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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the bearbull bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you Today as this is what it feels like to Be finally in the beginning stages of a Bull market the xrp community has been Carrying the Bulls in crypto for a long Time we've been Perma bullish on our Favorite digital asset xrp for the Longest we've suffered through the most But now we're going to get the most in Return the Bitcoin ETF is being said by Black Rock to be likely to get approved By January an ethereum ETF application has Been confirmed on the NASDAQ and now I'm going to give you Additional Confirmation 2022 we were in the thick Of the bare Market 2022 we had massive exchanges Collapsing but now we're getting all Those Institutions who are likely behind the Collapse of a lot of exchanges and Projects coming in with their Solutions So that trillions could flood in and Generational wealth could be made by Those of us that have been in Early ladies and gentlemen stay the Course pay Attention and don't listen to me say it The current head of the OCC said it at

DC fintech Week coins were utility and that did not Reach their previous alltime highs will Be the ones that make extra Roi this Time Around I genuinely believe that now look At what the OCC had had to Say particularly when it comes to crypto Which of course has had its own issues Over the last year uh we still have not Gotten the formal regulation I know That's not necessarily on on your Shoulders so you should maybe go talk to Gary and a couple other people to see Where they stand but is there a solution I guess to the problem that I feel like Crypto itself kind of created yeah so um In my travels over the past year or so And I I talk To financial institutions technology Firms other Regulators globally whenever This comes up something I have really um It's really emerged there seem to be More and more of a Dev div between Crypto on the one hand and tokenization Of real world assets and liabilities on The other hand what do I mean by that With crypto that's the usual stuff that Is reported in the Press um and it's What basically shot up and then crashed Uh that's the crypto world it's retail Focused largely and it tends to be Driven by The Hope for speculative gain That seems to be the main kind of fuel

And interest in crypto is that maybe I Can make some money uh by investing in And XY orz a particular coin it Still Remains replete with fraud scams and Hacks and you know some of the largest Players remain unregular Now ladies and Gentlemen I hope you understood that Thoroughly there is more and more of a Divide between the tokenization of real World assets and crypto itself and I've Always told every single one of you Digital assets that do not help in Assisting with building the future Financial system will go away cryptos That will not survive regulations will Go away we are still in a pre-regulator Clarity environment for crypto which Means two things one we can still Receive maximum Roi because it is still risky but two Massive multi- trillion doll Institutions are hesitant to get in the Game because there is no clarity in the Space I think that they want to keep it That way I'm actually personally shocked That regulations have taken this time to Get past I was certain that after FTX Collapse Congress would have gotten on Their high horse and had passed Regulation within a Month clearly our tax dollars are not Going for the right reasons but that's Besides the point cryptos with no Utility are going to fail

Even if they have a speculative bull run This time Around it doesn't Matter this will be the last speculative Bull Run in crypto's History and after this you better be in To cryptos with a Future now here we have Jenna xrp Letting all of you know where the zaho Token has fallen From it fell from what was xrp's price All the way down to 10 cents and ladies And gentlemen this was a token I told All of you not to trade your xrp for Because if you did want this crypto You'd have to leave it on the exchange Give up your xrp for it in exchange and It is now currently down 83% you're welcome and thank you to Jenna xrp for being on It but at the exact same time what I Would say is that it's important that The builders are allowed to build it's Important that the builders are allowed To continue experimenting with these Side Chains smart contracts are unbelievably Important for the future of Xrp and the more we have people working On the side trying to bring them the Better xrp's future will be I commend The community for working extremely hard Every single Day and we're going to continue doing so

Until further Notice now here something else to be Aware of from Moon Lambo for the first Time in a year and a half the 90day Change in stable coin supplies just Flipped positive and this means that we Are finally seeing net capital inflows Through stable coins for the first time Since the bare Market Began in my opinion stable coins are the Biggest risk to the crypto market look At what happened with us and Tera Remember when tether was D pegging and Usdc was dep pegging that was a Frightening Point but what I'll say is the more Stable coins there are in the Market the more likely we're going to Get even more positive price Appreciation for our xrp Bitcoin eth and Others The cryptocurrency market is still Unregulated like I said before and the Printing of tether has been known to Prop up Bitcoin and other Olds stay the course pay attention to These Indicators that helps signal that a bull Cycle is on the Horizon and you're going to do much Better than 99% of people that aren't Paying Attention now here yet another monstrous Development for ripple and xrp as a real

Estate developer in Dubai called Cura Reserve is accepting xrp as payment to Purchase Property ladies and gentlemen as many of You on this channel have understood for A while I've been a big believer in Diversification not just amongst asset Classes but amongst jurisdictions you Reside in have property in or want to Live in as a whole Dubai is the city of the future and an Epicenter of economic growth and quite Literally I would recommend as a high Quality option for a lot of you who are More business savvy and business-minded To move to or at the very least start a Business In with this real estate developer Accepting xrp is Payments I'd love to see a lot of you Purchasing homes with your xrp in Dubai Documenting it and sending it to me on Twitter to share with the world because Buying real estate with crypto is going To be one of the biggest things of the Future more multi-millionaires would be Made from this space than any other Space Before and at a faster Rate and at this period in time we have A unique Opportunity as the xrp Army finding to Be the new one percent to get it Done now guys to cap off this video for

Today I'm going to give you what is the Number one indication that to me 2024 is Going to be the year for xrp that Absolutely nobody is talking About and before I tell you what it is I Have to give you some Context first and foremost we've been Researching xrp for the better part of 5 Years if you've been following my Channel you have all the foundations and Fundamentals from Ripple and xrp Already chart analysts that we trust Including Rob art including Waters above Including BC backer including other ta Analyst that I trust deeply are pointing Towards 2024 being a powerful year for Crypto and xrp we have the Bitcoin ETF Narrative pointing towards more bullish Positive momentum for Bitcoin which will Lead into the the all coins we have the Perfect storm and the foundation of Strong fundamental phenomena Already but now I'm going to get a Little esoteric with all of you and tell You all that not only are the charts and Fundamentals pointing to it but the Universe is pointing to a powerful year For xrp as well and I'm going to explain To you why now we have to go back in Time for this one and realized that the Xrp Ledger was Born June 2nd 2012 meaning next year in 2024 it will be xrp's

Birthday it's 12th birthday and that has Special Significance I've been Consulting with People outside of the crypto Space Specifically I had someone who's an Expert in numerology tell me that next Year is the year Year of the Dragon and Things or people that are born on the Year of the dragon and Chinese zodiac Culture will have a special year next Year I believe not only based on the TA Fundamentals of xrp but because of this As well xrp will have a special Year there's been numerous different Confluences pointing to that Direction and this is yet another thing That points in that direction that may Be a little more woo woo esoteric for All of you to just take into Account I do think 2024 is going to Offer the perfect xrp price appreciation Storm and I'll make another bold Prediction as Well the country that is most heavily Symbolized by the dragon on the world Stage is China and I do think that if at any Other given moment in time the best time For them to go in into Taiwan and try And take it will be next year in 2024 there's currently a war on two Fronts Russia Ukraine and in the Middle East right now

And I think China is salivating at the Fact that they might be able to take Back what they think is Theirs that in the middle of an election Year for the United States when things Will most likely be volatile and when When we're most likely to be divided Into distracted I think will make the Perfect Storm so all I'm asking you to do is to Pay attention and to take this into Account now guys I'm going to leave you With one final message as we approach More and more every single day our most Powerful bull run yet and the moment in Time when we do become the new 1% scammers are going to be out here Trying to extract your crypto and Especially your xrp from you there's Been an ad campaign of Brad garlinghouse Being deep faked by AI trying to tell You to send your xrp in return to double The amount and this is 100% a scam if You see scammers on YouTubers comment Sections asking you to Whatsapp them Asking you to send money asking you to Do anything of that nature it is a game Do not send your crypto anywhere hold Hold On Tight to your crypto and your Xrp and be Warned you are a Target whether you want To or not and the worst actors will come Out of the woodwork when it will be the Best time for

Us take precautions and protect Yourselves Now stay vigilant and pay attention now As we step into our new Power and become the new One% I'm going to leave you you with This video playing for the day so you Know what to watch out For as always I appreciate every single One of [Music] You now I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video send a minimum of 1,000 xrp and a Maximum of 500,000 xrp to the address Listed on the website within less than a Minute you will receive back double the Xrp that you sent to the same wall you Sent from this giveaway is our way of Giving back to the community that has Stood by us believed in our vision and Held xrp through thick and thin we are Here because of you and we want to Ensure that you share in our success as We continue to unlock new potentials and Reach New Frontiers we are more Committed than ever to fostering a Community where everyone thrives thank You for being a part of this journey and Here's to many more Milestones together


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