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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the bearable bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you Today as ladies and gentlemen I have an Important video discussing why I will Never be selling my Xrp but first I have a lot to break down For all of you especially why I'm making That Statement xrp is meant to solve a Multi-trillion dollar problem and Currently it's only at a $35 billion Market cap if you don't get it by now Then you never Will xrp is still under a trillion Dollars which I believe is a Catastrophe buying xrp now is highway Robbery and it is your golden ticket and To winning the lottery in slow motion Because I genuinely believe we are in The final days of us being able to buy Xrp under a dollar Forever this is your last chance and if You don't take advantage you'll never Get this opportunity Back the big reason is because Regulations and Regulatory Clarity are Coming to the crypto Market and if you don't want to believe Me you can let these Bankers let all of You know that these regulations are Coming and once they pass it will open The floodgates for all of our

Generational wealth what happened to Crypto World in 2022 it really plunged From a defi summer into a crypto winter And then subsequently there were lots of Debate about whether that would the the Glide path whether it would get into a Crypto spring or an Ice Age um the recent incident seems to be Pushing it further into Springtime Rather than ice age in terms of crypto World judging from the valuation of some Of the assets that we have seen but Nonetheless um having seen what we have Seen um indeed I can come to two Possible sort of um very conjectural I Have to say um conclusions one is if the Crypto winter didn't kill it probably it Is there to stay for longer than we Originally expected and secondly you Already me I regulation probably we have To start thinking about how can we at Least put some of the crypto activities That we think of Greater economic value Into the Realms of Regulation crypto is Here to stay they're not going to kill It if they wanted to last year would Have been their opportunity to off the Heels of FTX but the corruption and the Conflicts of interest of s bankman freed In the SEC have been exposed C skill has Been winning their cases Ripple 3 and 0 Against the SEC they tried to kill the baby in The Carriage before it could walk but now

The crypto Market is Walking the crypto Market is about to Reach the teenage Years and with Regulations nothing can stop us and that Is going to be a major talking point and Priority this next year into the next Election Cycle but here guys let me explain to All of you why I will never sell my xrp And let me actually Elaborate of course I'm going to take Some profits off of my xrp as I've been Waiting too damn Long I do have my exit targets ready to Go and I will be letting all of you know On my channel directly when I'm taking Profits and how much at a certain period In time but I will never ever ever ever Sell all of my Xrp and a big reason is because one I do Believe xrp could reach unbelievable Heights one day so I always want to keep A forever bag of xrp just in case but Two with automated market makers you'll Be able to earn a Yield and this yield will be constant Passive income netu and the xrp Comm Community can earn that along with f Assets but we're going to be talking About automated market makers right now And David Schwarz stated for UNL Validators that the only reason to Oppose the amm amendment and XLS 30d as

If you don't want the xrp ledger to grow And here Mickey B fresh does a powerful Breakdown discussing this comment that David Schwarz made to the UNL validators And this is a big reason for why I will Never sell all of my Xrp passive income with a generational Wealth building asset is the key to Unlocking your financial freedom and I Believe xrp will not only allow for Generational profits but also Generational passive Income learn the game my Friends we're at the front of the line And we're the smartest community on the Planet so according to David Schwarz on Twitter about the only reason To oppose the amm amendment is if you Don't want the xrp ledger to grow that Would be rational if you thought the Xrpl was currently too broken and Couldn't handle it I don't believe Either of those things and I agree it Was built to to be a value Exchange and Then he says regarding the amendment Voting process from the UNL validators Regarding XLS 30d Amendment he says in general validators Shouldn't vote Yes individually the Community should make a decision and Then validators should nearly all vote Yes when they believe the community is On board and enough nodes support the

Change so that is very interesting right There because we have 35 UNL validators And they represent the community and I Think it's important that the community Knows that and the validators know that As well then he goes on to say the Amendment voting process is intended to Coordinate activation and prevent Activation if a problem is discovered It's really not supposed to be a Governance mechanism in my opinion David Schwarz's opinion validators should Generally vote what they think the Community has agreed on and not what They think is best I think it's pretty Overwhelming the Community is for the automated Market Maker I mean this is a no-brainer the Amount of benefits and I think that Hasn't been highlighted enough in a lot Of these discussions because I just Don't think the knowledge level is there And the narrative has steered to people Scaring others away because of a Permanent loss but not mentioning all The benefits so basically he's saying When amendments there's this much effort Put into them over 2 years period that Are this Monumental that are built to work with The existing Technologies and core Protocols this isn't some Amendment That's outside the box that's bringing Some EXT extravagant new feature that's

Never been tested before now there you Have it an excellent breakdown as always From Mickey B fresh as ladies and Gentlemen this is a big reason why I'm Never going to completely sell all of my Xrp profit taking is key and essential To making money and der risking it's Essential to take profits when you Believe that you could secure capital For yourself your family and your own Life's Improvements but you also have to think About the long game and the technology Is being built here now to support the Long game for you and your Family now to cap off this video for Today I'm going to play you a longer Clip from 801 xrp showing a clip from The CC data Summit of October 12 20123 and the policy director of EMA Andrew Drew Whitworth is discussing The future of Central Bank digital Currencies and digital money and in There he stated certainly Ripple my Company sees that in the future there Will be a mix of different types of Physical digital private and public Money there are some important nuggets For you to take out of this and I'm Going to leave you with this powerful Clip for the Day now for those of you in my only fans Community I have told told you the Crypto I have put my profits from chain

Link into and I have responded to most DMS if you have any questions please Don't hesitate to ask and if you're a Random YouTube subscriber or just coming Upon my channel subscribe to my onlyfans At onlyfans.com thee bearable bow as We're changing lives and quite literally Printing profits from the most recent Positions we've Taken Ladies and gentlemen this is the varable Ball Here thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of You now I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video to start at the very beginning What is money and what's the difference Between the money we have today and what The bank of England refers to as new Forms of digital money yeah well thanks I this question what is Money 5,000 years hopefully same same Answer at least if you believe and what The kind of future ecosystem of digital Money is going to look like so to get Started on this um Andy to start at the Very beginning what is money and what's The difference between the money we have Today and what the bank of England Refers to as new forms of digital money Yeah well thanks I this question what is Money 5,000 years hopefully same same

Answer at least if you believe the Economist which which I do um so I mean Famously I think and Maybe has three functions it's store of Value it's a means of exchange and it's A unit of account different times people F focus more on one part of this or the Other traditionally something needs to Have all three of these functions to To traditionally well again very Different um traditionally something Needs to have all three forms of this um Uh all three functions of this to um to To count as money it's G through the Back um to count as money um I think When it comes to the debates we're Having today we've seen how this has Played out with people ing one part more Than the other so you know when talking About stable coins is often thought About as a means of payment but also Often thought about as a unit of account Sorry of a store of value what I think Is quite interesting and obviously you Know Bitcoin people talk about this all The time uh what I think is quite Interesting is this unit of account Function because we often forget about It and the more I think about it the More this is where the sort of relevant Definition of money comes from so if you Think about it when you're paying for Something particularly in the modern World with Fiat where it's not linked to

Gold or it's not linked to anything else Of course we all know you're just paying With something that other people have Accepted they would accept uh on behalf Of something because it has a certain Nominal value uh and obviously you know We're well aware of what's going on in With inflation in various countries and Things like that where the ninal value Can separate out from uh from the value Of the goods underneath and you end up With different prices things like that Now what I think is interesting when it Comes to the digital um the idea of dig Money uh these future forms of money You're talking about is that what we're Seeing is different types of this be it Crypto asset be it stable coin be it Tokenized deposit or cbdc targets Different functions of the traditional Uses of money um where I think we're at Now compared to where we were whenever It was 10 12 years ago when um this Whole sector first started is I think The question of unit of account has been Settled settled definitively and settled Definitively in favor of Fiat Definitions of money if you think of Some somebody you know in the days when These existed called a Bitcoin Billionaire that didn't mean they had a Billion Bitcoin it means they had a Billion dollars worth of bitcoin or Pounds or whatever um similarly stable

Coins when you think of Libra as the First one to come along that was going To be backed by originally by a basket Of currencies um and was going to be Worth one Liber that was you know Whatever it was worth around the world Now stable coins are very much backed by A single currency they don't have to be But they are or they do tend to be Although you can very well correct me if I'm wrong um and in a sense they are Piggybacking off the unit of account Function of a Fiat Fiat currency so I Think what we're now talking about when We talk about different digital forms of Money uh and their interaction with Traditional financial sector uh is where Does the technology that we have you Know blockchain usually um where does That help for the different functions The store of value or the um means of Exchange and I think what we're seeing Is these different types as I say cbdc Crypto assets um stable coin teiz Deposit they have different benefits Different costs different Tradeoffs um some of these in a sense Are operating in a different Financial World compared to traditional Financial Fiat monies um and what we need is an on Or off ramp between the Fiat world and The digital asset World digital money World um some of them are replicating The Fiat World on or trying to replicate

The Fiat World on chain I think that's Where I'd Place stable coin where i' Place cbdcs maybe tokenized deposits too Um so they have different fun different Benefits different costs different Tradeoffs when it comes to looking to The Future to me what matters therefore Is the transparency to understand what Are the different characteristics of These different forms of digital money Uh the education so people get it so They know what they're getting they Understand what that means um and then The interoperability between them so can You move between one or the other now There is a bit of a debate about whether That needs to be total free Interoperability at all times I tend to Think it does you could say well Actually if you know that a bank deposit Is stickier than cash in your wallet and Everyone you know theoretically does Know that actually does it matter you Know if a digital form of money has Different characteristics they're not Perfectly always interoperable or or Convertible uh frictionless between one And the other as I say I think what Matters is that they can ultimately be Exchanged for each other that people Know what they're getting and they Understand what the trade-offs of these Things are ultimately I see certainly Ripple my company sees that the in the

Future there will be a mix of different Types of money physical uh digital Private and public and really what Matters is that the firms in the space Work together to create a space where Consumers or end users whatever they may Be understand what they're getting and Know how to move between this in a in a Coherent Way before we move on to cbdcs Yes um Yes I me just on that on that last Point Around the same um activity same risk Same regulatory outcome I mean obviously We will agree with that I think Sometimes and that's used often as a Sort of short hand of saying Tech Neutrality or or public institutions Have Tech neutrality as an objective Which is interesting and and I would Personally consider correct um but it Does presuppose same activities and Actually is a stable coin doing the same Thing as a bank deposit Now I'm not going to go back to my Previous speech around store value Versus means of payment but I think I'm Right saying that most stable coins are Used for payment that's very different Storing your money in a bank account so I think the Mantra of same activity same Risk same regulator outcome is is Correct something we will support but I Think there can still be more thinking Around whether these are actually the

Same activities or what is the same Activity that we're talking about here You often hear um certain traditional Financial actors essentially arguing for The extension of the credential regime For banks to new you know digital Digital institutions digital firms and You know in some places that might be Correct in some places may not because As you say well as you said I mean They're not doing fractional Reserve Banking you know actors in the space are Not creating Credit in the same way that Uh that a Traditional Bank is so there Are very different risks to the Financial stability to The Wider economy And to Consumers so I think we we need To be a bit careful when we when we sort Of apply the Mantra of of same activity Risk and Regulatory Outcome thank you so let's talk about Central Bank digital currencies um and And maybe let's start about with the why For Central Bank digital currencies so Before we start to you know explore the Digital pound and maybe touch on the Digital Euro in a little bit more detail Um the House of Lords economic Affairs Committee and that's not to say that Retail cbdcs or I know that we've spoken About not really liking this Distinct well reasoning for cbdc is Quite clear uh or there there are many Of them whether that's upgrading the um

Innovation System or the the you know Innovating for the payment system sorry Of a of the domestic um Financial system Uh or whether that's to improve Financial inclusion um you know Ripple Does quite a lot of work with central Banks around the world to help them Figure out what they want to do with a Cbdc do some pilot projects help them Understand the technology for a lot of These central banks and these tend to be In emerging economies it is about Financial inclusion like we have one Famous pilot with palao as not a plug But you know theyve got many islands and Until very recently they had to ship Physically ship in ships cash to each Island now that's difficult dangerous Expensive inefficient so they're very Interested in developing some kind of CBC or in their case because the Dollarized uh sort of stable coin Solution so you can see that there are Benefits now maybe these aren't all the Same benefits in each country um so Again it goes back to the point of what Do you want it for what what what do you Need it for but I think there are public Policy benefits the bit I still have a Bit of a question around is what the Retail use case is I mean or use case For retail users and I think a lot of Central banks have they are I know they Are thinking about this the DPF is

Thinking about this they have a very Good working group on use cases um they Exist but they can be quite Niche and if The idea is to get Mass adoption from The public in a developed economy who Already have payments on their phone Digital payments online payments that Could be quite difficult because coming Up with a plethora of you know however Many hundreds of individual use cases is Not the same as saying well actually you You know digital um contact L payments Sorry they took off when you could use It on the tube in London in the UK right I don't think we've seen or we've worked Out what that killer use case is for Cc's in a country like the UK and maybe We don't need one and I personally I'm Quite taken by the bank of England's Approach is saying look we're doing this To develop the infrastructure in the Future the private sector will innovate On that partly that's kicking account Down the road and passing the bu fine But also I think if you look at I'm Sorry to get very technical here but if You look at the psd2 so the payment Service directive the second payment Service directive in the EU uh which Came out five six years ago that I would Argue has created the fintech and Payments PSP landscape that we know Today it wasn't intended to but it has Done I think a cbdc might do something

Similar yeah actually building on on That what Andrew said so uh PTSD not PTSD that's postmatic stress we've got That now from crypto but uh psd3 is in Their own currency and um that's maybe The most one of the problems that I have With um let's say stable coin Proliferation I don't have an answer for It but uh that's a big reason behind I Think cbdc thinking and I'm sure Andy's Got some thoughts on that just posing B Yeah anyway um yeah well I think I mean For me I mean who you kidding the Difference between a cbdc is the link to The state um public sector Central Bank How you want to call it like that is a Fundamental difference and whether you Think that's a good thing or a bad thing Is will depend on your politics and a Lot of people particularly in the web 3 Blockchain crypto space has different Politics to people in traditional Financial space I think a large part of The conversations we all have is Precisely around that that like um Outlook on the world um so you know That's that's good because if you think The state is powerful and has your best Interest in heart then you think the Link to the state will make it safer or Ultimately be a store place you can run To if there is risk in the financial System in your bank deposits if you Think the state or if the state you live

In um is less benign or you're less Confident in it then you think that the Cpdc is link to a state well I assume You would think that would be a less Desirable thing um so I Think in a sense we're we're moving Beyond the use case design Function question here into a broader One of political economy which I we'd Like to talk about but maybe more over Drinks afterwards um I think that's the First point the second point is I do Have some sympathy for central banks When it comes to stable coin perhaps Kind of what you're alluding to Kenny Because you know I I don't know we want To see a world in which every country's Economy is ultimately dollarized um I Don't say that because I have any Problem with the United States not at All but I think if we think that Individual states of individual Nations Have the juyan right to do what they Think is best for the needs of their Citizens well independent monetary Policy is a pretty large plank of that Um it's up to again it's up to Individual countries whether they want To exercise that or not I think it is Right there should be some framework That now that should allow them to Manage this for the way they think is Best now that framework could be Regulation on stable coins it could be

On limitations of foreign stable coins It could be on creating a cbdc probably Some mix of all of these right but um But I think that does I think it is Perfectly correct for states to have This kind of role in managing the Development and the flows of this kind Of potentially extra Sovereign form of Money in their own Economy yeah yeah building on what what The guys have said and absolutely I Agree with it I think it just It Ultimately actually comes down to a a Function of trust how much Do I mean not to be factious but it's Not that governments will struggle to Bring the population along it's central Banks will struggle to bring the Government along because before I mean I Think every Central Bank is very clear That given the um re ril imp this a Central bank digital currency asage Could have they want parliamentary or Governmental approval of this and you Know to go through legislative process So the real challenge is for a central Bank to develop something which they can Then sell to the government and Parliament then there'll be a next stage Argument over or discussion over why Individuals would want to use it or Whether they accept it or not although You might think hopefully in a Representative democracy that the

Discussion in Parliament would itself go Some ways of answering that second stage I think there's also like it's become a Proxy for uh freedom Freedom sort of Movement you know I don't want I don't Want the digital money um what's your Your vision of kind of what's going to Happen in the next five years and what That ecosystem will look like in the Future and we'll start with Andrew thank You um So I mean I I guess I alluded to this my Opening remarks like I I fly believe That we will see all these forms of Money in the future including cash Including Commercial Bank deposits as we Known today including e- money which Didn't bring up which is very similar to Stable coins in many ways um yeah in Many ways um and then also the stable Coins cbdcs tokenized deposits um and Crypto assets as well as I said I mean Ultimately I think these are all ways of Transferring value from one person to Another uh now that may be over time so From yourself today to yourself in the Future could be to another person in a Form of a payment today ultimately They're all forms of all money Everything we're talking about is just a Different way of transferring value how Much does it cost you to do that how Easy is it to do it how traceable how Redeemable what other ways that's what

We're discussing here I think what's Interesting and very much to ramy's Point is that the technology has caught On what we're discussing now is the Business case behind the technology for Different forms of institution public And private


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