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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the bearable ball Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you Today as boy oh boy do we have a lot to Discuss we're going to go over Everything that broke from Ripple swell Conference we're going to go over some Quotes by Brad garlinghouse we're going To break down The xrp Ledger but first I'm going to take you back to a video I Made just three days ago titled xrp Bull Run Alert and every single one of you are Panicking right now because the xrp Price has gone down a couple Cents ladies and gentlemen put your big Boy pants on because we've been in this Market through 90% crashes 99% crashes For other tokens we've been through Ripple getting sued by the SEC which Dropped xrp down by 70% in one day day And if you're over here panicking over a 5cent healthy correction you are not Going to make It you see here on this channel we are 100% on point for this cycle as we have Learned many lessons from the 2022 cycle And the 2022 be Market we have refined Our craft we've gotten numerous Individuals that are tactical in their Areas of expertise to make sure we're Correct in pinpointing the truth of this Market and I'm going to remind you of

What I stated just a couple days ago so That all of you know we pinpointed this Pullback and we're going to continue to Pinpoint xrp's price into this bull Market I still believe that April 2024 Is going to be the special time to be an Xrp holder and that's when xrp will be Peing but for right now we are right on Track but what's also important to note Is one of our favorite guests on this Channel Waters above discussed how xrp Should reach 70 cents before the end of The year but he's also warning that this Daily RSI is at the same level was at on The July 13th pump which was the day xrp Was deemed not a Security the 92 RSI on the daily chart Happens often for ults and xrp is Cutting it Close xrp tends to get overheated moving Into a new moon then a back test happens On the full moon which is November 27th ladies and gentlemen the reason I'm Bringing all of this up is because right Now we may be slightly overheated in the Crypto market with the Bitcoin ETF Speculation and as well as xrp's recent Price rise so don't be surprised fuci Shortterm pullback a healthy correction And all this will be is a healthy buying Opportunity for a lot of you that may Have not accumulated as much xrp as you Wanted to and this could also be an

Additional bag stuff for those of you That want to pour some extra money in Before the next couple months passes By we are in a special place as an xrp Holder right now we're in a place where This chart has awakened completely and Absolutely we're not over here trading Sideways Anymore we are 110% in a cycle and What's so funny about that is that they Let you know if you have the eyes to be Able to decipher the lizard Talk Jim Kramer said to sell everything On TV and then Bitcoin is up 100 5% since Jim Kramer told everyone That the mainstream media is there to Manipulate You here on this channel that says Aggressively average content every Single day we're here to make you into The new One% make you able to Decipher all of the lizard talk please Don't assume therefore that it's not Still being manipulated and I would sell My Bitcoin right into this rally and Believe me I had been a believer One Time in Bitcoin not here not now now Guys we have even more confirmation that We're heading into a bull market as Black Rock's ethereum ETF plan has been Confirmed in a NASDAQ Filing the world's largest asset manager

Black Rock has already made Waves by Seeking to list a Bitcoin ETF and now Black rock is planting their seeds of More bullish propaganda into the Mainstream to get us even more Excited it'll be interesting to see what Happens in terms of Price we're going to see more bullish Momentum and we are in a bull Market but these shortterm headline Plants are meant to manipulate You all I ask you to do is to pay Attention and stay Vigilant We're Never Getting manipulated Again on this Channel we're going to ride this wave Correctly every single Day now we have a couple of things to Review from Ripple swell Conference 3 years ago we've discussed On this channel how HSBC is going to be One of the most significant and biggest Drivers of this new Financial System now this gets announced by Ripple's newest acquisition Medico HSBC announced it's working with Medico as it plans to launch a new Digital assets custody service for Institutional clients who invested in Tokenized Assets tokenization of Financial and Real world assets is gaining momentum Bringing huge potential to drive Significant cost efficiencies and new

Revenue streams for regulated financial Institutions and medical harmonize Remains the market leading institutional Grade digital asset custody solution Uniquely fit for the stringent Requirements of top tier Banks and Global Custodians ladies and gentlemen Ripple Came in to fix a massive custody problem Not only that but David Schwarz helped Build paully sign from the ground Up you think this is all coincidence Absolutely not and this was a Significant bomshell that Broke for those of you that don't Understand why this is so significant Custodianship is what will help hold These institutional ass assets the Digital assets bace has not gone into The multi-trillion dollar territory Truly because of Custodianship and with the solution to This massive problem I believe that Ripple is going to help pave the way for More money to flood in in addition Krypto Mason posted that Ripple Announced a new partnership with onaf Frig to power digital assets enabled Crossb payments between Africa and the Rest of the world World this is big and ripple is helping Bank the Unbanked I always told you that this Week was going to be a significant week

For the future Ripple and Xrp and they did not Disappoint not only that but Brad gring Housee went on CNBC for a mass marketing Campaign and he gave some more powerful Statements about the state of crypto and The industry at Large Ripple has wrapped up its Flagship swell Conference here in Dubai I spoke with Ripple CEO Brad gallinghouse on stage at The event I asked about Ripple's battle With the Securities and Exchange Commission over the status of its xrp Token and what Ripple's recent court win Means for the scope of SEC power over The crypto space listen in Ripple has Had three consecutive victories over the SEC on this first the judgment on July 13th saying very clearly xrp is not in Of itself in security uh second the Denial by the court for their their Request for an interlocutory appeal and Third the uh dismissal with prejudice The charge the allegations against Chris Larsson and myself so uh you know look One of the things that people talk about Is one of the definitions of insanity is Doing the same thing over and over again And thinking you'll get a different Outcome the SEC is doing the same thing Over and over again and they think I Guess they're going to get a different Outcome at some point and you and I Talked also backstage about a grayscale

Also had a I think an important victory In the United States about the Bitcoin ETF where the the judge again there's a Federal judge talking about a federal Agency in the SEC saying quote the SEC Is being arbitrary and capricious you Know generally judges tend to be pretty You know down the middle and try to not Be uh dramatic like those are damning Words so I I think at some point the SEC Has to step back and realize that their Approach of Regulation through Enforcement let's just bring lawsuits That that has to break so walk me Through the next steps in this case Today was the deadline for the briefing Schedule for remedies the SEC wants Something like $770 million in Discouragement yeah what happens next Well I I I uh in a session that I did in In Washington yesterday I made the joke Around I'd like to see the Vegas odds on You know what what could be the What's Called the remedies from the case look It I think we the SEC in my opinion has Lost sight of their mission to protect Investors and the question is who are They protecting in this journey and it Turns out that the court will make the Judge will make a decision about Remedies we actually welcome that uh I Think that in this case you look at what In what investors were harmed and you Also have to look at the Securities laws

And understand are there exemptions for Institutional and you know accredited Investors and things like that but look I I think it is a positive step for the Industry not just for ripple not just For Chris and Brad but for the whole Industry that the SEC has been put in Check in the United States and I'm Hopeful this will be kind of uh a a Thawing of the the permafrost in the United States for you know really seeing An amazing industry that has immense Potential thrive in the largest economy In the world I from one and unbelievably Optimistic in the Outlook of the crypto Industry in the United States after Everything that's happened to the SEC the SEC has been put in check and Just a little bold prediction for me I Don't think Ripple is going to have to Pay anything in Remedies worst case scenario1 to $20 Million But just a bold Prediction I hope the judge says Ripple Can close their Checkbook $100 million has been wasted On a nonsensical Fight now we're on to the next Chapter are numerous other cases Including the binance coinbase case and Ripple's case helps both of those while The binance case has also helped the Ripple as well binance had a huge win

Last year in the Anderson vers binance Case which really restricted the reach Of the United States securi loss outside Of the us and this helps Ripple a lot in Regards to the remedy's Portion keep that in Mind we're heading into better times for The entire Industry now guys to cap off this video For today this is kind of an emergency Alert as every single one of you needs To be aware of it exactly what you hold Xrp is Technology Ripple is the company David Schwartz the genius architect of the xrp Ledger States what happens to the Bad Actors on The xrp Ledger and why I Believe xrp is going to be the most Trusted chain for the future of the Global Financial System ladies and gentlemen this is the Bearable ball here Thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of You now I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video uh sorry you just mentioned like Twitter as a one of the analogy like Twitter actually from time to time ban Some of the Bad actors that they don't Like right so in xrp I've heard there's also such kind of Capability right so uh uh do you imagine

Like xrp could be a platform for Defy well so remember we're talking About Bad actors in the process of Determining which of two equally good Ways to make forward progress which no Honest participant cares about we're not Talking about censoring transactions if You want to censor a transaction by the Rules of The xrp Ledger your Ledger is Objectively worse it doesn't include a Valid transaction for you to say I don't Want to include this transaction you Have to acknowledge that you saw it Right so imagine we're agreeing on which Transactions are valid and I say we Should include this transaction and you Say no you can't say no a second time Because you saw the transaction like in Round eight you can't say no in round Eight if you said no in round seven if You said no in round seven you Definitely saw the transaction before Round out 8 began you have no rationale For rejecting it we're just talking About objectively equally good ways to Make forward progress you can be ex Exuded from the process of making Forward progress but it's just like if You couldn't mine in Bitcoin imagine if Bitcoin miners didn't get paid any money And had to include all valid Transactions in fee order would you care Whether you were mining or not you don't Get paid any money and you have to

Follow objective rules why would you Care your transactions will execute just The same right so yes you can be Excluded from the process of deciding Which of two equally valid ways to make Forward progress but as a user of the System you don't care you just make sure You only submit one you don't you don't Be a jerk like Alice and submit a Transaction sending a currency to Bill And the same currency to Carol you just Submit one transaction and then you Don't care which way it's clearly better To include a valid transaction than not To so you don't care about the case in Which you're not you're Excluded okay


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