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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the beable bll Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you Today as ladies and gentlemen I'm back With another video after taking the last Couple days off because quite frankly I've been building so much value for Every single one of you in the Background behind the scenes that I've Needed extra time in order to make sure Things get completed so I could present It all to all of you and after having Taken the last couple days off to catch Up on this work I'm almost ready to Release a free course that I've been Working on for a while for every single One of You it's a gift from me to the entirety Of the xrp Army and I hope all of you enjoy it as We're sitting here about a couple weeks After we warned you right here on this Channel that the Bitcoin ETF news would Be a selda news event we have seen Crypto pull back Aggressively and remember when I had Waters above on this very Channel Telling all of you that ults were likely In store for one final pullback before We begin our moon mission we are in the Midst of that pullback and still like Have a little lower to go but I'm here To reiterate the fact that 2024 is the

Most Perma bullish year that crypto will Give you 2021 was a baby calf walk of a Bull run relative to what we're about to Experience from the Insiders I know and From the people I talk to closely that Are high level sources in the crypto Space they anticipate 2024 and 2025 Being a potential Super cycle for Crypto and you're blessed enough here to Be able to dollar cost average with your Positions do not complain don't get Impatient either wait with your Positions that you have now or dollar Cost average over the next couple weeks We are in store for fantastic Times and you better not forget it but In the meantime I do have bad news going On with xrp right Now xrp is having some drama and the xrp Community as some validator nodes are Going Offline short the fomo and alloy Networks are frankly shutting down their Validators and quite frankly this will Be a true test of how durable The xrp Ledger is can these decommission nodes Get replaced in Time will the Network Health Suffer ladies and gentlemen this is Where the builders and the true Contributors for The xrp Ledger Awaken and I would highly recommend a Call to action to all developers

Builders and even peripheral xrp Army Members to start running your own Validator node and help with the health Of The xrp Ledger now guys with that being said I Do not think this takes away from the Overall good news that we've had with The ecosystem as xrp addresses have Nearly doubled making a whoppy 170% surge since 2020 my friends this ecosystem is only Getting larger and when all these Amendments Passed with all these new technologies Coming in Xrp I genuinely believe every every Single one of you will see the price Action you've all been Expecting it's the chicken and egg Scenario with xrp will the price come First and then the builders will follow Or will the builders bring on new Developments that will make price Surge let's see what happens First either way the xrp Army Wins that being said my friends we have To zoom out to the macro as everr tilts Its ugly head again everr will be Dismantled in a big bang end to years of Stumbles and ladies and gentlemen this Might have a worldwide effect on global Markets I think the economy is genuinely Weak and we need a March 2020 Stout Black Swan event to be the excuse for

Why the market pulls back and why why we Need to drop interest Rates they are projecting potentially as Early as March for the FED to cut Rates and I think we're right on Schedule for that level of a pullback to Have in that period in Time when they cut rates a crash comes In the Markets the stock market is reaching new Alltime highs as Simultaneously the underlying metrics And fundamentals have never looked Worse that being said my friends know That all of our predictions about how This year specifically is going to go Have been spot on as Hester Pierce is Confirming yet another one I Made I remember telling all of you the Cftc will be the main regulator for Crypto a long time Ago and now the sec's very own Hester pi Years is confirming This Gary gunler destroyed the sec's Credibility and the xrp case being won By us in just a few short months will be The final cherry on top now we're in a Bit of a an awkward position because Congress has expressed a clear interest In in stepping into this space and has Suggested that maybe the SEC will not be The primary regulator for much of this Stuff and so it's a little bit harder to Do now um but I think whatever we do or

Congress does the point should be let's Bear in mind what the objective is which Is to make sure there's enough Information out there for people to make Decisions about what they want to do but Also to preserve the ability of people To innovate and think about how to do Things in new ways not to try to force Everything that's happening in the Crypto world into the traditional Finance Mo mold which is not necessarily The best mold for all of these things so I hope that um we'll turn over a new Leap in this area and and take a fresh Start and ladies and gentlemen Unfortunately has Mr Pierce's Hope is going Unmet the SEC is still playing their old Dirty Tricks the SEC has pushed back Black Rock Spot ether ETF Decision and ladies and gentlemen Remember the moment the Bitcoin ETF got Approv it was actually ethereum that Exploded 10% within an Hour that's because the front running of The market began Again the price was already fulfilled For Bitcoin and the ETF news was priced In but then the ethereum ETF Speculation Began the first of several delays the SEC can employee has been executed for The ethereum

ETF this has to happen within a 240-day Period from when the SEC opened comments On the Applications in 2003 Black Rock filed an Application with the SEC to convert its Ethereum trust to an ETF and now a final Decision on all pending spot E3 TFS Including black rocks could come in May As the earliest final deadline out of All the Participants Black Rock and vesco Arc Vanck and grayscale are among the firms In line for approval and this one two Punch of a Bitcoin and e3f legitimizing This base along with xrp inevitably Defeating the SEC 4 and0 is coming for Xrp that will add increased credibility To the crypto Market and I guarantee you trillions Will flow in let's talk about the top Stories the SEC is pushing back its Decision on black Rock's proposed spot Ethereum ETF the reason for the delay Well in this filing for yesterday the Agency said it needs more time to review The proposed rule change now this marks The first of several delays the SEC can Employ before the regulator must Announce a final decision for this ETF That has to happen within a 240-day Period from when the SEC opens comments On the applications late last year Black Rock filed an application with the SEC To convert its ethereum trust into an

ETF now a final decision on all pending Spot ether ETFs including black rocks Could come in may as that's the earliest Final deadline out of all the applicants That would be similar to the sec's Decision on all the spot Bitcoin ETF Applications which were approved all at Once on January 10th now Black Rock Invesco Arc and venc are among the firms In line for approval for a spot ether ETF as well as grayscale which is Seeking to convert its existing ethereum Trust into an ETF Now ladies and Gentlemen while we're over here stuck in Limbo understanding that Bitcoin Had it sell the news event with the ETF Understanding that an eth ETF is likely To be approved this year as well and That will be a selda news event for Ether we're here understanding that at Around April we're likely going to see The conclusion officially of this xrp Case we have a trifecta of bullish Momentum for the top three digital Assets on the Planet all while at the same time we are Still in a pre-regulator environment Here in America ladies and gentlemen the powers That be the elites the billionaire and Multi- trillionaire power movers of the World they don't want regulations in the Crypto market yet because then the wouldn't be allowed

Anymore guys they're allowing some in this market to Continue because that is where maximum Money is made And these people will be a massive part Of It regulation is coming hell the Framework is already set in stone in Some of the biggest Financial Centers in The world like Switzerland Dubai Singapore the UK and Others America will follow Sue but I cap off this video for today Please listen to this conversation Between Jeremy olair from Circle and Sheila Warren formerly at Ripple on Policy for digital Assets Sheila Warren calls out the US And says it's quite embarrassing we Don't have basic policy Yet and I couldn't agree More but here's the Thing as investors this is where the ROI Is Made when things are Messy where there's blood on the streets But still extremely powerful Fundamentals we have it All and that's why the xrp Army will Become the new One% ladies and gentlemen this is the Beable ball Here thanks for tuning [Music]

In as always I appreciate every single One of You now I'll be back [Music] Tomorrow with another Video it's kind of embarrassing that the United States is not able to to do Something here uh when it purports to be To to try and drive you know things Forward here and um you know we've been You know actively obviously talking About stable coin legislation um you Know given given usdc but um you know The the fact that all of these other Governments in the world are setting the Laws for how dollars work on the Internet Y is kind of insane and that's What's happening I mean exactly what's Happening and and you know we're we're Facing the ground truth of that Negotiating with governments around the World but it would be really helpful if You know the the agencies and the and The and the apparatus that's responsible For the way the dollar works in the World could could get and you know I Want I want to say that in a different Way because I think it is people kind of See it and they're like oh yeah yeah but Really think about this right so you had Switzerland or Japan first to the table Now Japan and midal that was after Mount Goau which was this big sort of tragic Moment of theft you know what not so

They felt the need to respond to that They put into place some sort of Baselines Switzerland very early Baselines to be fair Finn stand in the United States to the point you made Earlier 201 firstate they were the first Out the gate right so we were we were Right there with the early doctors as Well literally I founded Circle because Of the thin I was like I can actually do This like there wasn't clear I was Thinking about it then it's like okay There's a way to do this leg you room to Maneuver right and then you know so in The meantime you've had the EU 27 member States we cannot overstate how Complicated 600 pages of legislative Text that's the thing they didn't even Do a little thing they did a massive Thing like look views on that it's very Complicated not all of it is it's far From perfect nevertheless the amount of Coordination it takes to coordinate the Ep the EC like all the member states to Get that across the line and here we are In the United States it's like what's Going on folks you know it is to your Point it really is not only embarrassing It is I think it's shocking actually I Find it quite shocking that there's this Kind of almost abdication of Responsibility to the Global Financial Community in a way maybe that sounds Arrogant as an American to say but I do

Think there's responsibility being the Purveyors of the dollar which does Remain the single strongest connect Force in the global economy to not have Put forth some baseline guidance and Prated some rules about what that ought To look like in a stable coin it's just It's wild right


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