truth bombs in

This clip she stated the Federal Reserve Was the treasury's after this Health crisis we Experienced in 2020 people got direct Money and they spent it directly which Caused Inflation people are being voted into The Federal Reserve board who advocate For Ubi Modern monetary Theory climate change Cbdcs and Reparations they're systematically Destroying the US Dollar and you best believe she had a Lot to break down about these points Nobody on Wall Street wants to hear this Message nobody wants to hear that even If you go to zero interest rates and Even if you go to QE if you don't have An equal Part and by the way way not just chips Sack type stuff cash yeah cash cash cash Cash directly deposited which by the way Puts us back in wear because that's what Created the inflation you bypassed the Banking system you gave people the money Directly they spent it directly that Caused inflation otherwise Q people were Like I don't know why QE didn't work Before and I'm like because it had to go Through the banking system and it got Stuck but after the pandemic they just Gave people money and we got real Inflation so I mean that's why you I

Joke but not really that if there's a Blue Wave on Election Day given they've appointed confirmed to The Federal Reserve board two Individuals who their combined body of Academic work advocates for Universal B Basic income modern monetary Theory the FED being able to address climate change Central Bank digital currency and Reparations two People two people so if we get a blue W And somehow some way they managed to Have special ops take out Powell I'm Going to Italy because at least they Embrace their socialism it I mean people Like that's a socialist country too and I'm like yeah and they learned to live With it and they're happier but but but Socialism by stealth by having the the The Federal Reserve lbed by treasury so That it can do its bidding that's what Happened At this will stick in your mind right After the pandemic what role did the Fed Play Visa the treasury pumping out all Of this debt the Federal Reserve was was Was was the treasury's Period and that's what the progressives Dream about every night is that the Federal Reserve not actually exists to Make policy because all they want is for Interest rates to be zero now a monkey Could keep interest rates at zero you Don't need 800 phds to do that you just

Press the button and you push hold at Zero and then the New York Market's desk They simply facilitate the mon Monetization that's that's a Function and in a world of AI that you Probably don't need even need that's it You could just have it could be like That 2001 movie way back you could just Have like some computer being the FED Because digital monkey zero interest Rate policy is not monetary policy yeah It's not it's just it's just a state of Existence in in third world country well That's the only well we can't actually Handle normalized interest rates you Know and but that's what the Progressives want guys I don't want you To take Daniel de Martino Booth's Warning Lately I've long stated that the United States of America is a third world Country wearing a Gucci belt look at our Major cities the homelessness the Crime the systematic Demoralization of some of the greatest Cities in the world is happening right Now and it's policies that are Failing she talks about a 0% interest Rate environment and how horrible that Is and while I 100% agree what I have to Say Is this is actually what we in the xrp Community and crypto Community as a Whole

Want we know that that is the endgame They need to keep inflation High it will Return and when it does we get rich when The system breaks we get Wealthy when everything comes up and the Bandaids get ripped off we all become The new One% ladies and gentlemen Ral Paul gives His take on Gary gunler and politics in Crypto the the Democrats in power Today hate crypto but love Cbdcs and that's why I believe the Current power structure in place is Actually bullish for xrp Central Bank Digital currency adoption and Beyond and That's despite the fact that this SEC Lawsuit has taken Place ladies and gentlemen that lawsuit Took place as a distraction a Force it was meant to de moralize Us in The xrp Army into selling but now that We're past it we will get Rich and Ralph Paul gives his two cents On the politics at play with Tony at Thinking Crypto um going back to Gary Ganer and The SEC taking a lot of losses um when The Ripple situation xrp intrinsically Not a security obviously depends on how It is um offered um grayscale taking a Loss there they're pursuing coinbase I Don't think that's going to go well um What were your thoughts on the outcomes Of these uh lawsuits and you think

Genser has much time in office uh or He's going to get kicked out well once You start conflating politics with Legal um with legal precedent that's When you realize that's when you start Losing cases so they're doing for Politics and the court is throwing it Out for the right reasons which is this Is not legal so I think there's a bunch Of these I'm sure the SEC will win a Couple here and there but they're not Going to win these big cases I mean I've Always said the sheer number of smart People and the amount of money in this Space that is focused on these issues is Gigantic the government is up against Something much bigger than picking off An investment Bank you're picking off People who are super motivated by what This space represents and where it's Going and the people in the space are Literally the smartest people in the World so they don't go to fight without Knowing that they're coming with a Bazooka to that fight while the SEC is Treating it like it's a bunch of cowboys They have no real understanding of who They're up against you know this is a Cultural phenomena they're trying to Fight with people who are highly Motivated to Win ladies and gentlemen I absolutely Love the perspective Ral Paul had the People in the space are the most

Intelligent people on the planet what All of you need to understand is that The SEC triy to play Politics as opposed To abiding by the law and the courts are Letting them know it they're letting Them have it and they're pimp slapping Them with a backhand slap right Now they pimp slap them with the Ripple Case binance coinbase and others are Going to annihilate them in court as Well we have to remember the gray skill Case and I believe especially now that This s bankman freed FTX case is on the Table happening in real time the SEC Will lose more Credibility I want to know how deep the SEC and Gary gensler's involvement was With FTX but today coffeezilla broke down That Caroline Ellison broke down in Court and said it was devastating for Seeing bankman Freed the crypto space is going to get Justice and hopefully the SEC does as Well here at the trial of s bman free we Just saw Caroline Ellison uh take the Stand for the second part after lunch She broke down in tears saying quote I Had a sense of relief I didn't have to Lie anymore I could start taking Responsibility I feel in indescribably Bad for all the the people who trusted Us um I think it probably moved the jury I know in the room where I was at you

Could hear a pin drop she was balling uh First real show of emotion we've seen From her and I think it really reached a Lot of people she then testified to the Fact that meanwhile Sam bankman freed Was making statements that they only had Enough money to cover onethird of client Holdings while publicly saying they had Enough money to cover everyone so he Would continue to lie um as she started To break down so is it convenient for Her to say this now yes but I think it's Devastating to the point Sam bangman Freed has where he says I didn't know About any of this um I think she Destroyed any last hope he had well well Well ladies and gentlemen there's Nothing I'd like to see more than Sam Bankman freed Behind Bars and hopefully One day L old Gary you may get to see him There but guys that's besides the point Right now what I want to break down is The Fed policy currently is due for a Shift the last time the FED cut rates it Was after a Black Swan event and the Health crisis Daniel de Martino Booth Let you know that the progressives and Democrats and power want at zero or near Zero Rates they want the money Printers that will stimulate the Economy and ultimately that would be Great for xrp adoption and at the very

Least price Appreciation but at the same time we've Been running through regulatory Quicksand and sto D lets us know that we Need to stop elevating politics over Sound policy in the US the same thing Ral Paul said and when you look at Singapore the UK EU Dubai Switzerland Japan southeast Asia how even South America there are clearer Frameworks Than the debauchery we have here in the States America has lost its way we Became the number one country in economy On the planet through Innovation and Entrepreneurship and now we want to Attack it and that is an Abomination what I have to stress is This despite the fact that we've been Dealing with all the that is almost Over and what I really want to hammer Home is that we are an international Asset xrp is a crossborder Asset it will be adopted in Internationally without a shadow of a Doubt and Inevitably America will be forced to use It let me make something else clear we Here in the states finally have one Digital asset with full-blown Regulatory Compliance and a designation as a Non-security and something I have to Stress is that cryptos that I've made Exponential rises in previous bull runs

Tend to not appreciate and value as much The next One xrp was the leader of the 201718 Bull run and it was a lagard in the 2021 Bull Run that's why I believe that this time Around with the new Designation Clarity on its way and a November 2023 time frame for regulation And updates to Swift ISO and numerous Other Protocols this is why I believe that xrp Is going to be the leader of this bull Run Again we've been waiting for far too Long for generational Wealth and I believe this time around We're finally going to get It now guys to cap off this video for Today I'm going to leave you with the Ripple Superstar of an attorneys St olda Giving his two cents as far as the Environment in America but before I leave you I'm going To ask that you please buy a the SEC t-shirt as the S at the proper party Was magnificent to Behold so many people were wearing this Shirt and I think it's going to be an Iconic one for the community and Beyond Especially when we make our generational Wealth the proper party was is a great Symbol for the xrp Community and you guys all better

Believe I'm throwing my own proper party When everything is said and Done don't forget to get your 589 and aggressively averaged t-shirts As well and you can find all of these Down in the description Below ladies and gentlemen this is the Bearable bll Here Thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of You now I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video you got a sticker behind you Saying that Ripple is not a security and Obviously there's been a lot of Contention in the United States even Though you do a lot of business outside If you could have more reason to do Business in the United States it would Would be I would assume exponentially More great for ripple in terms of the Legislative environment right now that We are seeing I suppose the the the Cross activity you know no real Determination as to what's what Legislators don't seem to be able to Agree and now all of this coming at a Time where we don't even have a speaker Of the house do you foresee any kind of Clarity coming in any kind of short Order for cryptocurrencies for the likes Of Ripple for anyone within the IND

Or is it something that's just going to Have to be put on the back burner until Perhaps the presidential cycle is Complete yeah so uh what what the Sticker says is that xrp is not a Security not that Ripple is not a Security rip Ripple uses the digital Token xrp in its Tech stack other Developers uh develop on the uh Decentralized xrp Ledger blockchain we Don't we own xrp is a digital asset we Own a portion of it but we don't control It uh but to get to your question um Outside of the US in regions like Singapore in the UK in the EU in Dubai In Brazil in Australia in Japan I can Name others what we have is rational Regulatory Frameworks that are not Looking to push out this Innovation but Are looking to say Hey look If you want to come into our country and You want to develop this Innovation you Can do it so long as you satisfy our Rigorous regulatory regime in the US Unfortunately we have lost our way and We've lost our way because we have Politics and power being elevated over Sound policy meaning we have certain Agencies who are fighting over who is Going to get to control from a Regulatory perspective the technology Rather than satisfy what is the right Policy outcome which I think the Licensing framework that we see in it

And the monetary authority of Singapore Pursuing a proper policy outcome through A licensing framework so right now Unfortunately in the US the issue of how To um uh how to label a digital payment Token properly whether you label it as a Utility token a payment token a security Token that's not left to a regulator and A rational regulatory framework it's That issue is now being fought in the Courts and ripple has been on the Forefront of that fight with the Securities and Exchange Commission here In the US we have been defending uh the Issue of whether xrp again the digital Token that we use in our Tech stack to Enable our customers to benefit from our Products whether that should be Classified as a security or it should be Classified as a commodity or virtual Currency we won that issue we won that Issue on July 13th um uh so hence the uh The sticker xrp is security which I Think is gives xrp Clarity in the US and Xrp as a digital token is now uniquely Classified as a non-security in the us But we don't think even though we W in The courts we don't think that these Issues should be f Token by token Case by case judge by Judge we think we need a rational Regulatory framework but to your Question although we have some policy Makers in the US trying to take the lead

To come up with a rational with rational Regulatory policy proposals the chances Of anything moving forward in this Congress or the next Congress um doesn't Seem I'm not very optimistic about it


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