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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and it looks like uh Joe and Doso over it linked to is going to be Interviewing Um Jack McDonald the CEO of poly sun Says polysun swiftly becoming the Foundation that underpins the management And safekeeping of assets for Institutions I think poly Sun is going To be a huge part of this whole industry Now that'll be on February 17th and just A reminder that as we go we're we're Literally in the last 45 days of the SEC Versus Ripple lawsuit linked to is one Of my sponsors they do have some Ripple Equity left I want to remind everybody There's Ripple Equity left and there's Also xrp left on uphold I'm actually Thinking about going in and buying some More xrp I don't because nobody knows What's when that when that lawsuit comes Out nobody knows Where the exact exactly where all this Is going to go but what we do know this Is from Jeremy Hogan is that we're in a 40 around about he said about about a 45-day window where this case the SEC Slash ethereum versus Ripple slash xrp Case is going to end Um look at this we've got ourselves a uh A poll that was run and it didn't

Surprise me you know in this space it's All there's always this assumption that It's Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin and it's Just not so the smartest people in this Game are in this community 30 and and it Wins this guy's not like an xrp maxi or Anything biggest blockchain community on Twitter today 31.6 that is not an accident folks it's Because we know we know it was never Bitcoin now this and I love to right now As this case winds down I love reminding Everybody this was all done Intentionally and by Design This is this This clip you're about to watch in May In in I'm sorry late 2017 early 2018 There was no cryptocurrency that did Better than xrp none okay It jumped ethereum you'll hear in this Clip there's not there was none it it Eventually would have jumped Bitcoin Because bitco proof of work doesn't work Folks and never has It was gonna that there's a reason that All these people and all these forces Went in motion to slow Ripple down the SEC through regulatory capture but Remember this video you're about to Watch was recorded on the 5th of January 2018. 20 days later just to remind Everybody 20 days later Jay Clayton Meets over at Andrews and Horwitz and Puts in motion what will become the Bitcoin ethereum free pass and this is

What crypto has existed underneath ever Since then doesn't matter what Gary Yance was saying now about ethereum he Still hasn't done anything to this day The only regular the only Quasi-regulation or appearance of Regulation or appearance of guidance That there has been is that bill Hinman's speech and the entire crypto Market as we sit here today has been Formed around that and that's the fact Jack that was regulatory capture against Ripple by design by these people and so I asked Congress and I copied them in on This video is that when's the new day Coming here's the video Remember January 5th 2018. this xrp has Scored 38 000 and ever since this video You've been fed a lie the lie that Somehow Bitcoin and ethereum are Superior to all other digital assets You've been fed that from all angles From traditional media from crypto media From crypto pundits from this fake Lawsuits from other fake lawsuits you've Been fed a lie and that is a fact Now I'll let you watch the video the xrp Has scored 38 000 percent Last year alone it is now second as we Mentioned but only to bitcoin and crypto Assets having thoughtful regulation and Working with governments we announced The fact that we're working with the Bank of England as an example we know

Some things we've done with the U.S fed And their faster payments task force We're going to keep working with the System because I think the early days of Bitcoin were all about down with Government and down with banks Ripple Has been look governments aren't going Away Banks aren't going away let's work With the system to dramatically improve The way and reduce the friction for how Money moves globally All right then we got this from Mac Attack xrp price surge ahead Will's Caught moving 440 million xrp well or Alert reported that Wells moved 440 Million xrp approximately 177 million Dollars worth in multiple transactions Over the past 24 hours then we have this Stefan Huber who's now Mr Huber says and Now the SEC is supposed to prove for Once that that these were and still are Investment contracts good luck with that And I commented on this because what This guy this Peter Van Falkenburg I Think I don't remember how to say his Last name anyway what he's talking about Is when Ripple was was sued by finson Okay and uh over you know which is for Potential money laundering type stuff And I said to this day nobody seems Interested in whether any money Laundering was going on in the ethereum Ico I wonder why watch this thing that That's bothered me for a while when when

Vincent goes after a company like Ripple And they did go after Ripple by the way For selling xrp now Ripple Labs didn't Actually develop xrp it was transferred To them from the original developers of The Ripple protocol but they own it they Own it as a company and they are selling It to persons and Vincent basically said Without registering with Vincent you Violated the bank secrecy act here's a 700 000 fine and that's what they Leveraged in a settlement agreement so It wasn't presidential it didn't Actually go to court and test any of These things in in a presidential medium Like a case law medium but there was a Settlement agreement that said that this Happened now in that case we have to ask Ourselves okay so I'm just selling Something that I have why does that make Me a financial institution now if you Sold it to a terrorist I agree then we Need to say why did you not think about Who you were selling this to and nobody Knows to this day whether ethereum Ico Any of it was sold to terrorists nobody Any knowledge if you had any knowledge That that person and by the way Ripple Did not sell any terrorists what I'm Saying is that fincen goes after you for Failing to register as a financial Intermediary they don't necessarily go After you for being a money launderer And why is that it's because it's easy

To prove guilt that you failed to Register and hard to prove knowledge That you were laundering funds or Financing terrorism unless you Charlie Shrimp unless you no I mean it's true But they charged him for failing to Register but he admitted an email I mean Come on but that's fine it's a rule of Law matter if you are worried about Money laundering you charge someone with Money laundry you don't say oh you Didn't realize you were a financial Institution and so in this case you can Be brought up for failure to comply with The bank secrecy which is different than Money on now Charlie's case is different Because he was running an exchange which May have been cleared more clearly a Financial institution but if the same Thing was to happen in the case of Someone just selling a token I'm not Sure I'm comfortable with the result So check this out from the official cool Guy of the digital asset investor Channel revaluation of currency in Iraq Panic selling USD as Iraqis get rid of Their dollars after Central Bank of Iraq's successful measure to reinstate IQD value Uh oh And then there's this just in Super Bowl Bans cryptocurrency television Commercials not the first time that's Been done bands on cryptocurrency

Commercials why didn't they ban Wall Street this is my question why didn't They ban Wall Street ads after Madoff MF Global and Enron It's not about crypto it's about who Controls it folks all right and then This was representative Um Stephen F Lynch okay he's talking About China and cbdc's I'm gonna play a Little bit of this watch and I want to Thank the ranking member as well Mrs Waters for her work on putting this Committee together this hearing together Who wants to thank Mrs Waters Miss Waters hadn't done Jack squat for crypto Members on both sides of the aisle uh Have been keenly interested in the Development of a retail Central Bank Digital currency And uh China's domestic retail uh Central Bank digital currency pilot Known as the ecny or the digital Yuan Has received a lot of focus from Congress recently as a challenge to the Premises of the United States dollar Wild Geary Spectrum surveillance tool for the Chinese government However usage of the digital you want While Gary gentler Sue's Ripple and While he's having meetings with George Soros the woman who was married who is Married to the ex-president and that's Lunatic whack job

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Nancy Pelosi that's who Gary Gensler is hiding Meetings with those people and suing Ripple while Congress is worried about a Chinese cbdc and the digital Yuan the Far remained very low as consumers seem To be sticking with private payments Ecosystems including alipay and WeChat Pay Oh alipay Didn't Jake Clayton and Bill Hinman Helped take Alibaba public Focus however On Enbridge which is the cross-border Bank to bank wholesale cbdc pilot that's Being conducted by Four countries including China which is The lead uh I guess anyway I can't Stomach anymore listening to that lack Of common sense in our government Michael burry has reactivated his Twitter account after saying sell and Has now tweeted this time is different Spooky he remember if you remember he's The guy that called uh the financial Crisis and bet against Real Estate the Credit default swaps and all that Business Mason vercellius I don't know I Know I'm not saying his name right algo Foundation CEO with the woman who is Married to the ex-president of the United States that whose name we don't Say on this channel She made the announcement at this event For new algorand partnership

Okay that's all I got to say about that I showed you one of these videos from Yesterday I'm not going to show it again I don't I don't know where the overlap Is and I don't know which one I showed But I wanted to make you aware Tucker Carlson it was an extra clip with Catherine um Austin Fitz I believe is Her name very smart woman very Interesting Clips you should go watch it David Schwartz this morning he says I think or maybe no maybe yesterday What's today's date anyway yeah Yesterday There's a very simple way to tell if Something is a security or commodity if It gives you rights it's a security if It gives you abilities it's a commodity I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family That if it gives you rights it's a Security if it gives you abilities it's A commodity thanks Thank you Foreign

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