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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the beable ball Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you Today as I finally found the perfect Video to show exactly what it feels like To be an xrp holder and much love and Thank you to Rob art for showing [Music] This seconds let's see it's get a nice Little see movie I'm hold up oh hold up hold up hold up hold up This area this area right Here Ooh Huh it's interesting hold up hold up Wait wait need a wick out and go Simple Wick Out come on come On Wow what the what's the exits exits is like like Now like now yeah [Music] 150 Now ladies and gentlemen I know from The bottom of my heart that that hit Home to everyone in the xrp Army ladies and gentlemen holding xrp Has been an absolute test of patience Strength and Perseverance but we're finally going to Get rewarded this next Bull Run and I Believe it's going to be more than we Expect here we have additional

Validation from Jim Kramer as he Predicts that Bitcoin is about to go Down big and if we can count on anything From Jim Kramer Is that he's always wrong I just can't Get on I can't be in something where Mr Bitcoin is about to go downn B now that doesn't mean I'm still not on Black Swan alert that doesn't mean we Still can't see a quick market Pullback and I've been preparing all of You for either scenario but especially The Black Swan scenario we're Experiencing now and what I'm going to Stress to every single one of you is This stay vigilant and pay Attention you know how to act and react In both Scenarios and I've prepare all of you Savages to be the best regardless of What happens now guys before we pivot Our attention into the meat and potatoes For the day we need to see and Understand that us politicians in Congress are the people that like to Live in the Ivory Tower they think They're better than you they get insider Trading tips and these are Congress People who own stock positions that Directly benefit from war in the Middle East ladies and gentlemen never forget It these individuals don't care about You and that's why I continue to stress That when they pitch the idea of a stock

Band B It's not going to be for our best Interest it's not going to be to stop Their own corruption it's going to be to Exit the market close to or at the Peak this is how the world Works and you'd be ignorant to not know That now I'm going to continue to let All of you know and remind you that November this year is the most important Month in regards to crossb payments in Regards to Iso20022 And in regards to xrp Adoption we saw how important March 2023 Was for ISO we saw fed now go live and Now this November is going to be the Moment that breaks the camel's back and Sets us off into a full-blown adoption Cycle I promise you Is that E Pay fits the tracker on behalf Of the community that brings a lot of Value first the banks have less burden To make this happen second we can do it H easier and faster than they they can Do it because we have the latest Information and and this uh proof of Concept work really well in less than Two minutes we make these transactions Happen including the settlement so what We have demonstrated that we are Prepared our systems are prepared the Banks at the other side of the world are Prepared and they are willing to to make This happen and uh starting on November

28th Europe will have the rails open to This one leg out so uh what we should do Is deliver is we have the tools we have The GPA tracker we have the Infrastructures here and there we have The banks let's make it happen not for The you have to build anything to make This happen you leveraged what already Exist yes yes we need to add a few Features and and it is done so let's use It for to make a difference H to to have A real impact on people's life per Perhaps I come back to my heart in latam And and a conversation that I I had with Some people in in Honduras or Salvador They have more than 20% of the GDP Coming from immigrants uh so making this Faster cheaper makes a real difference On these countries not only an increase On GDP is probably the difference Between starving or now guys I'm asking You all a very genuine question Question are you starting to get it the Profundity of the events that are taking Place in real time in the banking sector Cannot be Ignored the world is about to misbehave Economically and they are about to Implement the new technology they've Been traving for about a decade to fix The Problem let me make something else clear We won't see the full blown effects of What's happening right now until we get

Full-blown Regulation however in this video from ISO 222 let's do it Bankers say that They are excited for upcoming Regulations that will create exponential Growth in the world of digital Currencies I believe exponential growth Will take place with xrpc bdcs and a Plethora of other regulatory compliant Digital assets that will happen down the Road and ladies and gentlemen you don't Have to believe me because I've always Been providing Clips especially over the Last couple months of this exact Scenario everything I bring up on this Channel has video or documented Evidence and there's going to be a Moment where you guys all realize how Right we've Been at a very interesting time period Um in the financial Journey around Payments and why do I say that um we at The cost of actually taking payments From becoming a commodity to actually a Product that's going to be deeply Entrenched with data that's going to Drive more value for Commerce and Industry so if I think about the Challenges multinationals um many Treasures to I have is is really how do I get my payments faster with less Friction uh and actually almost like Doing a domestic instantaneous Transaction but how do I do that for

Crossbo payments so as a bank what we're Doing is we relentlessly working on on Actually creating that instantaneous Crossb payment but the exciting part is That crossb payment is actually going to Be followed with a rich amount of data And content and if we get that right um The next area and intelligence around Payments is here to H us and that Unlocks quite a lot of exciting Opportunities for us to really have true Finality of settlement to have Information reachal compliance data uh We can actually get to the level where We can do small contracts much more Efficiently it is actually going to Facilitate Commerce much quicker So as a bank that's what we're working On um it's pretty exciting we've seen a Huge amount of developments a year ago There was a huge amount of activity Around Central Bank digital currency Pilots stand as a bank has dominated our Pilots we've been part of every single Pilot out there the next part for us now To solve as an industry and as a bank is To say how do we take it from Pilot to Really transformative business models And if we look at the technology Available with distributed Lees that's That's the opportunity for us to go next Um we're also pretty excited in terms of What regulations Uh and Regulators are doing to develop

The industry and actually bring forward A standard around digital currencies and And you know once that maturity has been Reached actually I think we're going to See exponential take off and growth in In the world around the digital Currencies as so ladies and gentlemen as You guys heard they're going from Pilots To actually implementing this in Business models and in the previous Video they talk about the very important Use case of cheapening crossb payments How immigrants are playing an Increasingly more important role in Different economies and they have to Send money home and that's important you Have to understand that these are Ripple And xrp use cases terms and language That they've used for years now banking The Unbanked cutting down the cost of Settlements making them Faster and we are at a critical point in Human history Financial history and Banking history to where I believe They're about to have the exponential Growth we've all been waiting For we've had to suffer through the Quicksand of the SEC Case but now I think we're about to get Way more than we originally Expected here we had a major Announcement at cbos as Switzerland will Begin live transactions with a central

Bank digital currency at the end of year 2023 and as you see more and more Countries also going live with Trials this should give you additional Confidence to everything else I've been Showing you because it confirms that Everything we're saying is correct Actually two other points but the last One is in as an FMI we need Central Bank Digital currency so today an FMI settles In Central Bank for good reasons to make Sure that we reduce risks and Counterparty risk and have a bankruptcy Remote asset for settlement and uh we Don't have that today so in our case we Using tokenize Swiss frank and tokenize Euro which is things that we create Based on cash that hits our account at a Swiss national bank and then we Tokenized sdx so there's an exposure to Us the good news there in Switzerland at Least is that we will be starting with Real life transactions in cbdc by the End of the year meaning that the Swiss National Bank will be the entity Deploying Swiss frank in tokenized form So cbdcs on our infrastructure for Settlement so that's a barrier that is Lifted it's going to be a a six- month Trial to start with but it's it's Promising and I think other central Banks are looking at that and I think It's really important at least for fmis Uh to to play and the last one is

Mindset I think this is such a paradigm Shift that it's it's very difficult to For most people in our industry to Comprehend what I've just explained in My first response the the the the Potential of that technology because We're so used to what we do today that We sometimes tend to not be open or able To to look at what the potential could Be in a very open-minded way and I think That's also or something that will be Changed through education through now With everything that I've shown you you Cannot ignore how close we are to Everything going in our Favor ladies and gentlemen every single Video from now on moving forward is a Strategic breakdown of the Inevitable too much evidence points Towards the November time Frame and the more you get it through Your head the less time you're going to Waste November 2023 is going to be a Magical time for the xrp Army and don't you ever forget [Music] It and now guys to cap off this video For today I've told every single one of You to sign up to rumble and follow me At the aggressively average podcast as I Finally have episode three up The episode I've been talking about that I've been ready to post for the past Couple days as I've added and fact

Checked a lot of the information I was Going to put Out ladies and gentlemen if one thing is Clear is that the world is Volatile and there are going to be some Of the most important videos I make on This platform that I can't post here on YouTube and I genuinely hope every Single one of you subscribe And enjoys what I put out There ladies and gentlemen this is the Bearable ball Here thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of You now I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video


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