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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the bear bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you Today as Bitcoin is on the precipice of Breaking 40K oh you better believe if Bitcoin Hits that 40K Mark the fomo will return To the crypto market like a broken Damn ladies and gentlemen there's Massive demand for crypto right now my Crypto Spidey senses are tingling but we Need to stay grounded and pay attention And see what happens next we have to Have a game plan in place we have to Remember everything we've learned over The past 5 years on this Channel we will not make any mistakes Heading into this next Bull Cycle we've learned it All and we are more prepared than 99.99% of the planet I'm going to start off a little Different today as blockchain backer Does a great job having a daily live Stream with markets in the morning and I Tuned in yesterday and listened to a lot Of what he had to say and I've Specifically clipped out a minute worth Of gold that he was talking about Yesterday that I need to refer to for All of you to have the best sense of What's going to happen happen in your Minds to have the best sense of how

These markets are correlated in your Minds and without a shadow of a doubt if You remember all of these things you're Going to be okay heading into the next Bull Run right we overlay the charts we Show them we show that correlation of Bitcoin to the equity markets we show That correlation of uh or that inverse Correlation of equity markets to gold And those are all just unequivocal Evidence those are not opinion pieces Right so what we have not seen ever in History has been Bitcoin go on a bull Run without the equity Market it has Always been with the equity market and We have never seen gold go on a bull run With the equity Market it's always one Or the other for an actual bull run Right will one throw a curveball and a Trick looks possible we have the highest Clos in history for gold while at the Same time an absolute Banger of a Monthly candle over there on the Dow Thing about the Dow though as we know It's 9% away from its 4.236 extension so Is this distribution and Trickery that's going to be my guess but Either way there you go for gold crazy Again dxy finding a little bit of Support happening in there has shown Bullish divergences in there the thing I' be keeping an eye on here is more of A a roll back up and and that some Supports have likely been found any if

If new lows do come they probably won't Be much lower than what we've already Seen so ladies and gentlemen what you Need to realize is the correlation Between markets crypto and the stock Market have tended to move Together the stock market and gold tend To move Opposite and then the dxy and risk on Assets move in opposite directions as Well the DX has been getting weaker and Crypto and stocks have been getting Stronger Gold the stock market Crypto all of these markets have a level Of correlation between them money needs Places to go in certain Times and these are one of those times Where I believe money is going to go in A Crypto the stock market has been showing Strength so has gold Like blockchain backer said one of these Two are lying and we're about to find Out in my opinion market and crypto Market begin to Pivot deviate from each Other and that's something I just asked That you keep in the back of your minds It has not happened Yet and I'm not saying it Will but it's simply something I'm Looking to Observe and I want you Alles pay Attention now as we look at fortun

Crypto.com we could see that a judge has Scolded the SEC for apparent deception In crypto case threatening to sanction The agency ladies and gentlemen we're Getting a 180 degree narrative shift Around the SEC and Gary Gunler the agency is looking to get Sanctioned the SEC has been playing the Game unfairly fabricating evidence and Now the justice system is Tired let's see what comes out of this But the ball started rolling after this Ripple case and I feel like the rest of The crypto Market is going to benefit From Ripple and xrp Suffering we will be the market Leaders Ripple will go down as one of The most powerful crypto companies on The Planet and we're all blessed to be in Before the flip of the price Moment now guys from Cyprus the Manore he stated in this clip from Permissionless the next Bull Run is Going to be one of the biggest this Market has ever seen because for the First time we will see institutional Money flooding in and me myself Personally I 100% agree to kick things Off you know one of the things as I Mentioned is a coalition grch we conduct Industry research which includes the Annual uh institutional adoption study By Fidelity uh but also most recently a

Report that we just released in Partnership with Amber dat that we're Very excited to uh to talk about uh Briefly if you have a chance you can go To Amber data's Booth you can scan the QR code and get a download uh of that Report there's a a Nifty way to do that So please go see Amber data if you can Uh one of the things that we've noticed Through that research is just the Growing seriousness about institutions And their approach to digital assets uh The uh representation of that is putting People actual person is not necessarily Wallets and or assets but people into Seats and so now about 25% of asset Managers and hedge funds have a Dedicated person whose role is Specifically focused on digital assets Which we think is a really good Indicator of kind of institutional focus And adoption in one segment of the Institutional Marketplace which is uh Managers now guys with that being said I'm going to ask that you all allow me To tickle your pickle and wait wait wait Wait wait a Minute that sounded so bad guys this is Live I'm recording all the way through For the first time I did not know how That would sound forgive me let's let's Do this Again okay let me give you an idea to Entertain imagine a world where we're

Able to see the price of gold explode up In value because the central banks have Been stacking gold like Mad Men I do Believe there will be a moment in time Where they revalue the price of Gold because when the central banks Accumulate Gold it shows you exactly what they're Going to use to help fix the system and What is going to make money you follow What the institutions that print Trillions do and you'll get rich by Accident but the hypothesis I have is I Think xrp just has has to go Higher once some sort of revaluation of Gold comes I do think it's going to help Stabilize the financial system and the Debt on the Books we need to understand that the Future of blockchain and gold will be to Redefine wealth in ways we've never Imagined I do believe in tokenized Gold Being used to help save the financial System XR p is a tool that can not will But can be used to do this combined with Cbdcs and Universal basic income it'll Help stab stabilize the economy and Stabilize people's lives and I'm not Sitting here trying to argue that it's Good I'm just sitting here arguing that It's going to happen and out of Necessity xrp's price will have to be Higher xrp's price will go higher based On speculation and fomo

Alone so just imagine how much higher Xrp will have to be when a use case on a Global scale is at play the bank of International s settlements covered the Last of their bets against a go Rising Gold price look there's only one reason Gold is carving out a higher stair step To Rally from in 2024 every other Global Central Bank Both Western and the entire Global South Have been openly on record as well as Surreptitiously off record buying Physical gold and this leads to just one Conclusion Global central banks are Recuring physical gold so they can Revalue this gold at close to the market Price and when any one of these central Banks commences this process it will Trigger every other Central Bank to Synchronize and as soon as this happens The FED will have basically one of two Options either they admit they've sold Title to the treasury gold to M multiple Part parties well clearly that's not an Option or they're going to have to move To revalue this 831 tons of reh Hypothecated positions in sync with Global central banks so as to avert what Would be a foreign exchange in barrance Bear in mind the goal is a foreign Exchange cross so it it would create an Fx imbalance which would trigger Multiple repatriation requests from Other central banks requiring their

Undervalued gold to be returned for Jurisdictional revaluation purposes Now Ladies and gentlemen what he said right There was so significant that I have to Repeat it and also apply it to xrp Gold being Revalued will definitely have a trickle Effect into a Flood once one of these central banks Looks at the other one and they're Starting to do something they will all Follow Sue at the end of the day there's one Puppet Master pulling the puppet strings For all of these central banks one of These central banks and one of these Smaller Nations which most likely will Be the one to start the domino effect Start revaluing gold others will follow But at the same time in the same breath When it comes to xrp Once one of these Central banks starts adopting it once They start building their cbdcs and Using xrp with it all the other central Banks are inclined to move forward as Well if there's one thing I can say to All of you is that I've researched xrp More than I've researched anything else Over the past 5 years and I know exactly What I Hold and I'm going to leave you with This video for today of Warren Buffett In honor of the passing of his best Friend Charlie Munger letting you know

How to invest in what you know and why That's what you should Do you better believe I know Ripple and Xrp you better believe I know the crypto Industry and that's why why I'm all in Moving forward into the biggest bull run Yet in 2024 keep your eyes on the prize my Friends we will all become the new one Percent ladies and gentlemen this is the Beable B Here thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of you Now I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video Ted Williams wrote a book called the science Of hitting and in the science of hitting He's got a diagram shows him at the Plate and he's got the strike zone Divided into 77 squares each the size of A baseball and he says if I only swing It pitches in my sweet Zone which he Shows there and he has what his batting Average would be which is 400 if he had To swing at low outside pitches but Still in the in the strike zone his Average would be 230 he said the most Important thing in hitting is waiting For the right pitch now he was at a Disadvantage because if the count was 0 And two or one and two or so on even if That ball was down where he was only

Going to bat 230 he had to swing at it In investing there's no called strikes People can throw Microsoft that me you Know you name it any any stock General Motors uh and I don't don't have to Swing and nobody's going to call me out On call strikes I only get a strike Called if I swing at a pitch and miss so I can wait there and look at thousands Of companies day after day and only when I see something I understand and when I Like the price at which is selling then If I swing if I if I hit it fine if I Miss it it's it's it's a strike but it's An enormously advantageous game and it's A terrible mistake to think you have to Have an opinion on everything you only Have to have an opinion on a few things In fact I've told students if when they Got out of school they got a punch card With 20 punches on it and that's all the Investment decisions they got to make in Their entire life they would get very Rich because they would think very hard About each one and you don't need 20 Right decisions to get very rich you Know four or five will probably do it Over time


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