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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I am chewing Juicy Fruit Which I haven't chewed in a while Um and I want to remind everybody of a Simple truth That nobody can say anything about And that is that as I sit here somewhere Over the next 30 or 30 plus or minus Days At any moment Xrp Will become the only digital asset not The only because you've got like the Library tokens that happened to them for For the worse If it gets if if xrp itself or going Forward is declared and judged that to Not be a security it will be the only One In the United States And that's the fact Jack I know where my Bets are placed now as a reminder There's Ripple private Equity available On the link to platform a little bit And this right here when all this Clarity when Clarity is actually had one Way or another Ripple has said that They're headed for IPO whether it's here Or in London or Singapore whatever I have a feeling that nobody's going to Be able to get the private Equity

Between the time it's announced and the Time that they actually go public unless They're on the link to platform because Remember they are going to have Secondary market trading soon But I'm sure it'll be a little more Difficult so the link to this is in the Very top of the description this video They are my sponsor click on the link Tell them da I sent you now James flan He says there's crazy stuff going on Talking they're talking about about UFOs And all I think that's all a distraction Myself Um I think that the people that are Some of the people that are some of the Dishonest people that are running our World will do anything to distract away From their crimes Um James Flynn the U.S UFOs are here to Pick someone up Gary Gensler go home James Finland is usually by the book Attorney but today he's throwing out a Joke maybe the aliens will take Gary Gensler with them Dark Defender xrp hit our wave B and Wave C targets um I won't read all of That but I will I want to kind of show You this because it's coming from two People defending 34 cents until the March end will give us the breakout to One dollar area first I'd like to see That then Um egrag crypto had tweeted this out xrp

670 days actually That refers to charting but I say xrp 30 Days because within 30 days We know something Or around that is what Jeremy Hogan said Somewhere in the 30 to 40 days right now Is where it's at That's pretty exciting when you think About it I've been many of you don't Know I started this Channel in May of 2018. I have been here almost five years With the channel I've been in crypto Since 2013. okay So what a long strange trip it's been But egrag crypto looks like they agree With dark Defender I'm still in the camp That xrp will retrace to a dollar twenty A dollar forty before the next cycle Then Stuart El doradi had this tweet Today over 40 million Americans own Crypto most of those are between the Ages of 18 and 34 and are Demographically and racially diverse There's a lot of votes Gary Gensler is a Political liability Everyone shout that from the rooftops to Your Congressman because Everybody needs to know anybody Associated with Gary Gensler if we still Have elections is going to be voted out That's the plan Jan all right Brian Armstrong has finally decided I think That he's going to have to fight

Um the SEC he's in Washington DC he um Actually told people he was there and Where he was and said come meet up Um and then um thanks to everyone come And chat great to meet with the folks Working behind the scenes to draft Crypto legislation hopefully we can get Something done this year much needed for Consumer protection and to see this Industry built in the U.S All right and then Mr Wonderful who was A major FTX investor and who does not Like bit boy Um they don't like each other much Listen to what he says I get up in the Morning to invest in entrepreneurs but Now this FTX hearing that occurred last Late last year on the hill has poked the Bear and Regulators are now really Looking at regulation you saw genzar Make a move last week against staking He's on a war path and he's backed by a Lot of people now including people like Me who want to see regulation we want to See some guard rails I'm tired of going To the hill for hearings every six Months for the next crypto company that Blows up and goes to zero everybody's Sick of that it's now time for Regulation I hope you can get some of your money Back Kevin but uh we do appreciate you Being on the show today always Forthright to the point and we love it

Kevin O'Leary thank you very much when They say regulation what they mean is Handing crypto to Wall Street that's What they really mean Now something a lot of people have not Thought about and I typed it out and It's important that you understand it With this xrp lawsuit And I I want to read this to you and let It sink in if xrp now and going forward Is declared by the court to not be a Security it will be the only digital Asset with with real regulatory Clarity Bitcoin doesn't even have that let that Sink in now folks everybody tries to act Like oh yeah well no Gary ginsler said Bitcoin's not a security Jay Clayton Said it's not security well one thing we Know about these people is they're Lawless they don't care about what the Law says so which and and they're not Honorable because they they do whatever They want for non-honest reasons and so What's very clear is what they say does Not matter that doesn't mean anything Till either Congress passes a law even Then these people can't be trusted but Until Congress passes a law or you're a Company associated with a digital asset That gets a court rendering that you're Not a security You're vulnerable period So let that sink in now what happens When that sinks in with investors if

They can get it Gary won't stop see There's an assumption out there Maybe by a lot of us for a while but now I know better The the judges in the Ripple the judge In the Ripple case said that that the SEC has no faithful allegiance to the Law in this case so the so so is anybody Does anybody really think that let's say That today they come out and they say Yep xrp is not a security going forward And it's not xrp itself is not a Security do you think that Gary Gensler Is going to say oh okay well uh you guys Win I'm going to withdraw all the Lawsuits that I have against all these Companies and um and that's that no he's Not going to do that he's going to keep Picking them off it's almost as if a Lawsuit an SEC lawsuit is your ticket to Ride you have to go through one like a Toll booth in order to in order to get Through That's what it's almost like So Um Check this out Wrath of Kahneman had an interesting Tweet he said weird hypothetical Question If Ripple wins the lawsuit around the Same time stable coins are designated as Securities in the U.S does xrp become More used on exchanges xrp as tether

Potentially very ironic and strange And I said here's another one also if Xrp is declared not a security but Stable coins are declared of security by The SEC is a stable coin built on The Xrp Ledger than a non-security Or is it a security The Merry-Go-Round goes on and on Speaking of tether watch this Yes except Commissioner of acid if Tether decides not to redeem they're not Legally forced to redeem because they're Unregulated so if they say look you guys Want to redeem you want to redeem your Tether for dollars we ain't we don't got It we don't have to give it to you I Mean that that's kind of been an Accusation floating around for a while That they're not redeeming so could There be a run on something if you can't Redeem it But then what happens uh with other uh Stable coins what happens with the um Lending Arrangements that have grown up Around tether what happens then to the Bitcoin Market because of the Interactions between tether and Bitcoin You know that's twice as much trading of Tether than there is of Bitcoin and if Those things start to happen you know What happens to ethereum and and other Things when people get very nervous About the whole sector uh Very quickly

No one's ever gotten to the crypto Market saying this is a safe bet and It's not volatile I mean that's the Score that was not what they've been Doing well that's that's fair enough but You know when you start to have a market This big 2 trillion plus overall in the Crypto Market uh there can be Consequences to you know the broader Financial system uh that we don't want All right and then so so everybody's Always been asking what if they go after Tether why have they not going after Tether then you got this credible rumors That the SEC is going after Circle and Usdc next What in the world is going on now this Was an interesting tweet the SEC versus You can put this in the all the worlds Of stage file the red file the SEC Versus Ripple lawsuit was powerful Enough to move uh a powerful enough move To make most exchanges d-list or halt Xrp trading it was powerful enough to Dissolve the Ripple MoneyGram Partnership but it was not powerful Enough to dissolve the Ripple and Bank Of America partnership Hmm On the digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that the UFOs

Have come to get Gary Gensler we hope Oh Foreign


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