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When someone asked me how much will xrp Be after the lawsuit 700 billion and a Trillion 300 million billion Dollars welcome back ladies and Gentlemen this is the bearable bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you Today as ladies and gentlemen I am Currently in lepti famage airport in Paris preparing to meet with madame Lagar to tell up to flip the damn switch For Xrp and while that's clearly a joke I Have a lot to say today first and Foremost remember how much has been Going positively and ripple in xrp's Direction you know at this point I Genuinely think it's a low IQ if you're Someone in the crypto space who refuses To invest in xrp because you're Self-righteous and because you think It's still a scam or Worthless that is a low IQ mindset to Have and I think quite honestly the Writing's on the wall for xrp to Outperform most of the crypto Market the Next Bull cycle but one thing I do want To bring up is I sense that Ripple is Getting close to an IPO and I think it's 100% possible that They'll owe the SEC 0 What's actually crazy is there was a Tweet from John Deon that he posted Yesterday that stated the people who've

Argued that SEC got a 50/50 victory in Ripple's case are wrong it was more like 9010 in Ripple's favor and if Ripple Ends up paying 20 million or less it's a 99.9% legal Victory I'm on that boat as Well I think Ripple is extremely close To being in a favorable position moving Forward and I also think that they're Preparing for an IPO now that doesn't mean it's going to Happen tomorrow next month but I think At some point in the later half of 2024 Ripple will possibly IPO a couple reasons why they've been Acquiring companies and buying Stakes Like Madmen Remember When Acquired a stake in Bitstamp remember Medico Fortress and All these things that Ripple and xrp Have been doing amendments will be Coming to The xrp Ledger that will Unbelievably explode the ecosystem The Zahu Ledger is live as well and I think Our community needs to realize what a Powerful position we are In never before have we had such a Opportunity to get rich from not just Xrp but in Ripple the Company and all of you need to Understand how fortunate we are now Let's also think about this for a Second there's been major banking Problems not just back in March with

Silicon Valley Bank and other bank Failures but recently Banks like Bank of America WS Fargo Chase we beginning to See major deposit issues today and I Think these problems will continue to Show face in the coming days weeks and Months remember that November is going To continue to be an important month for The future of xrp adoption as I've been Pointing to this month as a major time Frame for when serious updates are going To be Happening and xrp's been Reacting xrp reached as high as 65 cents Today and all of you tell me if it Doesn't excite you that our favorite Digital asset is not just making strides With the news with Partnerships with Legal victories but also gradually with The Price I think this price rise will Continue into next year and I do believe 2024 will be the year of Xrp mark my Words I stand on that now in addition Ladies and gentlemen blockchain backer Shows how the dxy has taken a hard Tumble through 106 marking more strength for the dollar And likely more opportunity for the Crypto Space when the macro is supporting the Crypto industry oh baby we're going to See a fireworks

Display and as long as the rumors of a Bitcoin ETF are in the air we'll Continue to see more and more bullish Momentum I still think it's very Possible that when the be Bitcoin ETF Gets approved that will Mark the top or Very close to it but regardless that is Still left to be Determined and finally before we get Into the macro for the day I just want To let all of you know that the bank for International settlements are going to Be hosting a regulatory Summit for DC Fintech week November 6th through the 9th Augustus course Will be speaking along with numerous Regulators and other powerhouses in Crypto a lot of them connected directly To Ripple by the way including Brad Garlinghouse Sheila Warren Vice chair of Supervision at the FED Michael bar but Look at who's attending this conference As well Gary oh Brad is going to give Gary the Business my friends and I pray to God That I want to see one thing I want to see Gary and Brad Garling House on stage together on the same Panel and Brad Garling Hells give Gary The business with a double middle Fingers the SEC in the air cuz he Deserves it Gary has been taking a Beating and every single regulator and Crypto company on the planet hates

Him I'll be tuning into this conference Without a shadow of a doubt and I highly Recommend you do so as well now guys as I pivot your attention to the macro I'm Going to play you this clip from Jungle Inc letting us know what the FED is Doing to cover the cost of interest on Historic levels of debt the money Printer is turning running around the Clock two trillion a month in climbing This will not be sustainable China Japan And other historic buyers aren't Interested and this is what people need To Realize we're in pivotal Times and in my opinion there will be a Two-sided coin to the inevitable Destruction we have to face and I'll be Explaining to all of you what those two Sides are but first I want you all to Take a listen numbers are staggering and By the way it's not like they're going Down because of the cost of the interest Now and people don't don't factor in do You know for the last 10 years the Average interest rate on bills was 0.82% we're going to issue bills this Week at 560 so think about what's Happening the debt Serv as a cost to Treasury grows what happens is you have To issue more debt and so this is a big Deal for going I mean two trillion a Month of gross issu it's 500 billion a Week the numbers are staggering it's

Part of why I think rates will stabilize Here I think you need to see the FED Start to bring that rate down which I Don't think will happen in the second Half of the year but uh but you know We're going to get to buy these yields At these levels so the supply is stack But the demand may not be but the Chinese apparently are not buying as Much as they used to the Japanese are Not the banks are not for whatever Restrictions who's buying all this stuff By the way I so you hit the two two two Of the big ones you missed one the Federal Reserve and 2020 bought 2 and a Half trillion 21 they bought a trillion Fed's not buying their selling the banks Like you saw not buying their selling And actually I would argue International Is net selling who buys it all what has To happen and I think what will happen Over the next year so is households will Increase their holding so they're buying Bills today clearly through money market Funds and outright what I think will Happen in the next year or so is a Fed Starts to cut rates people say gosh I Want to lock these yields in then I Think people will start to go out the Yield curve and you'll start to see the Households have to buy it but that has To happen now ladies and gentlemen there You have it the money printers will be Forced to turn on they will cut rates

Again at some point and with that will Come a seismic crash into the inevitable Hyperinflation that I've been Predicting guys this is what I want all Of you to be aware of the two sides of a Coin towards the inevitable destruction We're going to face are either Inflation into the inability to buy Assets and the inability to buy basic Utilities for us the citizens or massive Financial crash massive recession either Way us the normal the Normy we Suffer these are our Options no if ends or butts about it and None of these options are Good but this is what I have to say the People in power they will without a Shadow of a doubt prefer Inflation so they can continue to to Spend they could continue to buy up Assets see the assets appreciate and Value with the money they give Themselves and watch as everyone else Suffers as Ubi Universal basic income Comes to replace our wages compound that With the continued adoption of AI and You have the perfect storm into the Slavery that will ensue for the average Joe But in addition guys something I do want To stress is something staying drunken Miller stated on CNBC we are ending the era of American Exceptionalism into a Level Playing

Field on the world Stage we won't be the great superpower In the world because of the collapse of The dollar because of the rise of other Nations because our culture has been Crippled and I think St drunken Miller Points out when all of this started but Is there any way around monetizing these Debt levels is there any way inflation Is not here to Stay yeah I yeah we could have a um Longterm look I don't have to worry About the longterm my day job but but I Will say this we could have an event I Don't know whether hopefully it's not a A a a war of major powers that bring us Together and you get sacrificial Behavior like we got after the Depression in the World War II we could Have a financial crisis um due to Everything I've been talking about and Finally My Generation I think Paul Jones Made the point we've given nothing we've Given nothing and now we want to screw Our grandchildren finally we get the Memo so no I'm not I'm not that pess Istic and I'll say the other thing I'm Optimistic about um J no Jerome pal normalizing interest Rates yeah we now have a hurdle rate for Investment in this country so I think The allocation of capital Ironically if we don't go to the you Know the ra Zombie Route and if we don't

Continue the drunken ironically I think It could be it could be a force for good Because instead of a bunch of nonsense And bubble stuff the capital gets more Properly allocated so look I'm Open-minded to a really bad outcome and I'm open-minded to a decent outcome but We need to get we need to cut I'm here Today not to talk about Janet y I'm here Today guns and butter this morning I Could have written it by the way I Didn't um we've got to stop guys we're Drunk we're we're digging this deep hole What are we doing here and that's the Point I wanted to Make American culture we've become Entitled we were founded on building Working creating Innovating now we're entitled to things We don't Deserve we're being outworked and Outclassed by the rest of the world and If we don't snap our fingers And snap out of it we're surely destined For a bad Fate now guys to cap off this video for Today I'm going to yet again leave you With this clip from Peter St on who I've Had on my channel before and who I Highly recommend you follow as he gives A great PhD level analysis on what's Going on on the planet and in the macro Environment and trust me when I say if You follow him

You'll gain a better perspective on What's going on in the World he states that IMF says inflation Will last for years now after Janet Yellen stated it was Transitory they also now predict years Of stagnation to go with it caused by Rate hakes that are failing to stop it We are caught between a wedge and a hard Place decreased rates have crippling Inflation Or keep rates where they are and have a Brutal Recession we're going to face pain one Way or Another and that's why me I have xrp as My financial life raft to help me escape The problems that are Coming their solution is more government Spending our solution is xrp Adoption I believe out of the other side Of this that xrp Community will become The new 1% and I pray that all of you have been Paying Attention ladies and gentlemen this is The barable bll Here thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of You and I'll be back Tomorrow with another video Y transitory inflation just got a big Extension as the IMF came out with its

Latest Global predictions now saying That Global inflation will last for Years specifically they forecast that 2023 inflation will come in at almost 7% Worldwide and it won't get much better In 2024 at almost 6% worldwide note that Would make it 5 years and counting for This very transitory inflation of ours Also note the IMF has consistently Underpredicted inflation they work with Central banks after all so it could be Even worse to go with all that inflation The IMF is now also predicting slow Growth worldwide in other words we are Looking at stagflation on a global level With growth barely keeping up with Population in the rich countries Averaging just 1 a half% for 2023 and Falling even lower in 2024 they predict Particular weakness in Germany which is De-industrializing fast Italy which is a Financial Basket Case the UK which is Barely keeping afloat and for Japan Which seems to be ramping up it's here To for leisurely descent into Oblivion The anemic growth of course is tied to The inflation after printing so many Trillions to buy lockdowns the world Central Bank cartel chose to crush the Private economy instead of tur turning Down the government's spending the Problem is crushing the productive Economy is not doing the trick with Inflation now Rising again so just 3

Months ago for example the IMF was Predicting 5.2% Global inflation next year and now They are closer to six so every bump in Inflation means more strangled credit Down the pike taking growth and jobs Down with it and deepening Global Stagflation now given the IMF works for Governments naturally do not blame Government spending nor the money Printers instead they obediently blame The victim so tight labor markets Meaning workers asking for a raise or Inflation expectations meaning workers Companies and households raising prices To survive inflation so what's next Brought to you by Unchained what's next Is inflation is increasingly looking Like it will stay for years it has Already gone from a two-e visit to Moving in and redecorating the living Room all whilst organizations like the IMF are drooling at their chance to make It worse how in the very same report Confessing that government fueled and Central bank finance spending is driving The world into stagflation the IMF lists Out recommendations filled not with Controlling spending in central banks But with Central planner fantasies about Yet more inflation pumping government Spending these Central planner Utopias Include A Renewed push on the green Trans transition that replaces cheap

Fossil fuels with comically expensive Renewables along with plans for Potentially trillions going to quote Increase resilience and improve food Security which are both code for handing Trillions to poor countries both would Naturally raise inflation and slow Economic growth but let no crisis go to Waste in short our ruling clowns are Finally admitting they broke it that we Are in for years now of stagflation and Their solution is to break it some more As for the rest of us who pay their Salaries and suffer their policies Expect slower growth and higher Inflation for years to come last time we Were here in the 1970s we got lucky with Paul vulker who finally fixed it with Drastic rate hikes this time we could be Waiting a lot longer okay we'll be Watching see you next time


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