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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the beable bll Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you Today as ladies and gentlemen we have Some special brewing in the crypto Market we have the early stages of a Bull run in the crypto market and we're Getting extreme Confirmation in the crypto Market Bitcoin has just hit 39,000 The crypto space is getting spicy with Bitcoin currently at 39,400 and trust me when I say I can Already read the mainstream headlines Now 40K Bitcoin returns when all the Plees and the sheeple thought it was Dead the exit liquidity is Returning and every single one of you Can smell it too ladies and gentlemen Apparently as retweeted by Caitlyn long The SEC meetings with a spot Bitcoin ETF Issuers have been Voluminous SEC Source says a 99% Approval is underway for a Bitcoin spot ETF and these ETFs are being rumored to All happen all at once dotted eyes and Cross tee Are across all applications and could You imagine if for an early Christmas Present we get a juicy Bitcoin Bull Run And spot ETF Approval I wouldn't be

Surprised I could smell the news Brewing and I can sense the crypto Market is going to give us a nice little Tree ladies and gentlemen stay the Course and pay attention As the hardest part of the game is going Against the majority and what your Emotions are trying to tell You ladies and gentlemen back when Bitcoin was pretty low in 2021 BC backer asked everyone what's Next 12K or 40K and here we are right Next to 40K it's crazy how retail sentiment is Always wrong You do not have the news for the Classes but I teach you on this channel Every day how to think like the Classes today Bitcoin and eth hit the Highest prices they've reached since May 2022 and the old coin Market is teasing The Great Escape needless to say my friends I'm Bullish on this Market and every single one of you Should be preparing your strategies now And if you guys have been subscribed to My only fans at onlyfans.com thee Bearable bow you'd have some powerful Gems that are up over 100% so far in This bull Market and ladies and gentlemen there's More to come for all of you in this Community there's a powerful update

Video in there and all of you need to Understand that we're just only Preparing for what's to come in this Next cycle DM responses to about a Hundred of you are being taken care of As we speak right Now and for those of you not in yet I Highly recommend It now guys a big reason why I believe This bull run is on its way is because Of the increasing credibility being Taken away from the SEC John Deon wrote a powerful tweet Today stating some of us were saying This three years ago that despite the Fact that I own more of Bitcoin any thin Xrp many people ignored us the xrp Army And said we were just disgruntled over Our shitcoin security status our Response was as an xrp Community just because a few conflicted Unscrupulous lawyers at the SEC claim Xrp is a security doesn't make it one And today those people now agree with us We suffered through the last Bull Run and out of the other side comes a Reward for the rest of the crypto Market the point is that when you sit Back and say nothing about government Overreach because you don't like the Project being targeted eventually the Government Finds Its way to the project You do Like it's being stated and speculated

That the SEC intentionally lied about Existential dangers from a crypto firm And madeup stories in order to get a Restraining order against a firm and the Court is looking to sanction the SEC if They don't produce a legitimate reason For their Lies ladies and gentlemen the evidence Is clear against the SEC not just in one Case cough cough Ripple not just another Case cough cough grayscale not just Another another case cough cough Coinbase binance Library numerous cases Show the sec's Incompetence it's jurisdictional Overreach it's blatant conflicts of Interest and overall Corruption I pray for the day we're out Of the sec's grasp and I do believe it's Fast Approaching crypto cowboy stated that The SEC sought chief judge Robert Selby's backing through an expart filing Meaning without notifying defendants and Stu alera Ripple's General Council shows A troubling pattern emerging from the SEC and these are just numerous examples Of the sec's conflicts of interest and Corruption ladies and gentlemen we're Going to get over the top regulation to Put the SEC in its place but also to Provide clear rules of the Road the US Treasury the Department of Justice and the cftc will in my opinion

Be the organizations regulating crypto And I'm hearing rumors that each of These SE sections of the government will Be used to regulate different type of Cryptos maybe the cftc does commodity Style Cryptos maybe the treasury helps Regulate stable coins wink Wink things like this are what all of You need to be thinking about we are High level thinkers in this space and Have the capacity to understand that This technology is Necessary you guys all know the Deal think outside the Box but also remember everything you've Learned here we have Anders Lumberg Showing that the head of the SEC Chrysina georgeva pretty much tells us How important carbet credits will be in The future the climate change agenda is At play especially with the current People in power and that is their 2030 Agenda there is a global agenda around The environment whether people like it Or not and xrp is directly involved as a Solution remember in 2021 the Exchange.com Partnership with ripple as a sustainably Run Securities Exchange operating in Partnership with the United Nations they developed a carbon credit Solution on the carbon neutral Xrpl and you best believe these people

In Power view xrp as the best positioned Option If a crypto were ever to be used in the Global Financial System xrp has cemented itself in the Forefront of the Elite's Eyes and it has filled every solution to Every problem they've presented and Every tick of the agenda you could Name climate change Cbdcs Ubi Ripple XR P have every Solution we are a huge proponent of Carbon price we believe that carbon Price has the potential of raising Revenues uh in a way that is both Equitable because the more you Consume the more you pollute the more You Pay and it is also a incentive to Accelerate decarbonization in other Words you would need less money uh Because of uh consumption and production Adapting to it isn't that amazing that Out of the other side of conferences Like this is a global agenda for climate Change a world climate conference is Occurring in Dubai as we speak and it is Expected to set a new world record a Record from for most private jets in one Place ever and this conference will Singlehandedly cause more CO2 emissions Than millions of cars in a year but they

Want to control your lawnmowers they Want to control your cars they want to Control your stoves hell they even want To ban New York cheese Oven Pizza are you Crazy if they try to ban Pizza in New York there will be a revolution tomorrow And I'll go back can Lead but in all seriousness my Friends things like this get me Heated the only thing that distinguishes Us from 99% of people is that our eyes Are wide open to the agenda at play and We're simply positioning our poker Pieces our chest pieces our nest eggs And the right Answers the these are the last moments And last opportunities to make Individualized wealth a high level of Wealth before we get into the new world Where upward Mobility will be Impossible and I can't stress that Enough all I'm trying to do is warn you And there will be a day where people Watching videos like this who didn't act Will look back and say hey That Anonymous dude on the Internet that El Toro Loco he tried to warn me and I didn't Listen don't be like that Guy be like Billy Billy's a dude I met that got rich Off Dogecoin in the last Bull Run and Billy doesn't give a about anyone's

Opinions Anymore we're all trying trying to be Like Billy and I think xrp is going to Move just like Dogecoin did in the last Cycle Now ladies and gentlemen to cap Off this video for today I'm going to Leave you with a powerful video that I Think completely exposes the agenda that They'll have for us after everything is Implemented ladies and gentlemen all I'm Doing is getting you prepared for the Agenda they want to roll out so that we Know what they're trying to Do and we'll have our eyes wide Open this is going to be one of the more Important videos I've played in a long Time and I hope you all enjoy It ladies and gentlemen this is the Beable ball Here thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of You and I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video the idea had been by central banks To introduce this as we said Central Bank digital currency but have you ever Seen an article or a video or you know Whatever description of what it actually Looks like I mean with Central Bank Paper money we know what it looks like Right Bank digital currency we know and You know we've used it ourselves we know What it looks like but what does Central

Bank digital currency look like you see So they never talk about that because People won't actually like the looks of It yeah because it apparently looks and And several central banks apparently as I as I heard from my sources have Already fully developed the final stage Of cbdc I mean it comes in stag Initially likely through your mobile Phone but that's only intermediate step And the final stage is you know it's It's small and it's the size of a a Grain of rice Rice now why is that and it that grain Of rice is your entire wallet or yes It's your digital ID your wallet uh can Be your your um your passport your Key um now of course what we found with Our debit cards or credit cards is They've already now moved to the system You RFID chips um RFID um technology Where you just wave the thing yeah Contactless yes that is sort of the you Know conditioning Us in this direction That in future you'll just wave your Hand because you've got the microchip The microchip implant under your skin um And because you know and each each step There's a rational reason you know it's It's easier just to wave this isn't it It's much faster because we always have To wait in the cues as everyone types in Their numbers and all that so just wave It it's quicker

But the the next rationalization would Be well but you can lose your card Somebody can steal your card and then You're just waving that's kind of risky Well wouldn't it be nice if you couldn't Lose it and nobody could steal it um you Know so but it's clear that that's sort Of it is almost a step too far for a lot Of people because it is a violation of Human dignity to actually inject Something like that Under the Skin so um That's where you need some more Persuasian yeah and it's interesting That this concept of universal basic Income has been around for around a Century where everyone should get some Kind of citizens you know Payment but the the billionaire Elites Have so far not liked that but since 2015 they've all come out I mean all the Big billionaires and and World economic Forum have come out oh this is a good Idea Universal basic income well why Suddenly now because now we have the Technology for the microchip implant um And so when in 2017 Bill Gates came out And said that University basic income is A good Idea um but it's too early to introduce It now what was still missing so we had The technology for the microchip imp Plum but was missing was the digital ID Hadn't been Introduced now this is where this whole

Co Gender had become very useful


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