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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I think you're gonna find This video interesting first thing I Want to show you is that the market is Surging and bitcoin's been surging as a Result of the uh Banks collapsing and All of that but I want to show you what Most people aren't going to show you so Um xrp's done uh pretty well Most people are just paying attention to The green candles as usual as as Everybody does in the space but I'm Going to focus you in on what I think Matters much more than a Bitcoin green Candle candle and I'm gonna I'm gonna Make you look at something that might Make some Bitcoin people uncomfortable But I I fully believe it first thing I'm Going to show you is this because I Think this is a great tweet for my Thumbnail crypto Michael says watch xrp Here And he's got ah I like it now on the on the SEC case John Beaton had tweeted um in the last Yesterday or so as as each day passes Judge torah's decision on Ripple case Becomes more significant if she Wholeheartedly adopts the sec's theory That all transactions of xrp including

Xrp traded in the secondary Market are Securities it will provide Gensler both Cover and momentum and then Bill Morgan Who's an attorney retweets it and says It may be significant for another reason The longer it takes to deliver the the More likely unlikely the SEC wins on Summary judgment if the sec's case is so Clear-cut that judge Torres she could Write a 22-page reason decision like the Judgment in the SEC versus Library case Very quickly enough So I think Bill Morgan's leaning in the Directory in the direction of this being Um more towards a potential win for xrp I like that okay now this is Patrick I'm About to show you a few things that I Would put in the all the worlds of stage Um file this is this morning Patrick McHenry on um uh remember Silicon Valley Bank Ripple had an account there too Just about everybody in Silicon Valley Had an account not to pick on Ripple or Anything here's Patrick McHenry Defending what went on on CNBC How do you think about Um Just the idea in in the svb instance That depositors were made whole in the Context of of of firms that are Venture Capitalists people who have CFOs where Does the personal responsibility start And stop in all this There is a a large amount of personal

Responsibility that American people Should take yes but at A Moment Like This where you have uh people making Grand assumptions about financial Institutions to make the appropriate Statement here that your deposits are Safe Look I can tell you as a matter of History depositors are made whole in the United States the FDIC has resolved over 500 banks in in America and and we Haven't seen a loss of of uh of Depositors cash so I can tell you the History of that now these folks that are Heading these agencies can only tell you The law and the regulation they're not In the business of speculation and I'll Tell you they're they're also there are Also these these rumors going around That these agencies won't act in Accordance with the rules in law and That's not true I talked to Marty Gruenberg who's the chair of the FDIC Last night one of the rumors is going Around that he's not willing to sell Financial institutions which is patently False He is we don't have to listen to More of that but that's Patrick McHenry Who's the same Patrick McHenry in this 2016 photo with Chris Larson chairman of Ripple then you've got this from cowboy Crypta who is the official Cowboy of the Digital asset investor Channel not just Every channel has an official Cowboy

They're not easy to find But I found one okay so check this out Sandy O'Connor who's on Ripple's boy Board joined Ripple in early he made a Mistake here he corrected it down here Join the the Ripple uh board in the Early 2020. Before the SEC was filed the lawsuit was Filed Sandy serves on the task force on Financial stability and advisory Committees for Office of Financial Research and FDIC systemic resolution Named her one of the most powerful women In the banking and finance multiple Times advisory committee for the office Of financial research and FDIC systemic Resolution Well that's a coincidence because look At this tweet from the banking crisis Over the last few days the FDIC and fed Boards both voted unanimously for Systemic risk exemptions for both Silicon Valley Bank and signature bank So that depositors would get their money Back per Source familiar FDIC systemic resolution as advisory Committee all this goes into all the World of stage file by the way which is The red file Ben Bernanke who was at Ripple swell one years on that on that Board too along with Sandy O'Connor and We've got one Jay Clayton who filed the Lawsuit against Ripple Sheila bear who I Believe has been on um I remember seeing

Her do a video with Monica long at one Of the Ripple swells it seems like oh There's Gary Cohen and we'll get to him Later folks Folks pay attention to this video Because then we have this Elizabeth Warren we're still in the all the worlds Of stage file by the way Fed chair Powell's actions directly contributed to These bank failures for the fed's Inquiry to have credibility Powell must Recuse himself from this internal review It's appropriate for vice chair for Supervis for supervision bar yes that Would be Michael Barr to have the Independence necessary to do his job so She's calling for Michael Barr who also Happens to have been it was either the Board or the I think he was an advisor To Ripple Michael Barr We're still in the all the worlds of Stage file folks Jeremy Lair tweeted This out yesterday or was it yesterday Two days ago circle's usdc remember usdc All of a sudden came under Fire they Were almost in trouble circles usdc Operations will open for business on Monday morning including with new Automated settlement via our new Partnership with cross river bank Uh draw your attention to September 24th 2014. this is from ripple.com Cross Riverbank to integrate Ripple for Real-time International payments

Cross river banks one of the U.S based Banks that will use Ripple protocol to Offer its business and personal banking Customers real-time International Payments between U.S and Western Europe With ripple cross river bank will Integrate the most advanced settlement Infrastructure for instance secure Compliant and dramatically more Affordable cross-border money transfer Services And it's an FDIC insured Now I showed you this in my last video This guy he says U.S Administration Insider Jason Lowery soon powerful People within the U.S government will Try to assert that supporting Bitcoin is A threat to National Security do you Remember what uh what metallic buterin Got mad at Ripple for when he tweeted When when Ripple got sued vitalik Buterin got mad at them and he tweeted He was saying you're uh he was basically Saying you're accusing Bitcoin ethereum Of being controlled by China Remember that it was it was a national Security issue in fact this has been Brought up several times by Ripple right And Um so so this guy's saying National Security well Then we have the IMF orange G20 that Growth of Bitcoin and crypto could lead To Banks losing deposits

Okay so the G20 is warning about Bitcoin Now remember Gary Cohen who's on that FDIC board Right this guy's one of the guys that Runs the world folks Same Gary Cohen that was with Goldman Sachs and said the world will have a Global cryptocurrency but it won't be Bitcoin Same guy who when he was in the Trump Administration with Christian Carla who Ran the cftc at the time they met right Here cftc staff handled it strictly on Procedural grounds but at leadership Level I communicated with treasury Secretary Steve mnuchin and Gary Cohen And we believe that should Bitcoin Futures go forward it would allow Institutional money to bring discipline To the value of the cash Market in other Words they were wanting to control the Bitcoin market and here he is talking About Bitcoin about the infrastructure And the fights that are necessary for Bitcoin but they're necessary for many Other applications and I think they're Very useful and I'm very bullish on them When you talk about Bitcoin in itself I don't have a strong opinion on bitcoin I'm in essence I'm not a strong believer In Bitcoin it is it is a developing Asset potentially And for all the reasons it's a strong Developing asset class it may fail

Um remember part of the integrity Of an asset class or part of the Integrity of a system Is knowing who owns it and knowing While I'm explaining all this about Bitcoin I want you to understand I am Not I don't want this to happen to Bitcoin I hope that they never find out Who satoshi's and I hope all the Bitcoin People are are right that the person's Never going to be known I hope that's Right but I do not trust the government And I don't believe it for a minute it Doesn't make sense and I've shown you Videos of the woman who talks to all These National Security people and she You could tell just from the way she was Talking on that bankless show that she Knows too that it's not doesn't make Sense so what I did is I went and I Typed in chat GPT and I look I know that Chat GPT is not the end-all be-all I was Just asking for a hypothetical because This is the same kind of hypothetical That I think could happen I said write a two paragraph story about The negative impacts to the Bitcoin Market if all of a sudden it became Known who Satoshi we already know the Government knows who it is because we've Got it on video Homeland Security they Met with the fort satoshi's why I don't Understand why that's being ignored why Are no Bitcoin people wanting to know if

I if I was huge on bitcoin I would want To know that I would be scared to death Not to know it they're not even asking That's crazy Second it was found out this is a Scenario just a hypothetical scenario it Was found out that the United States Knew or someone worse North Korea a Group of terrorists China okay Knew the identity all along and had Access to somebody's got access to that Satoshi wallet if something like this Happened hypothetically Here's the answer if it was suddenly Revealed that the United States Government had the known identity of Satoshi along with and and had access to The Bitcoin wallet it could be Disastrous have disastrous consequences For the Bitcoin Market the entire Premise of Bitcoin is based on Decentralization anonymity and absence Of central Authority turns out that the US government has been manipulating the Market behind the scenes it could cause They haven't been doing it behind the Scenes Gian Carlo admitted that they got In a room to decide how to manipulate it He didn't call it that he called it um What did he call it he said bring Discipline to the market It could cause a loss of trust in Bitcoin to lead to mass Exodus Furthermore the Revelation that U.S

Government had access to the wallet Could also lead to a collapse of the Bitcoin Market if the government were to Dump the contents of the wild into the Market Massive drop da da da you this is my Point folks and look I'm not even I'm Not saying it'll happen I certainly Don't want it to happen it's not that I'm just saying why aren't you asking These questions because you're getting Here's the video there's homeland Security video if you don't want to see It and here's don't forget these people Are the government Jamie Diamond Gary Cohen look what they're telling you And and the other thing I've always been A Bitcoin governments and this is not a Technological statement governments are Going to crush it one day Governments like to know where the money Is who has it and what you're doing with It And you in case you haven't noticed Folks your wa look what you've watched In the last 48 hours you have watched Them Crush these Banks the government Intentionally crushed these Banks the so The the all those crypto assets could be Shifted to the banks that their that are Favorable to the government and now what They're it's obvious they're taking Control what I'm telling you is if I was The government

Killing Bitcoin taking a shot like what Is described here Is the it would be the kill shot and and I hope that they don't do it I don't Want them to do it I I think there's a There's a real scenario probably of the Most probable scenarios that they let Bitcoin exist but make no mistake they Control it They have they have a many ways that They can control through mining through What Giancarlo described the Futures They can control it they're not going to Allow I'll go a step further they're not Going to allow it if they can't control It so if they decide that they can't Control it they will do the kill shot That's what I believe Look at this this that remember don't Forget remember when um this is from Joseph Joseph grundfest okay this is a Joseph grunfest letter to Jay Clayton When he's at the SEC warning him about The National Security issues National Security considerations are also at Stake he's telling them don't Sue Ripple Don't Sue Ripple over xrp this is National Security Correspondents from the United States Senate to Director of National Intelligence and National Security Advisor regarding National Security Concerns arising from Chinese control of Bitcoin and ether underscore the

Benefits of measured interagency Coordination regarding Matters Implicated by the contemplative Proceedings the Director of National Intelligence also has also reported Reportedly written directly to the Commission's chair regarding this issue And has offered the chair a briefing on The threat to National Security posed by The dominance of Bitcoin and ether with No effective U.S based competition the Red flag raised by National Security Authorities is further calls for Coordinated decision making with Incoming children now folks who's on That FDIC systemic committee with Sandy O'Connor Bernanke we had we had Bernanke we had Gary Cohen and who else did we have she Won J Clayton Breaking meta platforms to cut ten Thousand jobs after initial Cuts in November and won't fill 5 000 open rolls A lot of shift going on power shift I'm The digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that I don't Wish anything bad for Bitcoin or Ethereum But I'm trying to be the adult in the Room here folks and the one thing I Didn't even mention in that whole

Bitcoin diatrap tribe is The part about the liability what what Is the liability I'm gonna do a chat GPT On that what is the liability For hypothetically what is the liability For Michael Saylor if it is found out That that the the Satoshi if the Satoshi Satoshi's identity is found out and it Affect it hurts the investment in Bitcoin And he invested all of his shareholders Money in that without that knowledge What's his liability I can't remember if I said I'm anyway I'll say it again I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and Tell your friends and family Think about these things be an adult These are adult questions I'm asking Thank you Thank you


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