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Ladies and gentlemen in the land of the Blind the oneeyed man is King over the past couple years I've Been forced feeding you xrp information With one Intention and that is to make sure as Many people get in xrp as possible Because I am so certain in my conviction That xrp is the chosen digital asset Chosen a long time ago to be a solution To internet National problems to unlock Idle liquidity when hits the Fan and not only will xrp do this but Ripple the company they provided the Road map for legal Clarity and crypto in the United States that is a profound one to Punch but this is a call out to people Who Complain it does not matter what Information you take In but it matters how you take that Information in are you Reactive are you Emotional what is your temperament when You take an Information let me ask you all a Question let's say hypothetically you Knew that 9/11 was going to happen the Day before it happened would you have Gone to the World Trade Center if you Had worked that day Absolutely Not let's say you had information from a

Time traveler that came back from 2030 Telling you in 2008 to get in a Bitcoin When you can would you have acted Absolutely so why is it that now that You have the correct information in Front of you that you know without a Shadow of a doubt that xrp is the chosen Digital Asset that you're either complaining or Not acting and getting as much xrp as You Can the writing is on the wall and this Opportunity is so Obvious and now we're getting the Mainstream talking Financial Pundits in the xrp community with Tony From thinking crypto talking about how Important the Ripple impact was Mentioned the coinbase and I boy I'm Hoping coinbase comes out with a big Victory what were your thoughts on the SEC Ripple ruling because that seems to Set some great presidence with the the Case law that the token itself Intrinsically is not a security exactly I think that was a very important Victory and you'll no uh Bitcoin was up Five-fold last year partly for that Reason I I mean a coinbase I mean uh so Yes I think uh I think that uh coinbase Is going to do us a great service Through the court system and the court System is going to do us a great system You know if you look back in history we

Have had an experience like this before It was when derivatives were launched And the SEC and the cftc were vying for Power over regulatory power over Derivatives it went all the way to the Supreme Court which this probably will And uh that forced legislation so that Both SEC and the cftc have a role in Derivatives uh oversight uh but those Roles are clearly delineated and they Don't cross over I think the same thing Is going to happen here now ladies and Gentlemen we just got that bombshell From Kathy Wood from our very own and The xrp Army thinking crypto please give Tony a follow on all platforms as Kathy Would just spelled out exactly how Regulation is going to be divided I Believe the SEC is going to take care of The initial offering of cryptos moving Forward and if they did it competently They could go back and collect money From initial offerings make the Government a lot of money with fines Slap on the wrist type Scenarios but the SEC wanted to take the Gary gunler route the ambiguous route The corrupt route And John Deon says it best the SEC and Ethereum had some dirty little collusion Inside of there the SEC and San bankman Freed had some dirty little collusion Inside of There which you won't need to realize

That the crypto industry we went through Years of a hostile regulator but now Every other country on the the planet Has steady Regulation every other country on the Planet is going to force the US to step Into that and all those losses by the SEC to crypto companies in court Ripple Grayscale coinbase all of them that is Going to make the sec's grasp have to Weaken the cftc is going to step in and Take charge with a lot of digital assets We saw Caroline fam and Brad Garlinghouse and Davos just last week Talking about crypto regulations I Wonder why Brad is flexing with her at Davos oh so you mean to tell me the CEO Of the crypto company that just beat Down the SEC is just casually on a panel With Caroline fam head of the cftc get Out of Here Gary We're coming for you Gary you went Kicking and Screaming into A Bitcoin ETF Approval but now the entire crypto Space is about to be Approved but now guys let's zoom out and Look at the Macro a lot of things are aligning as Far as potentially cataclysmic events With what I believe could be Xrp Adoption here from xrp Darren we have

That barart is reporting China is Considering a stock rescue plan that Could include spending $2 trillion and Excuse Me 2 trillion W which is the Equivalent of $278 billion us to prop up The Chinese Equity Market this is a sign that under the Hook hood of the financial system and Global economy we are having major Problems things are going to get bad my Friends we're going to see a lot of Cracks in the System and there is going to have to be An emergency rate cut moment that will Cause a short-term pullback in Markets but will be an opportunity that You need to Seize that will be the last moment Before this full-fledged moon mission Before you can buy this market up Central banks are stacking up on Gold For a Reason it's not just for Show and I can confirm to all of you That there will be a tokenized gold that Will be used Universally amongst central banks and Amongst Institutions tokenized gold is Coming tokenized assets ass and real World assets are coming to the Blockchain and coming to a economy near You D I Say we have to look at how fast the

World is Progressing and oh my goodness my Friends never forget the big picture you Don't want to get ruled by the US on a Worldwide basis so particularly China But Russia and some IND Some of the other countries are in the Process of creating a dual system of Payment of currency uh to counteract the Uh the US dollar and so these central Banks are buying gold as a reserve Currency will they use gold to back a New currency or a basket of currency Will they use a a crypto kind of Currency back by the Chinese government We don't know what I do believe though Is that at the end of the day you will End up with a dual World in terms of System of payment and the the uh the Currency you Pay Now ladies and gentlemen what I do Want all of you to be aware of is that I 100% expect 2024 to be a year of all the narratives The xrp community has been discussing Coming to the Forefront liquidity issues Idol noo vro Capital Cbdcs Ubi social credit scores the Tokenization of assets all of this is Coming to the Forefront Black Rock just signaled to All the elites that this Market is

Safe safe for them not for us of Course but now you need to realize that Winners are being chosen in the crypto Market as we Speak you guys all saw how ethereum was Chosen by the SEC with The Insider Collusion of Bill Hinman and Jay Clayton But now in the open these individuals Are working Together ladies and gentlemen Collaboration over competition in the Crypto Industry we saw Brad garlinghouse the Other day with the co-founder of hyera And here I believe that a likely Partnership between Hader and algarin is Going to help solve the problem of Digital keys and Passwords as we can see har is under 7 Cents an Immaculate buying point right Now and dollar cost averaging point to Start getting into if you don't have any H bar an algarin is at 15 a great dollar Cost average position and entry point For the B Market the overall crypto Market has Been down quite a bit double digits in Just the past 7 days like we discussed With Waters above on my channel just Last Week but guys what I have to say is This the bull market is confirmed we are Heading into it we've been on the money With the pullback the only thing we've

Been waiting a little too long for is Xrp but xrp is preparing This March April to really see its case end to Really see the conclusion that we've all Been Expecting that will catalyze the price Action that we all Deserve it's been a hard journey and I Know my Friends I've been right there through it All but what I have to say is that it's Almost Over and it's almost Time now now on top of your xrp bags Being Diversified is a smart thing to do and As a lot of you know hbar is my second Largest holding and I have a nice fat Bag of algo as well and way you should All know is that when I talk about Cryptos on my channel it's because I Think they are relatively safe safe Enough for all of you to get into if you Happen to hear Them and you don't have to listen to me Say it I always give you the founders And experts saying it themselves so you Can have the 100% confidence that these Words are coming from them lemman it's Great to see you again welcome to CFC And uh why don't we do introductions Real quick Leman will you want to start Us off sure so I'm Leman I created

Hashgraph and started hia and I'm just Really excited to be here with you and With you absolutely tell one to follow That I'm John um I'm the CTO at the ALR Foundation excellent well uh I know you Gentlemen have been working on a Partnership and that's exciting to hear That's one of the big benefits of CFC is The quality of the participants so uh Why don't you tell us a little bit about It sure maybe I'll start so I think for Our industry at large uh the web 3 space Decentralized asset space user Experience has to be put at the Forefront if it's going to be successful Um and one of the Most friction full points right now Around the user experience for the Average person who's venturing into Digital assets is the key the private Key is required to spend those assets It's essentially your right of ownership Over those assets and one of the Benefits of web 3 is that having this Single key that you own gives a great Responsibility of self- sovereignty it's Not with the bank it'ss with you and That's a wonderful virtue of the Technologies that we have created and we Are working on however with that comes a Huge responsibility and uh folks out There have lost these keys and with that They lose their assets and so um with Swirls Labs uh Leman and his team um

Have come up with a wonderful protocol Uh for how we can ensure that these keys Are kept secure in a decentralized Manner and if someone was to lose those Keys they can be recovered um without uh Having to trust any one party that's Great yes so the whole future is things Like blockchains and other things that Are online but you have keys you have Passwords maybe we'll go to pass keys But then you have information in your Phone that does the pass key there's Always some secret somewhere that you Need to protect and our whole lives are Moving online and being controlled with These things you don't want to give it To someone else not your keys not your Crypto right you want to have it Yourself but then you lose it and I get Emails from someone saying I've lost my 24 World pneumonic could you create Another one for me Uh No but but it's it's it's bad because Every part of our life has a safety net But not this one if you lose your Password to your bank someday you'll get Into your bank account if you lose your Key for crypto account you're out of Luck and so what you have to do is be Able to share it with some friends and Family maybe your Bankers maybe your Lawyers but share it with multiple Helpers and have your phone every day

Asking their device do you still have my Part of it that's really important and Keep it secret you don't want to know You don't want the world to know how Many helpers you have or who they are This is important but the most important Thing is it's got to be interoperable Right every wallet every password Manager this isn't just cryp uh you know Blockchain every password manager needs To interoperate so we've got to have a Standard that everyone uses and it has To be open source and everyone and That's why I think it is so great that We have this partnership and we're Bringing in others also other Blockchains uh Banks and credit unions And other people it's just so important To do ladies and gentlemen 99% of the Time the cryptos I put money into are Cryptos backed by the adults in the room Collaboration over competition and Tribalism is what's going to win out in Crypto that what he just mentioned is a Major pain point for everyone who self- Custodies and we all know it in order to Get Mass adoption We need to get a generation of people Who we like to pick on a little bit on This channel and it's those Boomers once the boomers are all in Crypto it's too late and the Bull Run is Over once user interfaces and user Experiences are so seamless that the

Boomers can use crypto without having to Think about it it's Over what you should understand now is That there are ma major pain points in The crypto space right now now it's Inconvenient it's clunky it's hard to Use there's scams everywhere there's no True regulation yet this is where the ROI is made once Grandma can buy Bitcoin With the snap of a Finger and at the same time there's a Federal Reserve wallet on her Phone oh guys you know where we Are we are not there yet and that is the Most bullish thing you can Hear and all the cryptos that work Together to build a new system like the Xrps and xlm like the HS and alos they Will all Thrive and Win I'm investing in them All it doesn't matter which one explodes In price First because we're all going to make Money either Way here Pano stated that 20 UNL Validators are now voting yes for the Xr's automated Market maker Amendment we're getting closer to Getting this Approved and once some things got worked Out oh my goodness my friends the Passive income for us the retail holder Is going to be Phenomenal all I ask you to do is holdal

Strong get your high quality High Roi Cryptos at low entry You can start dollar cost averaging now But I wouldn't be surprised if some olds Drop another 10 20% from Here and that's nothing but good for You keep accumulating because starting In March April for xrp in June July for The rest of the crypto Market we are on A moon Mission and we're all going to laugh at The prices that we have in front of us Now this is such an incredible time to Be a crypto holder paying Attention and I genuinely appreciate Every single one of you for joining me On this Journey now guys to cap off this video For today a shout out to one of my xrp Army members EP goon one of our fellow Savages got himself his the SEC T-shirt and if you guys are all Interested Ed in being featured on our Website and in a Video please don't hesitate to get your Aggressively average apparel down in the Description Below we love seeing everyone getting Their merch in the mail and loving the Quality of the Apparel and like I said earlier our Second drop will be launching Soon ladies and gentlemen this is the Bearable bull

Here Thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of You now I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video


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