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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the bearable ball here And I got this aggressively average Content for you today as ladies and Gentlemen xrp has been on an explosive Tirade over the past couple days Reaching upwards of 58 cents now Hovering at the 55 cent mark I don’t think we’re even close to done As this judge decision Looms The price action on the charts signaled To all of us that we still have room to Run Before I get into anything else though I Have to say to my only fans Community Your DMs have been fully answered as I’ve been reorganizing the DM structure In there video responses have been sent Out as some of you really loved the last Call that was made that found a 15 a 20 Move happening the same day for as much Assistance from me as possible the link To that is down in the description below As a ladies and gentlemen we have a Powerful call That was made by Waters above crypto If we can pass a certain resistance Level with xrp There is nothing but open Runway all the Way up to 90 cents And I want you all to hear him say that So you could begin salivating so this Adds um another piece of data for you Guys to consider regarding continuation

Of this automatic rally so we have right Here this intersection coming in at About 60 cents of 60 cents so this adds Um another piece of data for you guys to Consider regarding continuation of this Automatic rally so we have right here This intersection coming in at about 60 Cents 61 cents if we were to see a Closure on the weekly for xrp above 60 61 cents even to be more confident There’s pretty much thin air until 91 Cents so this is a very very important Level and one thing I’m also seeing is a Weekly W pattern that’s pretty massive If I go in a linear scale and I do a Conservative pull neckline to the lows And then I just move this measured move Up to the neckline you see it puts us Somewhere on 75 76 cents and that would Definitely be my next Target area to Consider because it’s the 0.5 FIB that 0.5 FIB is everything after you get Above that 382 because that’s typically Your rejection level which could lead to What we call a dead cap bounce I think xrp has more juice in it than That I do see more but I’m just letting You know the technicals here I’m Teaching the lesson of how this FIB tool Works so be considerate of that Now Ladies and gentlemen I want you all to Stay vigilant of that Upwards price momentum is in our chords For the xrp Army and with that happening

With the charts we also see that Gary Gensler’s over here testifying to try And get more money for SCC funding he Stated crypto is a field that has a Significant amount of non-compliance or Stretched thin we’ve increased resources But we could always use more Oh really Here we have members of Congress stating They’re looking forward to seeing him April 18th is when Gary Gensler gets Grilled in front of Congress Tom emmer and other members have fired Their warning shots and trust me when I Tell all of you I’m looking forward for Gary to be put in his place Now guys that being said we had a Legendary appearance from John Deaton And Jeremy Hogan talking the Ripple case A library transcript coinbase and more But I pulled specifically two different Clips that I think is going to bring a Lot of clarity to every single one of You About what to expect We’re reaching a climax of a moment with This case And the two best in the industry and These legendary lawyers in the xrp Community break it down perfectly do you Think that judge Torres Is aware of what’s going in the library And everything that’s happening do you Think she reads the comments by the

Judge or the train what do you think hey That’s another judge and another another Circuit I don’t have uh to worry about It what’s your take on that So I don’t think judges live in a vacuum I think if if an issue is a big enough Issue I think they realize that there’s Something important in here and Certainly when you have houses of people Listening to some you know I don’t say Stupid but some stupid hearing uh that We had a couple years ago on some issue Of Discovery we have thousands of people Listening in on it that kind of cues the Judges in that this is a big deal Um the only other thing I can think of Because I you know who knows what judge Torres is or isn’t doing but the other Thing that a lot of people haven’t Thought of is you know these federal Court judges have uh I think two law Clerks and law clerks are usually really Smart kids that get out of law school And they go work for a judge for two or Three years they get to put that on Their resume it’s a very good thing they Get hired at Big law firms they make But these would be guys or girls in Their 20s late 20s maybe early 30s and Great Point yeah you can’t underestimate The amount of influence that the law Clerk might or might you know have on This case so the judge would make the Decision but uh don’t underestimate that

A law clerk who’s in their late 20s Maybe even owns crypto maybe their Brother Minds Bitcoin uh could be doing The research and actually writing the Opinion Now that’s an important point for all of You to understand This judge understands how massive and How important this case is and I can’t Stress enough that’s 75 000 xrp Army lawsuit against the SEC Represented by John Deaton is so Important The magnitude of this case will send Shock waves across the industry and this Judge is astutely aware of the impact She’s gonna have That influenced that Hogan stated about Younger members helping to give Transcripts and guidance is also Important as they may be more Tech Forward and I want you all to keep that In mind as we proceed to the next clip I Mean just for the viewers you know you Need a jury when you have to wait This testimony and this testimony and Decide which one is more credible and That’s really what you need a jury for And I don’t think that the investment of Money prong is is the thing that will be Sent to a jury okay what about the Second factor is obviously the common Enterprise and it’s something that you And I’ve poked hoes at and others have

As well of the sec’s theory do you think That there’s enough for her to decide on Common Enterprise or do you think that That could be a factor sent to a jury I don’t think that’s the one either I Think that um you know the Revit case is Pretty pretty clear and we have 10 12 Judges in the past in the crypto space That we can look at that have made that Decision based upon the facts in front Of them so I don’t think that’s the one Either okay and then final it’s a Two-prong test that’s why some people Call it a four-factor test and some People call it three Factor uh in the First prong of the third is a reasonable Expectation of profit derived from the Efforts of Ripple basically uh what About that factor is that one that you Think could be teed up for a jury or no That’s the one I think would be the one If she’s going to send it to a jury I Think that would be the one because of Your work we have a lot of Uh factual or we have affidavits that Were submitted Um we have counter facts from the SEC Not many but there are some there and so If if I was the judge and I and I said You know what I’m not going to roll on This this is going to go to a jury this Is probably the thing that I want the Jury to rule on what did an xrp Purchaser back in 2017

Think when he or she was buying xrp Okay now the and then obviously we Talked about Fair notice do you agree With ripple that if she were to say that Ripple sold uh xrp as an investment Contract and a certain time period of Time Do you think then it’s a jury trial on Whether Ripple had Fair notice or do you Think the Judge could summarily decide One way or the other that they did or Didn’t have Fair notice That’s a good question I mean Ripple Obviously took a risk because they Didn’t argue Fair notice other than to Say it’s an issue of fact for the jury To decide Um I think if Let me just let me just hatch my bets a Little here if the judge does send it to The jury it’ll be the sec’s only it Would be the sec’s fault because they Brought in Um Larson and um the other uh executive On camera now so I’m sorry yeah they Brought a Garland house at Larson and You conveniently forget the guy that can Only Revel your facial hair he’s only The C Because they brought him What the notice defense as to what they Were thinking and when they were selling Their xrp I think lends itself to Something that a jury could decide and

When you have a when you have a piece of The case going to trial judges always Think of judicial efficiency right so They’re more likely to send the other Piece which is the Ripple piece also to Trial and say you know what it says We’re gonna have to have a jury figure Out what Larson and Garland house were Thinking about back in that those days We’re also going to just let’s let them Also figure out what uh Ripple was doing Back to this Which goes back to something that I Think you and I agreed on very early in The case which was charging the two Executives in a non-fraud case was a Very big mistake I’m with you on that that I think and I Think the SEC if they could go back in Time I think would also Probably wants to undo them all right And we’re going to wrap up Jeremy but my Final question I guess is uh are you Surprised now that there hasn’t been a Settlement and if you’re if you’re Surprised the attribute to politics and Agenda or what do you attribute to Because I believe that if this case was About enforcing Securities laws it would Have settled a long time ago that’s my Personal opinion so what do you think I thought the case would settle in Back in 2021 but I was naive and as I kind of learned and

Looked at more cases that the SEC was Involved in I mean all you have to do is Look at this Library transcript hearing And the SEC does not operate like a Regular litigant Um obviously it’s not their money they Don’t care so it’s not like when I Litigate against an insurance company That insurance company has to to answer To its shareholders why did we spend a Million dollars fighting over a ten Thousand dollar case they have to Explain that the SEC obviously doesn’t Have to explain why they’re doing what They’re doing to whomever right so they Don’t operate like a regular lit again Now ladies and gentlemen that right There was a significant point that we Cannot overlook The fact that the SCC is publicly funded By taxpayers I can’t believe we fund These Maniacs the fact that they’re Funded by taxpayer dollars makes it so They don’t have to give a damn about Budgets that’s why it’s so important and Why I gave you the initial breakdown of How Gary wants more funding so he could Waste more of our money on trying to Stifle Innovation and Destroy retail Investors The United States right now needs to Take a stand Congress April 18th needs to take a Stand

And make there be a new day in the Crypto industry Gary gunzler needs to get fired And I want to see it happen the SEC and everything they stand For And I can’t stress that enough Now guys I’m gonna give a power pivot to The direction of this video and remind You all of this clip from the svb bank Bailout as they’re currently calling it A bailout of the 10 Chinese billionaires Who had 13.3 billion dollars in the bank The cover story is they’re saving us But in actuality they’re buying the Wealthy time to get out And this is something else that I want To point out before I remind you of this Clip Gary Gensler is over here in the United States passing horrible ESG regulation To limit investing opportunities and Make everything more proclaiming while He’s invested directly in Vanguard as The majority of his 40 to 100 million Dollars in wealth in there And vanguard’s over here investing in Chinese oil companies Isn’t that a profound conflict of Interest Where the hell is the accountability Keep that in mind as this banking should Show unfolds it has been reported Publicly that svb had a large number of

Chinese investors that are there Including some that were companies Directly connected to the Chinese Communist Party Will those individual those individuals Companies entities and investors That are Chinese investors be made whole Based on Assessments in my banks in Oklahoma so what I’m asking is will my Banks in Oklahoma pay a special Assessment to be able to make Chinese Investors whole from Silicon Valley Bank Uninsured investors will be made whole In that bank and I suppose that could Include foreign and foreign depositors But I don’t believe there’s any legal Basis to discriminate among uninsured And ladies and gentlemen there you have It That admission by Janet Yellen was Profound This is the monster we’re dealing with And always have that in the back your Minds Now guys a familiar face Michael S Bohr Testified at a senate hearing yesterday But before we get into that testimony I Want you all to listen to this brief Clip of a senator calling out regulators And talking up the general investing Retail community This is a major turning point and Global Financial history And we are the major disruptors

The failure failure of Silicon Valley Bank on the federal reserve’s watch Very clearly calls into question whether Or not some of that Make no mistake The Lion’s Share of the Blame is on incompetent Bank Executives And it’s outrageous that these people Took bonuses and sold stock in the days Leading up to the bank’s failure we Should hold these Executives accountable For the fullest extent of the law and Claw back those bonuses and stock sales I’m co-sponsoring a bill to do just that But as I laid out in a letter to you Vice chair bar that by the way was Signed by 11 other Senators spanning the Ideological Spectrum it’s Gravely Concerning that retail participants Literally just regular everyday people Were able to figure out that something Was wrong with Silicon Valley bank Before your Regulators took appropriate Action now these folks don’t have access To non-public information like the bank Examiners do but when people on Reddit And Twitter can spot bank mismanagement Before The Regulators something is Terribly wrong now ladies and gentlemen The reason I played that clip is because That message resonated with me That is symbolic of what we the xrp Community have been doing with this xrp Case for the entire crypto industry for Two years that is symbolic

For what the xrp community has been Doing by uncovering the dedolarization The cracks and the Swift system and the Replacement of the financial system for The past five to six years that’s a Symbolic of what that xrp Community has Been doing by showcasing that xrp is in Fact the chosen one relative to the Bitcoin Maxi’s Bitcoin We have the documents to prove it We have the Partnerships to enable it And we have the technology to do it It’s funny to me how I’m some Anonymous on the internet that nobody knows And I was able to get this rate all of Us were able to get this rate before 99.9 of the planet and it’s just now That people are starting to wake the up the bank failures are that Catalyst for the Great Awakening of People to this financial Ponzi scheme And I really want to know how the hell This story ends But if I’m being honest I already know How it ends It ends with every single one of you in The xrp community Becoming the new one percent Ladies and gentlemen this is the Bearable bull here Thanks for tuning in As always I appreciate every single one Of you And I cap off this video for today

I want you all to hear the former Ripple Advisor Michael S Bar And his testimony about the failure of Svb Bank In front of the Senate Now guys I’ll be back tomorrow With another video The fact that the largest bank failure We’ve seen was ramu back in the crisis 16 billion dollars left that bank over a 10-day period In this case 42 billion dollars the equivalent of 25 Cents on every deposit went out in six Hours I’m not sure at that point What regulatory structure could have Prevented that And at least from reports it seems to me That um uh and I say this is somebody Used to be in the VC industry some of The very VCS who who banked for a long Time at svb may have started this run And demanded all of their ancillary Countries companies all go out at once So vicer and bark can you take us Through with a little more detail Starting Wednesday night through Friday Afternoon how this happened how we got Here and what you’re what you’ve seen so Far Thank you very much Senator I’ll start Where you did which is this is a Textbook case of of Bank mismanagement

The the risk the bank faced interest Rate risk and liquidity risk those are Better and better banking issues The The Firm was quite aware of those Issues they had been told by Regulators Investors were talking about problems With interest rate and liquidity risk uh Publicly and they didn’t take the action Necessary they were quite vulnerable to Risk to shocks and they didn’t take the Actions necessary to meet that What happened on Wednesday night is they Belatedly attempted to to improve their Liquidity position and they did it in a Way that that spooked investors that Spooked depositors that spooked the Market Uh nonetheless on Thursday morning Things appeared calm according to the Bank’s report to supervisors but later Thursday afternoon deposit outflows Started and by Thursday evening we Learned that more than 42 billion Dollars as you had indicated had rushed Out of the bank that’s an extraordinary Pace and scale Federal Reserve Bank staff worked with The bank through the afternoon evening And and overnight to try and find enough Collateral that the Federal Reserve Could continue discount window lending Against Uh on on Friday morning it appeared that It might be possible to meet the outflow

That was expected the day before but That morning the bank let us know that They expected the outflow to be vastly Larger based on client requests and what Was in the queue a total of a hundred Billion dollars was scheduled to go out The door that day the bank did not have Enough collateral to meet that and Therefore they were not able to actually Meet their obligations to pay their Depositors over the course that day and And they were shut down Why do I hold xrp because Ripple’s the Chosen one to lead the new Global Digital payment system and they use xrp In 2013 the Federal Reserve began Looking for faster payments options two Years later an action plan was born in a Federal payments task force was created It included one company focused on Crypto Ripple in 2014 the World Bank in Better than cash Alliance which includes The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Clinton Global initiative in the Governments of 32 countries put out a Report called the opportunities of Digitizing payments one year later the Better than cash Alliance featured one Crypto company on their website Ripple Today better than cash Alliance and all Other un initiatives are focused on a Single agenda the sustainable Development goals for 2030. you could See the sdg’s logo on Bill Gates lapel

World leading companies the better than Cash Alliance website and on the un’s Official exchange exchange what crypto’s Exchange officially utilizing for their Carbon credit solution xrp the world Will move to a new international Standard for exchanging electronic Messages between financial institutions By 2025 called ISO 20022 who was the First ISO 20o22 member focused on Distributed Ledger technology Ripple Who’s partnered with over 300 financial Institutions including Bank of America American Express PNC Santander SBI HSBC Standard Chartered Bank bank of England India Singapore Scotland Australia and Indonesia the largest banks in Japan Canada Egypt the Middle East United Arab Emiratis Thailand Morocco Bhutan South Korea Brazil and Latin America Ripple Who is a former employee overseeing the Federal Reserve Ripple a former employee Overseeing the world’s largest asset Manager blackrock’s digital Asset Division Ripple leading Australia’s cbdc Effort Ripple who hired a former Treasury of the United States Ripple two Former Federal Reserve attorneys to Their board Ripple two former Clinton And Obama advisors former minister of Defense and economics of Germany former Business director at Swift former Swift Board member former CFO of PayPal former Head of the dtcc former Chief business

Officer at Uber former VP of Amazon and Former SEC chair on their legal team Ripple who’s a member of the digital Pound Foundation digital dollar project Digital Euro Association moja Lube imf’s High-level Advisory board on fintech Hyperledger blockchain Consortium open Payments Coalition faster payments Council Mobile payment Steering group Cross-border working group International Association for trusted blockchain Applications crypto climate Accord University blockchain initiative Worldwide Web Consortium and a featured Partner of the world economic Forum with Three members of their team directly Listed on the WF website Ripple Ripple and xrp sound like they’re going To disappear or do they sound like They’re part of a much bigger plan you Decide


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