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Council is focused on digital assets and Related risks such as runs such as from Runs on crypto asset platforms and Stable coins potential vulnerabilities From crypto asset price Volatility and the proliferation of Platforms acting outside of or out of Compliance with applicable laws and Regulations applicable rules and Regulations should be enforced and Congress should pass legislation to Provide for the regulation of staple Coins and of the spot market for crypto Assets that are not Securities we look Forward to continuing to engage with Congress on this with this overview I Look forward to taking your questions on These welcome back ladies and gentlemen This is the bearable bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you Today and what is the dusk Before Dawn Moments in the crypto Market right now crypto Market sentiment Is at massive lows honestly people are Bored people expected the Bitcoin ETF to Take us to the moon and like clockwork We on this channel told you all it will Be a sell the news event but let me tell You all my friends right now now what Janet Yellen just Stated this is one of the biggest things I've ever heard in the crypto space and In today's video we are going to break

Down this emergency regulation that is Going to Pass like clock workk possibly in 2024 but no later than January 2025 now that does not mean a crypto Bull Run cannot happen happen in the Meantime but what we are figuring out is The fact that this crypto Market it will be Regulated and that will bring in Trillions into the Space this is one of the most important Moments in crypto history as stable coin Regulation is on the table stable coins Like us were what imploded teral Luna The last Cycle and then we saw ft implode right After we need stable coin regulation and Regulation as a Whole and with that all the Bad actors And all the serious money will be Allowed will be kicked out of the space And all the serious money will feel more Secure to enter the Space Janet yell and let us know that This is at the front of the White House The front of the Treasury in regards to their Agenda and I think 2024 is very possibly The year of crypto Rags you guys I've been here since 2016 In the wild wild west of crypto and now Sitting here right now looking at these Politicians talking about this asset

Class you'll realize how much this space Has Grown Patrick M Patrick Henry from the Financial services committee stated fx's Calls to fill regulatory gaps in spot Markets for non-security digital assets Non-security digital assets I believe Will be regulated by the Cftc and I believe there will be a Moment in time where the floodgates will Open as you see all these politicians Moving forward during an election year And one of the hottest topics on the Plany The crypto Community is ready to make Their impact this election Cycle and pay extremely close attention Who is for and against this Space now guys a gentle reminder of What's going on behind the scenes us Regional Bank stocks 1 month into 2024 Are absolutely Imploding New York Community Bank down 60% Valley National 25% down Metropolitan 15% and plenty others down Quite a Bit Regional Bank where he resurfaced as New York Community Bank which acquired The collapsed Signature Bank remember Them cut their dividend by 70% these are the same banks that hold Nearly 70% of commercial real estate Loans just 10 months a ago the Regional Bank crisis quote unquote

Ended but with high interest rates and The liquidation of evergr as well as the Collapsing Chinese stock market that we Saw just Yesterday oh ladies and gentlemen we're About to see something special in Regards to the collapse of these Systems the cracks in the dam are wide Open and this will be a major Catalyst In my opinion for the inevitable xrp Adoption That we have been Expecting now we have here from Dai John Deon breaking down the SEC to their Totality bringing them to their knees And you all have to Remember the xrp Army absolutely Crippled the SEC 100% you made the perfect uh comment About a check on an autocratic agency in The Ripple case that I talked about Earlier the federal judge said quote the SEC lacks faithful allegiance to the law Then in grayscale they were denied a Bitcoin spot ETF they sued and the District court of appeals came back and Said that it was arbitrary and Capricious that you were denying Investors the right to a spot ETF while You were approving a Futures ETF the Same rationale applies and we won in That case and we're seeing case After Case of the court system holding the SEC Accountable and we got to spot ETF just

Because of the Court ladies and Gentlemen this is actually something That you need to realize the xrp Community along with the help of grce Skill and Coinbase are indirectly Responsible but greatly helped influence The passing of this Bitcoin ETF that's what they don't realize and He here something else I want to remind You of is that Jay Clayton is the reason Why Ripple has to suffer through this Lawsuit it is because of his conflicts Of interest in regards to Ethereum he is a big part of eth Gate him and Henman and Jay Clayton right now is Getting pushed into a corner in regards To his Questioning Jay Clayton does his best to Try and spin the SEC versus Ripple Decision to say oh institutional sales Of xrp were in violation of the Law but xrp itself was not a security And that cannot be Changed this is from January 26 2024 and I pray reporters continue to Press Jay Clayton on this issue of Course your last uh uh filing like last Case before you left was against Ripple Any thoughts you have on how the court Judgments came out of Ripple obviously There was kind of a mitigated with some Wins for the SEC and some others for xrp

And uh and and ripple like what's your View on it looking back at it right now Like two three years uh after you left Office well look the the the way the Court is now and this is a this is a Case that has not been finally Resolved uh there are appeals and the Like but if you look at the um Distinction I made at the beginning of Our discussion between Securities Transactions that are the purpose of Capitalism where I said we have very Rigorous Regulations um and then Securities Regulation for secondary trading you Look at what the court did it said hey That Capital raising transaction was a Securities Transaction now the court found that the Secondary trading transaction and its Definition of secondary trading Transaction was not we'll see how that Goes on appeal we'll see how both of Them go on appeal yeah but but the the Point I want to make is that we Rigorously regulate the regul the Raising of capital from the general Public and that has not changed the xrp Army begs to defer okay so I'll talk a Bit about the about the funding model so We will have a fundraiser for two months Starting febu starting February 1st it Will be available at funds. ethereum.org So we'll so the idea is that part of the

Initial issuance will be one 1,000 ether For one Bitcoin or up to 2,000 ether for One Bitcoin if you get in early to Compensate for the increased risk so the Issuance model is that we will fund rate Suppose that we hand out X ether through The fundraiser then then there will be About 0 about 0.5x will be pre-mined and Then 0.4x after that will be mined per Year forever so it's uh it's this hybrid Of of Master coin of the master coin and Ripple model and the pure bit the pure Bitcoin mining model and even to a Slight extent the INF the inflationary Model the SEC is trying to capture the Digital asset space they went after Ripple and specifically xrp is because It was the biggest threat to the Incumbent Banking and Financial system You know the United States government is Probably the biggest bully in the world I read the complaint and it was terrible News people going to lose money and People had their life savings in Xrp All right welcome to regulatory capture 101 also known as eth Gate so ladies and gentlemen what's Actually so interesting is that the xrp Army United behind the back in the Hustle and grind of John Deon and he has Come out with a movie I believe which I Wasn't aware of called xrp Unleashed I'm not sure if the full movie

Is out yet but when it is you guys best Believe I would highly recommend you all Take a Look we have to realize and understand That these Regulators regardless of Their corruption they never get caught For the most part and we need to stop Being so self-righteous with our Vendettas against them despite the fact That we know the truth being upset about It will not change Anything but understanding where we go Next changes Everything elmax group CEO has stated an Immediate transfer of ownership of Assets and transfer of that ownership Will confirm within 12 seconds with Blockchain Immediately he stated this at a ripple Co-sponsored event and ladies and Gentlemen the technology we own and xrp Is one of those digital assets that can Help facilitate This the value is suppressed The price is unbelievably Low and these are the type of Opportunities I highly recommend you Always learn to Pinpoint So immediate transfer of Ownership of an asset it's as simple as That that doesn't happen today the world Is built on credit so I Can trade with you now and immediately

Transfer that ownership and it will be Confirmed on a blockchain within 12 Seconds that's hugely Powerful why is that so Powerful it Makes it opens up the world uh sorry the World markets to a much wider Community If you can Envision the future where Everyone who has an Amazon account Perhaps everyone who has a meta account Or a WhatsApp account or whatever can Access those markets and trade in small Size so the Fractionalization is hugely powerful we Still have a lot of gated communities In financial markets and we're going to Break those down it also makes all of us And all of the institutions hugely more Capital efficient right you can deploy Your Capital second to Second minute to Minute rather than day to day I mean It's unfathomable today that you still I've had it just this week personally You know you transfer money somewhere And you wait three to five days because They use backs rather than chats or Thing for that to clear so hugely Powerful and mostly just to summarize That again um because of the Democratization of of the markets and The efficiency of capital and the Immediate transfer of benefici Now Ladies and gentlemen to cap off this Video for today we're going to cap off

Just how we Started as Janet Yellen is urging Congress to get regulations for crypto Past the EU is discussing new banking Regul regulation deadlines for January 2025 I believe that this time frame from Right now into quarter1 2025 is going to Be unbelievably special for crypto and Unbelievably important for crypto Regulation and frankly the future of the Financial system and financial system Regulations the tokenization of assets Is very real that elmax CEO discussed How brutally annoying it is that Transactions take 3 to 5 days but that's Always been xrp's biggest pain Point we all need to understand one Thing we are all correctly positioned in The one digital asset that's fighting The SEC in court and has been for 3 Years and has been Dominating we are in the portion of the Case where we find out how much Ripple Has to pay but xrp's in the clear 110% in the Clear it missed the last bull run but I Believe that will pay dividends this Time Around and xrp combined with Flare and The passive income with amm and Delegation as well as have assets will Be the perfect storm for our Generational Wealth ladies and gentlemen never

Forget all of you were all destined to Become the new One% and if you haven't done so already I would highly recommend getting your the SEC t-shirt as we're about to Launch our second drop of merch in the Coming Days ladies and gentlemen stay the Course and pay Attention keep an eye on Regulation and if you want to join the Movement you can find my aggressively Average apparel website down in the Description Below ladies and gentlemen this is the Bearable bull Here thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of You now I'll be back Tomorrow with another video I inan front of mine for banks I would Say keep an eye on the on the upcoming Regulation there is uh there's an Ongoing sort of uh Focus From The Regulators on on operational resilience There's a new D regulation coming from The EU uh with the with the deadline of Jan 2025 so I think keeping an eye uh Keeping an eye out for the regulation Also sort of understanding what the key Critical systems are because there is a Lot of focus from the regulator on Keeping the critical systems and service

Yeah up and running for the markets that Can have a big impact on the market and The consumers so things like payments Right I mean a lot of times we have seen Payment Systems going down when we are Trying to pay something for for for Goods and services and suddenly the Payments St working so so having Identifying those those critical Services and making sure that the supply Chain uh and then the infrastructure for The those Services is is intact and More at resilient the second piece we Are seeing is uh probably would say is Supply chain risk management so there is A lot of Focus From The Regulators on Looking at third party risk because Technology itself has a long supply Chain and often Banks buy software Services from from different providers People Like Us in a lot of cases and and There is a lot of Focus From The Regulators to to look at the supply Chain risks that are embedded within Within the supply chain and the third Thing uh I would sort of say operational Resilience is as good as people so it's Linked to your organizational resilience So a lot of focus often we talk about Technology and and Regulation and risk Management but I think um we should also Probably Bank should also consider the Impact of of culture and what what uh Organization how much organizational

Resilience is embedded within within Within the financial institutions so Training awareness of of uh the Activities that the employees are doing Because a lot of the times the threat is External but also Internal so so I think that's that's Important to keep in mind and the Cultural element of allowing employees To speak up fantastic


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